The Vicious Supporting Female Character And The White Lotus Female Lead - Chapter 9

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The rays of heat emitted by the sun baked the earth. In no time, the rainwater on the ground had all dried up.


Nie Zhen’er opening up a parasol with lace edges, “QingXiao, the sun is too strong, let’s use this parasol together ba.”  

She lifted the parasol, trying to cover Luan QingXiao’s head. However, Luan QingXiao was too tall, she was only able to cover both of them by stretching her arm but her arm began to feel sore after some time passed.  

Nie Zhen’er’s slender brows furrowed together. Subconsciously without her knowledge, her small red lips formed a pout, her eyes greatly vexed.   

Luan QingXiao took the handle from her and said: “Let me hold it instead.” She effortlessly raised the parasol above the two of them, casting a shadow over them.  

Nie Zhen’er felt that her own height was simply too short, she was utterly useless. She couldn’t even hold a parasol properly and had embarrassed herself in front of Luan QingXiao. 

Their relationship had just progress forward a step. What if Luan QingXiao won’t allow her to call her by her name anymore because of this incident.

Girls liked to play with peers of similar heights. Luan QingXiao agreed to walk with her but it must be out of pity for her.  

Originally, Luan QingXiao thought Nie Zhen’er would be happy if she helped her. Who knew, Nie Zhen’er would instead lower her head, not even sneaking glances at her anymore. Her entire body practically screamed the four words “I am not happy.”  

Luan QingXiao gently patted her head: “Zhen’er, although you have to be careful of your feet when walking you also can’t always be looking down. What would happen if you bumped into something?” 

Nie Zhen’er obediently raised her head. Her ears peeked out from her raven black hair and when she felt Luan QingXiao’s rhythmic patting on her head, they flushed red. Her lashes trembled softly like a fluttering butterfly, “En, thank you for reminding me.” What feelings of sadness, what feelings of unhappiness, it all flew away in this instance. 

Luan QingXiao patted my head just now!  

The journey took ten minutes but Nie Zhen’er felt like they’ve only been walking for one minute when they already arrived.   

“I’ll go look at the art studio with you first, I can buy the fruits on the way back.” Luan QingXiao closed the parasol and held it in her hand.  

“En!” Nie Zhen’er was in an extremely good mood, she lightheartedly walked to the entrance of the art studio, her skirt with motifs of blooming flowers flounced.  

Nie Zhen’er pushed open the door, she turned around and said to Luan QingXiao: “QingXiao, you first.”  

In front of the opened door was a beaded curtain. Luan QingXiao brushed it aside and walked in. She then stood by the side and held the beaded curtain apart for Nie Zhen’er, “Come in.”  

Nie Zhen’er couldn’t believe that Luan QingXiao actually helped her hold the beaded curtain.  

She hurriedly passed through the gap in the beaded curtain. When she turned around, she saw Luan QingXiao close the door before letting go of the hand holding the beaded curtain. The light color beads swung back into place, hitting against each other producing a crisp noise.

Luan QingXiao was really so considerate ah.  

Nie Zhen’er stared at Luan QingXiao with sparkling eyes.  

These sort of things only took minimal effort on Luan QingXiao’s part and aren’t worth mentioning, however, they all entered Nie Zhen’er’s eyes all the same. 

There was no staff on the first floor, opposite to the door there’s only a table and on it was a neat stack of pamphlets. Before Luan QingXiao could move, Nie Zhen’er had already placed a pamphlet into her hand, “QingXiao, have a look.”  

There was nothing much on it, it introduced a few teachers and their past achievements as well as the prizes the current students of the studio had earned.  

Luan QingXiao saw Nie Zhen’er’s name on the pamphlet, last year she had won first prize in the national youth’s division.  

Luan QingXiao pointed at the name and showed it to Nie Zhen’er, smiling as she said: “Child, your skills are not bad ya.”  

“I’m the same age as you, not a child.” Nie Zhen’er focus was on something different than hers, she sullenly refuted.   

“Not a child? Then should I call you young miss? En? How is it?”  

Faced with Luan QingXiao’s smiling face, Nie Zhen’er was unable to remain grumpy. She stammered: “Y-you, as long as you like it.”  

