Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife - Chapter 89

Xue Jiayues amniotic fluid was broken, and a stream of amniotic fluid came out from under him, and even his pants were wet .
Xu Yanwens face was scared . He was not so afraid when Han Mengxue attacked them with a knife, but now he was scared and nervous, and the hand holding Xue Jiayue was a little trembling, shouting to the doctor, Hurry, send the woman quickly obstetrics .
Everyone quickly stepped forward to help and sent Xue Jiayue into the obstetrics and gynecology ward in a hurry .
The doctor came to check Xue Jiayues stomach contractions and found that the contractions had already begun, and that each time it was faster than the other, and the opening of the palace was fully opened . It will not take long .
Dont get up in bed first, now save your physical strength, try not to yell, try to enter the delivery room when the palace mouth is eight centimeters . The doctor said after the examination .
Xue Jiayue listened and remembered the doctor, Xu Yanwen shook her hand and said: Its okay, Im by your side .
Sweat on your face came out . Xue Jiayue said to help Xu Yanwens forehead sweat, he looked more nervous than her .
Xu Yanwen quickly grabbed her hand and said: Dont worry about me, I wipe it by myself . Does your stomach hurt?
No pain . Xue Jiayue smiled .
Isnt it really painful? Xu Yanwen didnt believe it . He had consulted the doctor before, and the doctor gave him a picture, which marked how painful it would be to have a baby . He looked all over and felt goose bumps, that is It really hurts, Xue Jiayue is so delicate, it must be very hard .
Xue Jiayue replied very seriously: It really doesnt hurt, it doesnt feel much, its just that my stomach is a little tight when the contractions are contracted, and I cant bear it .
Thats good, thats good . Xu Yanwen said on his mouth, still uneasy in his heart, always staying by Xue Jiayues side, fearing that she might miss something .
Less than forty minutes later, Grandpa Xu also rushed over with her sister Zhen, and even Lin Yanwen followed .
How is it, does Jiayue hurt? Mr . Xu asked with concern after entering the ward .
Xue Jiayue was still lying in bed, just after a wave of contractions, but actually it was okay . She didnt find it uncomfortable, so she smiled and said, How is Grandpa coming?
Can I not come when you have such a big child? Grandpa Xu approached two steps to see that she was in good spirits, a little relieved, and asked again: What did the doctor say?
The doctor said he had to wait, and now the palace entrance was opened less than five centimeters . Xue Jiayue replied .
Grandpa Xu nodded .
Xu Yanlin also came over and told Xue Jiayue to cheer, Xue Jiayue smiled and thanked her . She looked at Xu Yanlins appearance, and he became more sensible again these days . Uncle Xu and Mrs . Xu Er became like that . By the way, he is now following Mr . Xu, and Xu Yanwen will take the time to control his study and life . He seems to have grown a lot overnight, no longer the former bear child .
People, sometimes it really takes some things to grow up .
It did n’t take long for Xue Jiayue ’s palace to open to eight points . After the doctor came to the examination, he asked the nurse to push Xue Jiayue into the delivery room . Xu Yanwen was worried and had to go with him . The nurse gave him a set of sterile clothes He was replaced and followed into the delivery room .
Jiayue, dont be afraid, Im here . Xu Yanwen said, holding Xue Jiayues hand .
The labor pains were really painful, Xue Jiayues tears were all down, but Xu Yanwen was guarding her beside, and with the help of doctors and nurses, she always remembered not to yell, but to maintain physical strength, despite the pain, But I still listen to the doctor, take a deep breath, take a deep breath . . .
The whole production process was very smooth . After nearly an hour of hard work, Xue Jiayue finally gave birth to the baby safely .
The doctor was very happy to congratulate them, is a daughter, congratulations .
When Xu Yanwen heard that her daughter was not happy, she kissed Xue Jiayues forehead first and said compassionately: Wife, you are working hard .
The nurse wrapped the baby and hugged it to Xu Yanwen, Mr . Xu, you look like a pretty daughter .
Can I hug her? Xu Yanwen looked at the beautiful daughter in front of her, and was nervous and nervous .
Yes . The nurse sent the child to Xu Yanwen and taught him how to hold the child .
