Turns Out To Be a Genius Duelist - Chapter 158

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Chapter 158 Apocalypse (1)

Yoon-seok’s magic amount had already reached the system limit, although that couldn’t stop him from improving further due to his ability to break through the limit. And for Yoon-seok, his magic was never enough no matter how much he had. In that sense, with this mutual transformation of magic and engine power, the value of this ability was a little different.

‘The stronger the spacecraft, the more magic will increase.’

Furthermore, that wasn’t all. The opposite was also possible. What if he activated b Demonify} and converted his infinite magic into ship power? Although there was a 3-minute time limit, during that time, the ship could fire its rays freely.

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‘Then it’s a real spacecraft…’

As Yoon-seok was impressed.

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