Chapter 1284: 1284

Chapter 1284: I Want to Make You Stay (162)

She had been buried alive and compelled to break out of her own coffin before . Hence, the situation was no issue to her at all .

“We must start moving immediately if we want to get out now . Move all of these obstructions away . You two follow me while I lead the way . ”

Donggong Lianzhi said coldly, “I’m a man, after all, how can I let you take the lead? Your subordinate and I shall stay at the front while you walk behind us . ”

“I’m afraid we’re really going to die of suffocation if I let you two lead the way . There’s too much debris and we’re going to take a long time based on the speed that you two are moving at . Let’s stop wasting any more time . I reckon this is only the first step of your family’s plan . ”

“I can’t figure out why they wanted to do that…”

An Xiaoning looked at him and said, “From the moment I learned that your last name was ‘Wu’ in your previous lifetime, I had already smelled a rat . After what the mastermind has just done, I find that the situation is as clear as day . The truth should be out very soon . ”

Although he did not quite understand what she meant, he decided not to probe further since it wasn’t the time to ask such questions right now .

An Xiaoning decided not to keep her powers from him anymore . Donggong Lianzhi was frightened beyond words the moment he saw her moving the debris away effortlessly .

He immediately figured out why she dared to bring just two of her bodyguards .

Just as they were about to reach the exit, they heard some noises coming from above .

They could not hear the voices clearly since they were too soft . However, they knew for a fact that there were more than two people upstairs .

In order to avoid attracting unnecessary attention, An Xiaoning gently moved the stone brick in front of her away from the exit .

As soon as she moved it, one of the men from above dived into the basement with the aid of a rope . The trio kept their backs against the wall and held their breaths while standing side by side .

“Okay, okay, all clear,” the man said fluently in a foreign language while wearing a safety helmet .

At the same time, An Xiaoning caught sight of a thick rope being lowered into the basement .

The man had even secured it in place to prevent it from falling off .

He checked it again a few times before climbing back up .

As soon as he climbed up, An Xiaoning rapidly burrowed through the debris with the help of Fan Shixin and Donggong Lianzhi .

They slowly got out of the basement, only to discover that there seemed to be no one else above .

Fan Shixin touched An Xiaoning gently and pointed at the rope in a bid to seek her opinion on what to do about . An Xiaoning waved her hand, signaling for him to leave it alone .

Fan Shixin and Donggong Lianzhi then helped An Xiaoning up . She peeked inside the house to see that there was no longer anyone around .

An Xiaoning hurriedly climbed up aboveground and uncoiled the rope around her waist . She cast the rope into the basement and said, “Grab it . ”

Fan Shixin made his way up, followed by Donggong Lianzhi .

After the two of them made their way aboveground, an unbearable stench began to waft up from the basement .

“Just like I had expected . They released some poisonous gas in an attempt to kill us,” said An Xiaoning .

A sullen expression formed on Donggong Lianzhi’s face . He reached out in a bid to open the door . Unfortunately, it was already locked .

Thinking that they probably would not return any time soon, An Xiaoning walked toward the wall at the back and pushed it forward with all her might .

Thus, there was now an opening for them to exit from .

Although the sky had already turned dark, it was obvious that there hadn’t been an earthquake at all .

An Xiaoning pointed at a small, blinking red light and said, “Do you see that? That’s a surveillance camera . ”

Donggong Lianzhi took a closer look to see that it was indeed a surveillance camera . He could not help but feel embarrassed, especially in front of a woman .

There were lots of similar surveillance cameras in the vicinity .

After discussing their next step and mapping out a route, An Xiaoning and Fan Shixin decided to take a detour in order to avoid the surveillance cameras .

They returned to where the car was parked and heaved a sigh of relief once they got inside it .

Donggong Lianzhi said, “Thank you . ”

An Xiaoning looked at him and said, “I don’t like hearing ‘thank you . ’ If you’d like to thank me, let your actions speak louder than words . You just have to promise me one thing . ”

Donggong Lianzhi asked in puzzlement, “What is it? Feel free to speak your mind . ”

“We’ll talk again once we return to your home . Do you have any abodes that are meant for servants? If you do, let’s go there instead . ”

“Sure . ”

… .

Donggong Lianzhi brought them to a luxurious estate in the city . “I do own a property here but I haven’t lived here in a long while . I haven’t cleaned it either . ”

“It’s alright . Doesn’t matter as long as we can stay inside . ”

He nodded and alighted from the car .

They entered the apartment to see that it was well furnished and spacious .

An Xiaoning sprawled herself across the couch and said, “Shixin, you two go and pick Xiao Bai up . Before you come upstairs, please also help me buy some silicon-free shampoo and hair serum . I’m going to take a shower . ”

“Alright . ”

An Xiaoning headed to the bathroom of one of the rooms and took out a pair of slippers, a bathrobe, and a towel .

She would usually refrain from using the bathtub in someone else’s home . However, she decided to spread some disposable plastic film that she had found across the bathtub and filled it with water before taking a bath .

Due to the fact that she had expended lots of her inner energy tonight, she felt a little feeble and lethargic . Blisters had also formed all over her hands due to the friction from moving the stone bricks .

She only realized it now .

An Xiaoning exited the bathroom in a bathrobe with her damp hair draped across her shoulders . She then sat on the couch and began wiping her hair dry with a towel .

At the same time, they returned .

“Use the hairdryer to dry your hair instead . It’s placed inside the cabinet below the sink . ”

“Okay . ” She picked up a fresh set of clothes before entering the bathroom . Her hair was already dry when she exited again fifteen minutes later .

Fan Shixin and Donggong Lianzhi were already lying on the couch in fresh clothes .

“Your family will definitely find out that we’re still alive . Their plan has failed and they might not take any further action for now . Hence, I’ve already come up with a plan and I’ll need your cooperation . That’s what I wanted you to promise me . ”

“Go ahead and tell me . ”

“I’ll need you to give me an identity that I can assume . I want you to allow me to show up in your family’s territory as a stranger . I’ll be wearing a mask . ” She then said to Xiao Bai, “Xiao Bai, bring me the mask from my luggage . ”

“Yes . ” Having already understood what she meant, Donggong Lianzhi asked, “Could you tell me what your plan is, then?”

“Do you think I still need any special plan now? They tried to murder me with no rhyme or reason . The random mural of me is also puzzling enough . I need to find out the reasons for those . ”

He had the same qualms as her . “I already have a fiancée, but I can arrange for you to pretend to be my girlfriend who’s in a clandestine relationship with me, if you don’t mind . ”

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