The Villain Only Wants To Live a Buddhist Life - Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Dark Demon is about to embark on the noble road


"It seems that [Pride I] did not give it too much power."


Dark carefully observed DemiDevimon's behavior.


Its own will was still there, and it was based on the influence of [Pride I] that it had changed its personality.


It seemed like it wanted to break the bird chain, feeling like an "insult", but it did not have enough strength.


"Speaking of power..."


Dark immediately thought of DemiDevimon's ultimate skill【Demi Dart】.


As a familiar spirit, it originally did not have the ability to release ultimate.


But it had changed a lot, so maybe it could do it now!


Dark wrote a few words on the note and looked up and said, "DemiDevimon, use [Demi Dart] against the wall."


DemiDevimon closed its wings and raised its head arrogantly and said proudly, "Free me!" 




Dark was suddenly amused by its request.


However, the familiar spirit was a familiar spirit after all, and it was impossible to truly defy the master's will.


In order to observe the release of DemiDevimon's skills more clearly, Dark undid the lock on its ankle.


DemiDevimon was freed and immediately flopped twice in the room, then it flicked its wings and shouted, "Demi Dart!"


In an instant, under its wings, three syringes with shark heads appeared, and they slammed into the wall.


"Pop, pop, pop!"


Three syringes pierced the wall at the same time, forming a perfect triangle!


But after a while, these three syringes turned into light dots and disappeared, leaving only three holes in the wall.


Dark immediately wrote in his notebook,


"The successful release of the skill proves that the subject is no longer a familiar spirit."






The dark gold in DemiDevimon's eyes gradually faded, turning back to the light yellow in its normal state.


Immediately afterwards, it blinked spreading out its wings, and fell backwards, lying down on the table with a "pa". Its claws became stiff and it was lying there like a dead sparrow.


"The duration of the Pride state is about 13 minutes, which is three to five times stronger than the effect of the general emotion cards."


Dark wrote this line in his notebook, then looked up at DemiDevimon, and said helplessly, "Don't play dead."


DemiDevimon remained motionless.


Dark reached out and scratched its chin.


DemiDevimon suddenly "chuckled" and shrank into a ball.


Then it twitched suddenly, and raised its head stiffly with its small eyes looking at Dark conveying full of plead.


"This was not your expression when you pointed at my nose and called me servant."


Dark said with a straight face on purpose.


DemiDevimon rolled its eyes and immediately understood that its master was not angry, so it quickly said obsequiously, "Ma~ ster~~"


Dark couldn’t help but shiver all over.


Then he quickly wrote in his notebook, "The change in life forms has not been reversed."




Although Dark could not figure out why such change still remained, DemiDevimon had indeed changed from a familiar spirit to a life form that was very close to Digital Monster after being enchanted by [Pride].


At the moment, Dark believed that this change would be irreversible.


It was like a magister awakened their talent and possessed magic energy, it would no longer be an ordinary man.


In addition, after DemiDevimon "awakened" its talent, it became even more noisy!


Although the DemiDevimon could not talk before, it was sometimes naughty and its good habit of simping over many people shamelessly made it very popular.


Now that it could speak, Dark did not think anyone would be able to withstand it.


Dark didn't want it to ruin Saint Marian's only takeaway service.


‘Maybe I should put a gag on it?’ Dark thought.


Under the strange gaze of the master, DemiDevimon quickly stood up and cleverly closed its wings, like a schoolboy who was being reprimanded.


Dark shook his head and decided to continue studying it first, “You are not allowed to speak in front of other people. Do you understand?"




After using the magic brain dropper, he now reduced the [Pride] indicator from 112 to 111.


Of course, It was far from enough.


But the use of a magic brain dropper was very dangerous, so he must be cautious.


Dark didn't immediately start using it a second time.


The "Magic Brain Dropper User Guide" clearly stated, "If you don't want to suddenly become an idiot, remember to extract thinking substances no more than once a month!"


It collectively referred to memories, emotions, knowledge, thoughts and other substances as "thinking substances" and recommended magisters to use droppers in a restrained manner.


But Dark, who had read the entire book, knew that the magister who used this method would usually use the dropper two or three times within a month.


Because experiments were always accompanied by failures and if one wanted to break through, one must bear the burden.


With the increase in the number of extractions of thinking substances within a month, the risk factor would also show a trend of increasing. After the three uses, the risk factor would be close to 60%, which was very dangerous.


Of course, the magister in the book dared to draw two or three times in a month because of their excellent precision.


Even so, if they kept doing this for several months, it was easy for them to cause "intermittent amnesia" as well.


Dark had a high level of self-awareness. He knew that even if he extracted Thinking Substances once a month, it was still extremely dangerous. That was why he chose the "Dragonfly Touching Water method".


The "Dragonfly Touching Water method" could only extract Thinking Substances that were leaking out from his brain, and the risk factor was very low.


But even so, it could not be used recklessly.


According to the "magic brain dropper user guide", it was best to use this method once every 24 hours, and after using it continuously for more than 10 times, it was best to use it again every other month, leaving some time for the brain to recover.


The brain was the most complex system of the human body, so he didn’t dare to be too careless.


Besides, there was no need to rush.


According to Dark's understanding of the "Dragonfly Touching Water method", this method should only be used to extract the part of the deadly sin indicator that exceeded 100.


Therefore, only [Pride] could be extracted currently.


Next, he was going to the library to find and study the related materials of the emotion series magic card, and strive to further improve [Pride I], or focus on the development of [Pride II].




At 4:30 in the afternoon, Dark had already appeared in the library.


The female senior Pandora from the library seemed to be on vacation, so she was not there.


This was great!


Dark completed the registration under Ms. Bella's kind eyes, and entered the library in a relaxed mood.


The production of [Pride 1] was originally within his plan, but it was only one of many things he planned to do.


He knew very well that if he was just blindly suppressing the desires and could not transform deadly sins into his power, he would fall into a very passive situation.


Only stupid people would choose to escape while smart people would find a way to counter it.


Today, he had confirmed that the method of making the overflowing deadly sins into a magic card was a way to counter it.


As for the extent to which the magic cards of the deadly sin series could be developed, and what core strengths could they show, it was still unknown.




The flickering light was swaying on the library desk.


Dark Demon's back figure appeared more and more noble.

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