Venomous Return: Lady Temptress Vixen

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Romance

Chapters: 25

Last update: a year ago

3 /5

Cyllene Galathea is someone in the Generals household whom they didn't want and was made accidentally. After her mother who was the Generals mistress left her, her existence has been a taboo to the family. After her younger sister framed her she was left with a huge punishment and she became a joke to everyone's eyes. Dull and boring, Useless and stupid. That's what they think of her. But then only one thing came cross her mind. Was she have to go. Runaway. And so she did, yet nobody came to look for her. They believed she had died.After years she came across her ungrateful and shameless sister as a rising model. Meeting her sister and her ex boyfriend that now is her sisters fiance, was indeed a huge turn and so as she promised to herself. She have to take her revenge.As then she found out that her identity when she was a child has been switched and now she became the Eldest Lady and Empress or should I say Temptress. And her biggest mission is to tempt the untouchable beast, the Greek bachelor God who is indeed has an outstanding grace and background. Powerful, famous, handsome and more handsome. Yeah I told you he is a hit! Everyone will swarm all over him and yet he does not even care.Could she possibly tempt the seductive man? Or she is the one who would be seduced.

Venomous Return: Lady Temptress Vixen