The corner of Luan QingXiao’s eyes curved, clearly she hadn’t put on any makeup but the corner of her eyes still held an enchanting luster, her eyes bright and limpid, “Aren’t we here to enroll, where do we sign up?”  

“You’ve already decided? Isn’t this too fast?” Nie Zhen’er was a bit surprised.  

“An art studio that even Nie Zhen’er acknowledges, this place can’t be too shabby,” Luan QingXiao tapped Nie Zhen’er’s nose, “I’m not being impulsive, rather I’m placing my trust in you.” 

Nie Zhen’er was teased into a stupor by Luan QingXiao. When she came to her senses, she realized she was already on the second floor. Luan QingXiao had already paid and was currently signing the contract…  

Luan QingXiao signed the paper and was informed that classes would be held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from nine to eleven in the morning and three to five in the afternoon. She was then reminded to attend on time, and she was welcomed to bring her own supplies or buy them from the studio.  

Nie Zhen’er said: “The supplies offered by the studio are simpler and is well suited for beginning students.”  

Luan QingXiao recalled that the limited time skill she’d drawn previously was related to art. Since it’s like this, then she must use the skill to its fullest potential, “No need, Your drawing tools must be pretty good, where did you buy them?”  

“I got it at the supply store by the Children’s Palace, it’s not far from here, I can go there with you later.” Nie Zhen’er knew Luan QingXiao’s family background was good and didn’t lack money so she didn’t convince her to buy cheaper supplies.   

After Nie Zhen’er finished signing up, the two of them went to Forever Fortune Supermarket to buy fruits. Forever Fortune Supermarket had a delivery service, Luan QingXiao filled out her address, phone number, and desired time of delivery. The two then empty-handedly headed to the supply store to buy art supplies.   

Nie Zhen’er helped Luan QingXiao pick out her supplies, each item was picked out after careful deliberation. When the two of them exited the supply store, it was already eleven in the afternoon.  

In Luan QingXiao’s hand were two large bags. Nie Zhen’er wanted to help her carry one but was rejected by Luan QingXiao.  

The things they bought were not few. Altogether they were quite heavy, Luan QingXiao herself found it a bit tiring to carry them. Letting Nie Zhen’er who was delicate and adorable carry them was out of the question.   

“QingXiao, although I am short and looks thin, my strength is actually not to be looked down upon.” Nie Zhen’er, unresigned, persistently convinced Luan QingXiao.  

Luan QingXiao’s gaze swept over her thin waist that could be held with one arm. “How about this, I’ll give it to you when I get tired, okay?”  

“…Fine.” Nie Zhen’er knew Luan QingXiao would never get ‘tired’.  

It had been like this since she was young, because of her appearance, people automatically felt the need to protect her and look after her.   

Nie Zhen’er had met with a robbery once. At that time, the robber was standing very close to her and she didn’t dare to move but suddenly an unfamiliar man stood in front of her, and although he himself was shaking like a leaf, he still resolutely blocked the robber’s vision of her while looking back and smiling at her comfortingly, telling her to not be afraid.  

Around the cultural museum was a food street. To thank Nie Zhen’er for helping her pick out supplies, Luan QingXiao invited her for lunch. 

Nie Zhen’er was originally going to decline but when she thought this was the first time she and Luan QingXiao had eaten together, she was completely unable to pass it up, “How about we split the bill.” She suggested.   

“I know you don’t want to take advantage of me. This time I treat you, next time you treat me, only then we can be considered as friends, don’t you think?”  

Luan QingXiao could always convince Nie Zhen’er.   

Returning home after eating, Nie Zhen’er felt that this the entire afternoon was like a dream. Luan QingXiao was so gentle when she talked to her, even more gentle than she was at school.   

She laid on the bed, planning to take an afternoon nap but she was unable to fall asleep no matter what, her mind full of Luan QingXiao. Her every movement, her every smile, they replayed in her head in an endless loop.

Nie Zhen’er rolled around in bed and after a long time, she finally fell asleep while hugging her blanket.   

【Ding! The female lead’s happiness value has risen to 15%. Congratulations host, may you continue to persist in your efforts, oh~】

Luan QingXiao was solving workbooks in the study when she suddenly heard 520’s tender and milky voice.   

Luan QingXiao can’t help but ponder deeply as she held her pen: Just sort of amazing occurrence had happened for the female lead’s happiness value to rise?

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