Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife - Chapter 90

On the day Baoer turned one year old, Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue hosted a big and luxurious full year banquet for Baoer, and all the friends and family were here .
Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue prepared a lot of things for Baoer, money, pens, lipstick, necklaces, car keys and so on .
Baoer, go grab the one you like . Xue Jiayue put Baoer on the mat and asked her to grab something .
Baoer first sat on the mat, looking at the left and right, as if she was new to everything around her .
Xue Jiayue stood in front of her and clapped her hands to let her grab something . She looked up at her small round head and saw Xue Jiayue grinning very sweetly . There were two pear vortices around the corner of her mouth, Ma Ma . . .
Come here . Xue Jiayue called her .
Ma Ma . Baoer crawled towards her on all fours, and moved fast .
In front of Xue Jiayue, Baoer stretched out a pair of white fat little arms to ask Xue Jiayue to hold . Xue Jiayue smiled tenderly at her, pointing at something beside him: Go grab one .
Baoer looked in the direction of Xue Jiayues fingers . It seemed that she finally found something interesting, and she crawled over and sat in front of the piles of various things . Touched, and finally selected a shiny necklace, the necklace pendant is a red gem, very beautiful, she grabbed the ruby ​​and would not let go .
Wow, Baoer chose a necklace, so capable, someone praised next to him .
Baoer took the necklace in his hand and looked at it, and soon had an idea in his heart . He turned and crawled towards Xue Jiayue, looking up at Xue Jiayue, looking up at Xue Jiayue with a smile . Ma Ma . . .
This is to give Xue Jiayue the necklace .
Someone beside him saw it, and enviously boasted: Baoer is so smart .
Xue Jiayue was also really happy . She bent down to take the necklace that Baoer gave her, and gave a kiss on her chubby white and tender little face . Baoer is so good .
Baoer looked at her and smiled, as if to say, Im so happy to praise me .
After the banquet began, several people stood in the corner of the banquet and chatted .
One of the unmarried rich girls said enviously: If only I could find a husband like Xu Yanwen like Xue Jiayue, even if I gave birth to my daughter, I would n’t spoil her . The girl knows to spoil her, this life is too good . If I have such a good life, I really want to die happy .
Someone beside him immediately returned to her and said, Then you should look with big eyes, and follow Xu Yanwens standards . Im afraid there are not many good men like Xu Yanwen .
But some people are jealous in their hearts, and they only think that Xue Jiayue is lucky, She is also lucky, do n’t you know that she is an orphan? When I was a child, Grandpa Xu was brought back, I heard that her grandpa had saved Grandpa Xu before . But It ’s just that the predecessors planted trees and the others took advantage of the cold, otherwise how could it be possible for her to be so lucky . Not everyone has a grandpa who can save Grandpa Xu!
As soon as this persons voice fell to the ground, Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen came to hold Baoer . The speaker was panicked and forced to calm down, looking at the expressions on Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwens faces, and wished they had nothing at all . Say, Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen also heard nothing .
Xue Jiayue still looks good . Today is Baoers full age . She has a lovely daughter, so she is too lazy to think about these lemons .
Xu Yanwens face was not so pretty . The people around him said that he could, that his wife and daughter were not good, and stared at the man with a cold eye, as if warning her .
Fortunately, the person reacted fast enough, often mixed on various occasions, sour in the heart, and flexible in the brain, not stupid to get home, know that today is Baoer ’s full year banquet, Xu Yanwen ’s favorite person is Xue Jiayue Its Baoer . She smiled and smiled and boasted that Baoer was cute and Xue Jiayue was so beautiful . Its great to have a daughter . The family is so happy that she really wants to have a daughter like Baoer .
Xue Jiayue could not help but roll her eyes when she heard the flattering words she said . If it were not for the presence of other people, she really couldnt resist doing that .
Xu Yanwen still had no expression on his face, but he was not as angry as before . He glanced at her lightly, holding Baoer, and walked away with Xue Jiayue .
There were a few people left, and some people hurried away and excused themselves, and they stood with people who could not speak, and they were all afraid of getting involved .
This incident is just a small episode . Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen have other guests to entertain, and the lovely Baoer to take care of, and they have no time to worry too much about her .
It was just after the banquet that came back home in the evening . Xu Yanwen saw Xue Jiayues spirit and was not very emotional, so she walked over to sit next to Xue Jiayue and took her hand and asked, Whats wrong? Because of what the person said ?
Xue Jiayue turned to look at him . The bright lights shone on Xu Yanwens face, illuminating his eyebrows very clearly . Even the fluff on his face could be seen clearly . He looked really handsome, Jianmei Xingxing Eyes, a tall nose bridge, and a firm chin, are not inferior to standing with the star . Such a handsome, handsome and golden man, if it is not a coincidence, would not belong to her .
