Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife - Chapter 91

Then he did just that .
After sitting in the car for a while, Tang Yichuan opened the door and got off, walked towards the inpatient department building, took the elevator to the 13th floor of Brain Surgery, he came out of the elevator, just saw Zhang Xiaojiao waiting anxiously outside the bed 46 ward The doctor is rescuing her mother in the ward .
Tang Yichuan walked towards Zhang Xiaojiao . Zhang Xiaojiao saw that he was still there, with a surprised expression on his face, You, why didnt you go?
How is your mother? Tang Yichuan did not answer Zhang Xiaojiaos question, but asked her mothers situation .
Not very good . Zhang Xiaojiao glanced into the ward, and the doctor was still busy, not knowing what was going on .
It should be okay, dont worry . Tang Yichuan looked down at her sad side, and there seemed to be tears in her eyes . He hadnt comforted others before . They all coaxed him to hold him and let him He was not easy to comfort people, and what he said was awkward and awkward . After he finished speaking, he turned around embarrassedly and looked away .
Perhaps it was really what Tang Yichuan said had worked . As soon as he finished speaking, the doctor in the ward succeeded in the rescue .
Zhang Xiaojiao saw the doctor coming out of the ward and stepped forward step by step, asking, Doctor, how is my mother?
Your mother has woke up, you go to see her . The doctor said .
Thank you doctor, thank you doctor . Zhang Xiaojiao thanked again and again, tears of excitement rushed out of her eyes, she raised her hand to wipe the tears, and quickly walked into the ward .
Mom, just wake up . Zhang Xiaojiao said by holding Zhangs hand .
Mama Zhang lay weakly on the bed, unable to even speak, but only looked at Zhang Xiaojiaos smiling face .
Tang Yichuan stood outside the ward, clearly seeing the interaction between the two, and a strange emotion filled his heart and turned to walk to the doctors office .
The doctor is writing a medical record . Tang Yichuan took the initiative to ask Ms . Zhangs condition . The doctor showed him the CT results of the brain . The brain has a tumor here, which is very dangerous and requires surgery as soon as possible .
Tang Yichuan said: How much does it cost to perform an operation?
The doctor said: 60,000 to 70,000 .
Tang Yichuan nodded, said thank you doctor, and turned and walked out of the doctors office .
In the ward, Zhang Xiaojiao was talking to Mother Zhang, with a smile on her face, and she was so bitter in her heart . In order not to worry her, the smile on her face was still warm .
Tang Yichuan left the ward, took the elevator downstairs, found the payment office, took out the card and handed it to the toll collector in the window, and said, Pay for 46 brain surgery .
46 bed Wu Fang? Asked the toll collector .
Tang Yichuan recalled that Zhang Xiaojiaos mother seemed to call this name and said, Yes, Wu Fang .
How much? The toll collector asked again .
Tang Yichuan said directly: 70,000 .
Okay . The toll collector quickly swiped the card and asked Tang Yichuan to sign the bill to complete the payment .
Tang Yichuan retrieved the bank card and turned to leave the hospital .
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