In the face of the soft little group in front of him, Xu Yanwen was so nervous that he didnt know how to let it go .
Fortunately, under the guidance of a nurse, he also accompanied Xue Jiayue to the class of pregnant mother . Although the posture of holding the baby was still stiff, at least it was successful .
Jiayue, look, our daughter is so cute . It is obviously red and wrinkled, but in Xu Yanwens eyes, it is very cute and beautiful . In any case, he cant stop the straight fathers love for his daughter .
Xue Jiayue glanced at the daughter he was holding in his arms, born with long hair, eyes closed, but also can see that the eyes are very big, the face is very similar to Xu Yanwen, now the skin is wrinkled and red, waiting for more days Just fine, Xue Jiayue, like Xu Yanwen, had the idea that my daughter was very beautiful and cute .
The beautiful daughter is really liked by the whole family . Grandpa Xu gave her a lot of things in less than a day after she was born . The villa, the shares of the Xu Group, etc . , simply put this The little girl just born was spoiled .
I like my great-grandchildren . Grandpa Xu said rightly .
As soon as this sentence came out, some people who had talked about the birth of a daughter also stopped, did not see how many good things people gave to the little girl? Didnt you see how much the Xu family loved that little girl? Who said that the giants must have sons, and who said that the giants are more patriarchal than female? Isnt the Xu family a special case? So Xue Jiayue married well, and the little girl was born well .
Those who once despised Xue Jiayue, after learning that Xue Jiayue had a daughter, others secretly ridiculed, saying what Xu Yanwen is afraid of being unhappy this time, should he not be so spoiled by Xue Jiayue? Some people even thought about it, Xu Yanwen might find a lover outside to help him give birth to Barabara .
Unexpectedly, within two days, Xu Yanwen gave her daughter a name called Xu Zhen, the cherished treasure, and the little name Baoer .
Look at the name to know what his attitude is, and the comments outside are instantly dumbfounded .
Of course, Xue Jiayue didnt even know the mess outside . She is now confinement at home, and her daily focus is also on Baoer . She has no time or energy to manage other things .
Xu Yanwen took the initiative to help her with her children every day, and he also learned to bathe Baoer, wash his butt, and change his diaper . These things were even better than Xue Jiayue . The milk powder was also smooth . It ’s just a versatile dad .
You will bring Baoer more than I do . Xue Jiayue watched Xu Yanwen skillfully operate the steps to change Baoers diaper, and her movements were lighter and better than her .
After Xu Yanwen finished, she looked up at her, put Baoer next to her, smiled and kissed her on the cheek, Thank you for the compliment, I am very happy .
It ’s a great pleasure to take good care of you .
At night, Baoer slept with the nanny, Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue had never been separated .
After Xu Yanwen was busy that day, he took the sleeping baby to the caregiver and returned to the room . Xue Jiayue was already asleep in bed . He took off his shoes lightly and went to bed, sleeping next to Xue Jiayue intimately . past .
In a daze, Xu Yanwen felt that he got up from the bed, there was a dark paint around him, and he could not see anything . He walked forward in a muddled voice, and then heard a bang, and then someone shouted in horror . Sound, Someone jumped from the building! Come on!
When Xu Yanwen heard the shout, he subconsciously tensed his heart and ran uncontrollably in the direction from where the shout came . Then he saw several doctors in white coats surrounding a person on the ground for rescue .
He finally squeezed in, and saw the man lying on the ground . That person was no one else . It was Xue Jiayue in a sick suit . She was lying on the ground, with red blood all over her body . This scene saw Xu Yanwenshuang The legs are so soft that they can hardly stand . There is a voice in my head saying, no, no, this is not true, not . . .
Someone was saying, She jumped upstairs, she didnt want to live . . .
The doctor in a white coat shook his head in frustration and rescued Xue Jiayues death .
Its not saved, take it away, the doctor told the assistant .
Hearing this sentence, Xu Yanwen suddenly reacted, reaching for the doctor and shouting almost like a cry: You save her again, save her!
The doctor reached out and pushed him away, with a cold face: Everyone is dead, his pupils are loose, how can I save? I am busy, dont delay me in saving others .