Thinking of these, Xue Jiayue smiled and said: I think she made a little more sense . If my grandfather and your grandfather were comrades in arms, my grandfather saved your grandfather, I would not be able to come to your house, let alone marry To you, me and you will only be strangers who have nothing to do with us, we simply cannot be together .
Fart! Xu Yanwen rarely spoke excitedly in front of Xue Jiayue . When he thought that Xue Jiayue might not know him, he was nervous if he was not with him . Just like in that dream, Xue Jiayue died, and finally only solitary One of him, the loneliness and cold feeling made him simply unbearable .
He grabbed Xue Jiayues shoulders with his big hands and held him tightly in his arms, feeling that the temperature from her was better, and said seriously and firmly: What you said is not true, you are by my side, You just married me, we still have Baoer, a happy family, you cant think like this, we have to be together, dont listen to the gossip that those people envy, jealous and hate, they are just full . Supportive discussion of us two, we have a good life, they will be like this, if we have a bad time, they should laugh at us in the background, we are so good, do n’t think about those that do n’t, It doesnt make any sense at all .
Xue Jiayue was tightly hugged by Xu Yanwen and thought about Xu Yanwens words . In fact, it makes a lot of sense . If you live well, others will envy jealousy . If you live badly, people wont say anything about your life . Good luck Well, it will only laugh at you deserving of misfortune . People are all like red tops, no matter where they are .
Xu Yanwen kissed Xue Jiayues lips and coaxed her, Dont think so much .
Xue Jiayue lay beneath him, his hands clasped his shoulders, and the corner of his mouth lifted upwards, Uh .
Xu Yanwen reached out and stroked her cheek, lowered her head, and kissed her lips .
That night, Xu Yanwen probably tossed Xue Jiayue up and down in the posture that he wanted to give Xue Jiayue the love of this life . She shed tears, and the pillows were wet with her tears . They were so soft and delicate that Xu Yanwen couldnt help it . She wished she could tear her whole food into her belly and couldnt stop .
The result of the indulgence was naturally that Xue Jiayue could not get up the next day . Xu Yanwen was very considerate of her . She took care of Baoer himself and took Baoer out for fun, so Xue Jiayue had a good night ’s sleep . .
. . .
Xue Jiayue returned to work at XW Studio when she was one year and two months old . For more than a year, the studio has developed very well under the leadership of President He . He is already well-known in the industry . Everyone knows XW Studio The dresses are very beautiful and fashionable, which attracts many customers to customize the dress .
To go back to work, Xue Jiayue discussed with Xu Yanwen, Xu Yanwen fully supported her, Xu Yanwen said: Women should also have their own careers, do whatever you want .
On the first day of going back to work in the studio, Xue Jiayue remembered the name of their studio XW, and later realized that X was the first initial of her surname, and W was the initial of wen, Xu Yanwen was They connected the surnames and first names of the two to make the name of the studio . She hadnt discovered this before . Now thinking about it, Xu Yanwen is quite romantic .
On this day, Xue Jiayue came out of the studio after work, and as soon as she walked out of the elevator, she saw Xu Yanwen waiting for her in the downstairs hall with her baby . Several passing staff were making fun of Baoer .
Baoer, isnt Auntie beautiful? Say Auntie is beautiful, Auntie gives you a lollipop! One of the female staff members smiled and held the lollipop to coax Baoer .
Baoer looked at her, her small mouth squeezed, and seemed a bit reluctant . At this time, she saw Xue Jiayue coming out of the elevator, the smile on her small face immediately appeared, and opened her short legs I ran towards Xue Jiayue and said, My mother is the most beautiful .
Run slowly . Xue Jiayue quickly took two steps to catch her .
Baoer threw himself into Xue Jiayues arms, hugged Xue Jiayues neck, and kissed Xue Jiayue again, repeating again with the sweet and sweet voice, Mother is the most beautiful .
Baoer is so good . Xue Jiayue also kissed her lovingly and said softly, How about Dad?
Where? Baoer raised her finger to the front, Xue Jiayue looked in the direction of her finger, and saw Xu Yanwen wearing a dark blue hand-made suit, walking long legs, smiling and approached them .
Dont you say that you are busy today? The meeting is over? Xue Jiayue was surprised that he was off work earlier than she was today .
Todays meeting was very smooth, and the company was fine . I left work early and came to pick you up . Xu Yanwen approached Xue Jiayue, held out her hand, and took the chubby Baoer again . Lest she cant hold the heavy treasure .
Lets go, lets go home . Xu Yanwen held Xue Jiayue in one hand and Baoer in one hand . The family walked happily in the sunset, envious of others .
The author has something to say: Wandering Earth is really beautiful . Did everyone go to watch it? I still want to brush it again . It is rare that China can make such good special effects . Milestones of Chinese science fiction movies . Come on, move on!