Chapter 13.1: 13.1
Wei Liang wanted to expel Liu Qing Yin?!

Once again, Lin Jiu had the urge to grab Wei Liang’s collar and ruthlessly shake this ice-statue male lead awake .
Wake up, male lead! That unworthy disciple you’re talking about is your female lead! The heroine!
But at the sight of Wei Liang’s shallow smiling eyes, Lin Jiu withdrew her hands that were frantically at the edge of seeking death .
“Don’t!” Lin Jiu shouted . “This was all planned by Xiong Yu Lian herself . Liu Qing Yin did not instruct her . At most, Liu Qing Yin has committed the offense of not educating her properly . If you expel her just like that, people will surely scold me . ”
The corner of Wei Liang’s lips quirked up as he turned towards her . “Scold you? For what?”
“Naturally, for confusing the monarch with my devilishness and prying apart you and your disciple . ” Lin Jiu shrugged .
Her desire to live was strong, and she knew that any abuse inflicted onto the female lead now would surely be paid back many hundreds and thousands of times in the future onto her . Abusing the female lead was better left to the male lead’s own amusement . Outsiders should never interfere .
What’s more, Liu Qing Yin never set foot in any of this whole business . If anyone really had to find fault with her, then at most, it was that she had allowed Xiong Yu Lian to plot against Lin Jiu, in which she could say she was innocent by simply pleading ignorance . If Liu Qing Yin was expelled, then it wouldn’t take even a day to guarantee more than ten thousand people coming to plead her case . If that were to occur, Wei Liang would be the one in trouble and receive the scolding of thousands just like the villainess Lin Jiu suffered in the book .

If the situation were to unfold that way, everyone would sympathize with Liu Qing Yin, and no one would be willing to delve into whether she really was at fault in this matter or not . Instead, they would just muddle through the case .
If you can’t kill the snake in one go, it was not advisable to make any rash moves . You would only alert the snake .
Thinking this way, Lin Jiu gave a gentle smile . “This matter has nothing to do with Liu Qing Yin . You must not blame her . ”
Wei Liang’s mouth twitched . “Hah! Such naivety . You would not live long if I were not here to protect you,” he scoffed .
A mocking laugh almost burst out of Lin Jiu’s mouth . Male lead! Did you take the wrong script?! Shouldn’t you say to the villainess, “You are so vicious that even if you got lucky, you would be damned sooner or later!”?
“Whatever you say,” Lin Jiu said . She endured the urge to laugh and deliberately looked at him with pitiful eyes . “Then you have to protect me properly . ”
Wei Liang laughed and circled his arm around her waist before bringing her up with him on his sword . Turns out this little wife of his really was getting more and more interesting, especially when she was putting on such an act to cheat people .
They shot forward on the sword . “Wha—?!” Lin Jiu was blown backwards by the wind and she automatically clutched onto Wei Liang’s clothes .

Wei Liang gave her slender waist a naughty little squeeze . “That will depend on how you, this little demoness, is going to confuse this monarch . ”
This male lead had been sent by the heavens to provoke her into committing sins, right?!
She was just a plain, unattractive villainess who wanted to turn over a new leaf and walk on the righteous path!
She didn’t want to steal the female lead’s man at all, okay?!
If this man wasn’t the male lead, and instead some great villain or maybe an affectionate supporting male lead, then Lin Jiu wouldn’t mind developing a bit with him at all . But Wei Liang was the male lead! No matter what he did in the early stages, he would end up in the female lead’s embrace in the end!
And wouldn’t the villainess, who had substantial contact with the male lead, be dragged out and punished with a thousand cuts to appease the public? Huh?!
Such were Lin Jiu’s weak series of complaints . With no hope left in her life, she plucked away the mischievous hand Wei Liang put on her waist .

Wei Liang’s flying sword had already flown into the clouds at this moment, and he deliberately loosened his hands, causing Lin Jiu to almost fly away like a kite . Desperate for survival, she latched onto Wei Liang’s hair .
Wei Liang laughed as he grabbed her arm and pulled her back into his arms . Lin Jiu was suddenly like an octopus, wrapping her thin arms around his waist as tightly as she could .
Wei Liang was finally satisfied .
He turned slightly sideways and shielded her entire body, then spoke in a business-like tone . “The Spirit Gathering Pearl that the Wang Clan has hidden for so long is a rare yin seed that only appears maybe once every ten thousand years . It can increase your cultivation lineage by four hundred years . ” He continued . “It would be a bit of a waste to just give it to you directly . ”
Lin Jiu turned morose . “…I know I have poor qualifications . I don’t need to be reminded of it all the time . ”
“That’s not true,” Wei Liang said . “Once you have the yin seed, you must find another yang seed . Taking both yin and yang together can increase your cultivation by a thousand years without having to endure the cold pain of yin . ” He paused for a moment . “You do know what that entails, do you?”
Lin Jiu shook her head truthfully .
“That is enough for someone with mediocre qualifications to soar from the Foundation Establishment stage to the Nascent Soul stage . ” Wei Liang seemed to chuckle . “As for you, it should be just enough to form your elixir core . Such qualifications of yours can’t be saved even by the Dripstone Spiritual Milk . ”

She knew he was saying that on purpose .
He even said that an ordinary Spirit Gathering Pearl would be able to add on two hundred years of cultivation, which is enough to form her elixir core, so how did it turn into a thousand years now? Even house prices don’t go up like that .
What a dirty liar .
She changed the subject decisively . “Where are we going?”
“The Thousand Forks Pass,” Wei Liang answered .
Lin Jiu was stunned . She could hardly remember all these complicated place names while she was reading the book, but she did remember the Thousand Fold Pass because she heard Wei Liang mention it just yesterday .
In order to preserve their strength, the Wang Clan gave up on guarding the Thousand Forks Pass, which allowed the Demon Clan to charge all the way to Cloud Sea Song . They stabbed deeply into the territory like a sharp blade, and they reached all the way to the immortal gates .