Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 667

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Chapter 667: Mistaken

Ling Sheng looked at him, not understanding him. “Little Brother, you’re my idol. It’s fine as long as you sing, dance, and act cool. Take on a street dance show. A music show would also be good. For example, a show like ‘This Is Street Dancing’, ‘Immortal Songs’, and ‘Chinese Musicians’ would be nice. Why are you a host?”

“My agent said that Boss Huo owed the station head a favor and left me to be a good friend. There are only two episodes left.” Si Chengluo looked at her seriously and asked, “If I participate in a professional show, will you watch it?”

Ling Sheng, who was drinking water, choked. She wondered why her father had people everywhere that he could ask for help because they owed him favors. She let out a low cough and nodded with a smile. “Yes, I’ll definitely watch it. What do you want to participate in?”

She had to have time to watch everything. To put it bluntly, she had only watched Little Ye’s edited cut of “C-Star”.

“Pinky swear.” Si Chengluo obviously did not believe her. He extended a small finger toward her. Upon seeing that she was not moving, he frowned and said coolly, “I’m afraid you won’t keep your word.”

Ling Sheng did not tug at his finger. She only sized him up with a complicated expression as though she did not know him. Then, she laughed. “I thought you were cool. Why are you so childish?”

“Congratulations on misjudging me. I’m that childish.” Si Chengluo looked at her firmly. “You definitely don’t want to watch my show. You’re lying to me. Ling Sheng, I’m not a child.”

Ling Sheng was amused by him. Upon seeing her brother’s stance and realizing he would not stop until she pinky swore, she curled her finger and sighed softly. “Okay!”

There was a subtle gentleness in Si Chengluo’s eyes, but his face was still cool. He nodded twice.

Ling Sheng was sleepy. She put on her eye mask and leaned against the seat before falling asleep quickly.

Si Chengluo put his coat on her gently before leaning against the seat and looking out of the window. It was already dark outside. The window reflected her sleeping figure, and his lips curled up slightly as his big hand caressed the finger she had touched.

That was great. He had initially thought that he would only see her again when the Eight Immortals went to cheer Little Ye on in the finals!

When he’d received the guest list of the show, he had been overjoyed. He would finally see her before the finals. However, he had not expected to meet her on the plane. He had gotten very lucky today.

The plane took off at eight o’clock. When they disembarked, it was exactly 10 o’clock at night. The car sent by the production team was already waiting at the door. They were taken directly to the hotel.

There was a night market outside the hotel, so it was quite lively and crowded.

Ling Sheng was a foodie to begin with. How could she miss the local specialties? After unpacking, she left quietly.

She had only taken two steps when she was attracted by barbecue ribs. The fragrance was unique, numbing, and spicy, causing her to be tempted.

“Beauty, two ribs.” The shop owner passed two ribs to her.

Ling Sheng was about to take out her phone to scan the QR code to pay when she realized that she had forgotten to bring her phone. She was embarrassed. “Sorry, I forgot to bring my phone. I’m staying in the hotel across the street. If you can leave them there, I’ll go get my phone immediately.”

Upon seeing that she was wearing a mask and a hat, the shop owner thought she seemed a little suspicious. “Beauty, if you don’t want them, I can give them to the people behind you. There are a lot of people lining up. You’re not alone. Please don’t delay my business.”

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