Dead . . . Xu Yanwen seemed to have been hit by a tremendous blow . He could not move while standing on the spot . The doctor pushed him away and walked straight away .
The assistant carried Xue Jiayue to leave, and Xu Yanwen suddenly flew up like a madman, preventing her from moving, Everyone put her down, no one should move her!
Brother Xu, she is dead . Dont do this . Han Mengxues soft and calm voice came from around him .
Xu Yanwen suddenly turned his head to look at Han Mengxue, and there were some pictures coming out of his mind .
Han Mengxue glanced at the dead Xue Jiayue on the stretcher . The annoying and obnoxious person finally died . She was very happy in her heart, but she pretended to be very calm and sighed: She died like this, enough Cruel, knowing she would choose this path, she would not be sent to a mental hospital .
Hearing Han Mengxues words, Xu Yanwen was shocked . Many pictures such as frame-by-frame movie fragments appeared in his mind . Xu Yanwen finally remembered what was going on .
After Xue Jiayue designed him, he married him as he wished, but he always wanted to accept Xue Jiayue and refused to accept her . Until the birthday banquet of Grandpa Xu, someone broke out the photos of Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao together, and the grandfather lived directly . Entered the hospital .
Xu Yanwen angrily filed a divorce with Xue Jiayue, Xue Jiayue refused to leave, and ran to the hospital to disturb grandpa . The complaint to grandpa was that Xu Yanwen was sorry for her . She couldnt stand that loneliness . Xu Yanwen was also very disappointed with Xue Jiayue, so the lawyer prepared the divorce agreement and signed Xue Jiayue, Xue Jiayue refused to sign, had been stalemate with him, and went to the company to find him crying from time to time, he was so troubled by her, I wish people could shut her up .
It was at this time that Han Mengxue came back . Xue Jiayue became even more mad when he saw him with Han Mengxue . He went to the hospital to find his grandpa crying . The grandfather had just completed the operation, and his body had not recovered . Toss, Grandpa was not good that night, and the rescue did not come back in the end .
Grandpas death made Xu Yanwen feel cold .
Mother Han said beside her, Is Xue Jiayue sick? He also pointed his finger to his head . Is there something wrong with this place? Take it to the hospital to see .
Han Mengxue also said to Xu Yanwen: Yes, Brother Xu, if Jiayue is taken to the hospital to see, otherwise, if she is really sick, it would be too dangerous to go on like this . Im afraid she will hurt you .
Perhaps it was Grandpa ’s death that made Xu Yanwen sad and disappointed . Perhaps it was Han ’s mother and Han Mengxue that made Xu Yanwen find a way out, and he really sent Xue Jiayue to the mental hospital .
But what I didnt expect was that Xue Jiayue would eventually choose to jump off the building, and then his whole body died in blood before him .
Xue Jiayues death was very stimulating to Xu Yanwen . He had no knowledge of Xue Jiayue entangled him and harassed him . He could have a very happy and comfortable understanding, even the opposite . Xue Jiayue died, he was a little bit I am not happy, or even sad . I feel that the position of the heart is like a piece of life that has been dug away and empty .
After Xue Jiayues death, Xu Yanwen didnt sleep well for days and days . He always felt that the whole thing was wrong, but he couldnt say anything about it . Finally, he called Ye Ming and asked him to check whether it was what happened .
Ye Mings work efficiency is very high . It didnt take long for him to check the ins and outs of the matter .
It turned out that Xue Jiayue would be derailed with Su Ziqiao . On the surface, Zhang Renyan was jealous because of love and hatred . That trap made Xue Jiayue . In fact, behind Zhang Renyan, Mrs . Xu Ers instigation was indispensable . It can be said that Zhang Renyan would do that . Selfishness, the second is the promotion of Mrs . Xu Er, otherwise the photos taken by Zhang Renyan cannot appear so smoothly on the birthday banquet of Mr . Xu, these are all done by Mrs . Xu Er .
