Transmigration with QQ Farm - Chapter 575

Chapter 575: 575

575 – New Plans; Fooled (4)

“Yes, we heard that there was a half-beast . They were somehow associated with the Tian’s and were even able to poison Housemaster Luo . ” Cheng Xiao Xiao pursed her lips and recounted everything to him . She didn’t see the need to keep anything from the Ancient Forefather .

At the same time, recalling what Little Yuteng had said, she asked, “Ancient Forefather, if we wanted to concoct our own pills, do you think those over at the Valley of the Alchemists will…”

“Oh? You want to concoct your own pills?” The Ancient Forefather was a bit surprised .

Mo Xuanzun was surprised too . “Xiao Xiao, you mean we will concoct pills on our own? Will we be able to do that?”

“Yes, Little Yuteng has all sorts of formulas and we have a large quantity of herbs . We are about to bring in disciples and need to distribute pills to them . If we can’t make our own and have to buy them from Valley of the Alchemist, it just doesn’t seem very cost-effective . ”

Cheng Xiao Xiao shared her thoughts followed by, “Now that Old Man Luo was poisoned by those from the City of Heitu and a regular doctor isn’t able to cure him, I’ve asked Little Yuteng to see if there is anything that she could do about it . She told me that we will need universal detoxification pills, given that we don’t know the nature of the poison . I am not sure if Valley of the Alchemist have any . ”

“Universal detoxification pills?”

The Temple of Divine Plans Ancient Forefather frowned a little, mulled over it, before he said definitely, “I am sure that the Valley of the Alchemists do not have such a thing . The Valley of the Alchemists is very reputable here but, even so, they were only able to concoct LV1 and LV2 pills . Old Man Ji is the only one who could concoct LV3 pills . Not even the others could do it . ”

“Really? How come?” That surprised Cheng Xiao Xiao . She thought about it for a little longer and asked, “Do they have pill-concocting furnace or fire source? Do you think we can buy those from them if that’s what we need?”

“That, I am afraid you will have to ask Old Man Ji directly . I trust that they will be willing to provide them for you if you ask,” said Ancient Forefather with a smile .

They needed to ask Sacred Land Zhongyuan for favors and couldn’t wait for Cheng Xiao Xiao to ask them for favors .

Mo Xuanzun nodded and said, “Xiao Xiao, why don’t we take a trip to the Valley of the Alchemists tomorrow and talk to Mr . Ji . I trust that he will be happy to hear from us . ”

“Good idea . We did say we will visit the Valley of the Alchemists last time but never had the chance . We might as well go pay them a visit . ” Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled and nodded .

The three of them chitchatted for a while longer . Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mo Xuanzun did not stay to accompany Ancient Forefather for dinner this time . The two of them bid the Ancient Forefather farewell and returned to Yuteng Pavilion .

“Xiao Xiao, wait!”

She was just about to walk inside when the one she was trying to dismiss called out to her .

“What?” Cheng Xiao Xiao raised her brows and gave him a sideward smile .

“Xiao Xiao, close your eyes first, please?”

Mo Xuanzun held her hand and smile . “Xiao Xiao, listen to me . Close your eyes and only open them when I tell you to . ”

“Hmm? What are you trying to do?”

Even though she didn’t know what Mo Xuanzun was trying to do, she still listened to him and closed her eyes gently with slight anticipation .

Her room door was pushed open and Mo Xuanzun led her inside . “Xiao Xiao, come . Let’s go inside!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao had just taken a step inside when she smelled a nice scent coming at her, as though her room was covered in flower .

Did he… . ?

She didn’t need to use her mind’s eye to know that her room had been touched and, needless to say, by the man standing next to her .

“Alright, Xiao Xiao, you can open your eyes and look now!”

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