Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle - Chapter 794

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Chapter 794: Happy New Year

Everyone in the group knew what he was up to.

Lu Yubai: You agreed?

Huo Ci: How could that be? I would never agree to this marriage!

Rong Yin: Then why are you eating New Year’s Eve dinner with him? Isn’t New Year’s Eve dinner a family reunion dinner?

Jiang Zhe: He probably just won’t admit it verbally even though he has accepted him in his heart.

Yan Yuanfei: Sixth Brother, Ah Yan is quite nice. You can’t find such an outstanding son-in-law elsewhere. Let me remind you that there is no such shop after passing this village[1].

Huo Ci: You wish. Whoever wants him can give birth to a daughter. Let him be your son-in-law.

Rong Yin: If I had a daughter, I would really consider it.

Xiaoqi had already brought out the yogurt. He gave Huo Ci a glass and Nangong Lengyu another cup.

Huo Ci posted more photos to show off his daughter’s culinary skills, making the group extremely envious. He was immensely satisfied.

The gala’s New Year’s bell rang for the last time. The old year had passed, and a new year arrived.

Xiaoqi nestled in Huo Ci’s embrace and nodded his head. He was sleepy, but he was still trying his best to focus on the television. When he heard the New Year’s bell, his eyes widened abruptly and he jumped up excitedly. He was the first to give his blessing. “Happy New Year!”

Ling Sheng’s eyes felt a little warm as she looked at the people beside her. It was good to have people she cared about accompanying her on New Year’s Eve. If her grandparents were here too, it would be perfect.

The moment the bell rang at midnight, the sound of fireworks and firecrackers echoed around them. It was very lively. One could see the beautiful fireworks in the sky from the window.

Huo Ci had just entered the bathroom when he realized that he had not taken his bathrobe. When he turned around, he saw the brat taking a thick coat and sneaking out like a thief. He coughed, “Where are you going?”

Ling Sheng had just seen her father go to the bathroom. It would probably take him more than 10 minutes to take a shower. She had not expected him to come out as soon as he entered. She stood up calmly. She definitely must not show any fear or guilt. She looked at him and smiled sweetly. “I’m going to ask the doctor about Xiaoqi’s condition.”

There was no way Huo Ci would believe her. To go next door to find a doctor, did she have to grab such a thick down jacket like she would freeze to death? “There’s central heating outside and in the doctor’s office too.”

Under her father’s death glare, Ling Sheng put down the down jacket and smiled. “Father, I’ll be back soon. Xiaoqi is asleep. You can take your time bathing. Don’t worry.”

She suspected that her father had done it on purpose. She had just been about to leave when he caught her red-handed. This really made her suspect that he had a mind-reading ability or a premonition ability.

Upon seeing her leave as though nothing had happened, Huo Ci’s lips curled up coldly. That brat! Did she think he did not know that she was out for a rendezvous?

Xiaoqi was sleeping. It would not do if no one was watching him. Otherwise, he would definitely have followed her to see what that scumbag Old Jun was up to.

Ling Sheng was about to freeze to death. Her father had not allowed her to take the down jacket, so in order to eliminate his suspicions, she had not dared to take it. She was only wearing a woolen shirt.

When she walked out the door of the skydeck, her teeth were even chattering from the cold. When the cold wind blew past, her blood froze.

It was dark and she could not see anything. The ground was also quite clean. The key was that the man who had asked her to come was not there.

Ling Sheng crossed her arms and shrank her neck as she took a few steps forward. Her teeth were chattering as she shouted, “Third Master, Third Master, where are you?”

It was very quiet. Besides the whistling of the north wind, only her voice could be heard. It was so cold that the end of her words shivered before being blown away quickly by the cold wind.

“Third Master?” Ling Sheng shouted again, while wondering if she had come to the wrong place. It was not the roof on this side, but the roof of Sister Yu’s hospital building.

She instinctively wanted to find her phone, but she realized that it had been left in the pocket of her down jacket.

She was about to turn around and return to the corridor when she suddenly saw countless flashing neon lights appear in the void space in front of her, surrounding her.

The red neon lights formed multiple rose-shaped flowers; the scene was as beautiful as a dream.

Her body suddenly felt warm as a huge down jacket was draped onto her. The man hugged her from behind and wrapped her small body completely in his warm chest.

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Before Ling Sheng could speak, beautiful fireworks suddenly exploded in the sky in front of her, forming the words “Happy New Year”. At the same time her body warmed up, so did her heart. The corner of her lips curled up subconsciously.

The man’s refreshing smell spread to the tip of her nose. The air was a little cold. He leaned in and whispered into her ear, his magnetic voice hoarse. “Ms. Ling, Happy New Year.”

Ling Sheng turned around and tiptoed to look up at the man, whose eyes were slightly lowered. Under the red lights, his handsome face looked even more seductive. She smiled sweetly. “Mr. Jun, Happy New Year.”

Jun Shiyan lowered his eyes slightly and pressed his forehead against hers. The duo could hear each other’s breathing. He could feel the young lady’s long eyelashes sweep across his brows, and it tickled his heart. “I hope that I’ll be the first person to wish you a Happy New Year every spring in the future.”

Ling Sheng smiled and tapped his chest with her delicate hand. Her eyes were full of smiles. “Mr. Jun, you’re late this year. Xiaoqi is the first.”

Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh and could not help but graze past her lips gently. “He doesn’t count.”

Ling Sheng felt a numbness on her lips, as though a feather had brushed past her heart. She smiled and said, “Why not?”

Jun Shiyan frowned slightly and hugged the young lady tightly. Upon feeling the gentle warmth of her body, his voice carried a few notes of childishness. “Anyway, he doesn’t count.”

Ling Sheng nestled in his embrace as the man hugged her waist tightly. In a small voice, she protested, “Mr. Jun, I want to see the roses and the fireworks.”

Jun Shiyan grabbed her shoulder and made her turn around. Then, he hugged her from behind again and rested his chin on the top of her head. In a sexy voice, he said, “Look at it this way.”

It was unknown when snow had started falling from the sky again. The swirling snowflakes were dyed pink by the neon lights as they spiraled down around the duo.

The scene was as beautiful as a romantic painting. The handsome man had the little woman in his embrace, and even the pervasive snowflakes could not get close to her.

[1] A Chinese phrase to tell someone not to miss a good opportunity.

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