After this incident, Xue Jiayue not only did not reflect, but also made mistakes again and again . In addition to Xu Yanwens long-term neglect of her, which caused her inner dissatisfaction, resentment, and grief, Zhang Renyan and Mrs . Xu Ers abetment were also indispensable . She went to see Mr . Xu, and Mr . Xu loved her so much . She would definitely stand by her side . She was the victim of this incident . Xu Yanwen was sorry for her first .
Probably Xue Jiayue was also anxious, so stupid that she didnt think about the trap inside, and naturally made Xu Yanwen and Xu Xu angry .
Finally, in the end, Grandpa Xu died, but it was n’t just that Xue Jiayue was angry with him . In fact, after Xue Jiayue crying in front of Grandpa Xu, that day, Grandpa Xu was really angry, but he would n’t kill Grandpa Xu . When Xue Jiayue left the hospital room crying, Grandpa Xu was still alive . It was only five minutes after she left that Han Mengxue came . Then, Han Mengxue ran out of the ward in a panic and called the doctor, saying that Grandpa Xu was gone . Then the doctor ran to the rescue, but in the end he failed to save Mr . Xu .
At first everyone thought that Xue Jiayue was mad at Mr . Xu, and Xue Jiayue thought so, so she was guilty and painful . After Xu Yanwen was extremely disappointed with her, following the advice of Han Mengxue and Han Mu and sending her to the mental hospital , Jumped off the building and committed suicide .
It wasnt until the truth was discovered that Xu Yanwen knew that the death of Grandpa Xu was not caused by Xue Jiayue, but by Mrs . Xu Er, Han Mengxue and Han Mu .
He will not let them go! Xu Yanwen clenched his fists on his side .
It didnt take long for Mrs . Xu Er to discover Uncle Xus little lover . Mrs . Xu Er and Uncle Xu made a life-and-death situation, and finally broke the picture, ruined the appearance, and could not be better .
As for the Han family, within a few months, the whole collapsed . Dad suddenly died of cerebral hemorrhage . Han ’s mother suffered severe depression . She had to jump off the building and commit suicide . Finally, she was sent to a mental hospital . Han Mengxue could n’t stand it . It was n’t that he did n’t go to Xu Yanwen for help, but Xu Yanwen refused to see her and sat on the sidelines watching the collapse of the Han family .
Later, one day, Han Mengxue was hit by a drunk driver on his way home, and he flew out before he was sent to the hospital .
After another day, on the day of Xue Jiayues birthday, Xu Yanwen went to Beishan Cemetery alone . After sitting in front of Xue Jiayues tomb for a long time, he shed tears on Xue Jiayue, who was smiling broadly on the tombstone, Jia Yue, I miss you . . .
. . .
My husband, my husband, Baoer seems to be crying . You see what happened to her? Xu Yanwen, who was asleep, seemed to hear the cry of a little baby, the voice was very loud, almost worn through the eardrum, and there was a soft little hand He was pushing him, speaking anxiously, his voice very flustered, not knowing what to do .
Xu Yanwen opened his eyes haggardly, and faced Xue Jiayues panicked face, still holding a crying baby in her hands . She was so helpless that she cried in a hurry .
Jiayue . . . Xu Yanwens voice suddenly choked when he saw the live Xue Jiayue in front of him . There were thousands of words stuck in his throat, but he just stared at her face in desperation, unable to say a word .
Come and see her, why is she crying so badly? Xue Jiayue didnt know what Xu Yanwen experienced in her dreams, she put the baby in her arms into his hands, she is a mother but there is no all-round dad The crying baby was handy .
Suddenly, there was a softer white baby in her arms . Xu Yanwen froze for a moment, looked down at Baoer who was still crying, and looked at Xue Jiayue in front of her again . Tell him to hurry up and coax Baoer so that she wont cry anymore .
Hearing Xue Jiayues voice and looking at her vivid expression, he suddenly realized that it was true, everything in front of him was true, Jiayue was still alive, and gave him a baby, their family Living happily together, there are no broken things in the dream at all, everything in the dream is false, all false!
Xu Yanwen threw her arms around Baoer excitedly and held Xue Jiayue hand in hand, staring at her in a blink of an eye and saying, Jiayue, Im so good to have you .
Yes, its good to live, its good to have you, its good to be together!
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