Chapter 13.2: 13.2
So the Spirit Gathering Yang Seed is at the Thousand Forks Pass?

“Speaking of the Dripstone Spiritual Milk, do you know where the twenty-three Great Sword Immortals of the Wang Clan went?” Wei Liang said casually .
Even though the topic changed a little suddenly, Lin Jiu almost slapped on the red button .
She knew that! She really did!
There was a proud young man in the Wang Clan who mistakenly discovered an ancient secret realm in the Demon Clan’s territory . Secret realms were like gambling—nobody could tell if it held only a pile of rocks until it opened . Coincidentally, the mechanism outside of the secret realm had actually been cracked and written down in one of the ancestral secret journals that the Wang Clan had been keeping for thousands of years .
So, this wasn’t just any ordinary secret realm, but one left behind by the first and only great cultivator, Huang Chuan, who had ascended to immortality twelve thousand years ago!
The twenty-three Great Sword Immortals of the Wang Clan couldn’t even be bothered to care about the Dripstone Spiritual Milk anymore . They were all traveling to Huang Chuan’s secret realm, hoping to break the outer restrictions at the first opportunity .
That was what the path of immortality is all about! What cultivator would not be scrambling at this opportunity?

Though the Wang Clan was flourishing and held influence across every corner of the Tianyuan Continent, the Wang Clan still had to bow their noble heads in front of the Sword Monarch Wei Liang . If a member of the Wang Clan was able to ascend before him with this opportunity, they could take away the position of the “Head of the Righteous Dao” from Wei Liang .
The Wang Clan’s ambition to become the monarchs of the cultivation world had long since been unquenchable .
According to the plot of the book, after the Wang Clan opens the secret realm, they will realize that Huang Chuan’s secret realm has restrictions that only allow cultivators below the Immortal Ascension stage to enter . So to say, the highest leveled cultivator who can enter the secret realm could only be a cultivator at the Peak Nascent Soul stage .
In the original story, Liu Qing Yin knew that Wei Liang’s cultivation had stopped at the Great Ascension period for many years and was not able to break through after a long time . In order to help him, she dropped her own cultivation to the Nascent Soul stage and entered the secret realm . In the end, she defeated countless enemies and obtained the heirloom within the secret realm to be used to solidify their foundation for ascension in the future . Touched and guilty, Wei Liang decided to dual-cultivate with her to help her regain her peak .
Lin Jiu had long known about the plot .
She peeked up at Wei Liang who had a straight face, but she had no idea how he felt inside . Huang Chuan’s secret realm’s traps and how to disable them, the final prize inside, and Huang Chuan’s situation—all of that information floated in her mind . In her eyes, this secret realm was like a game guide she had read in the past, or a sample answer sheet for an exam she memorized .
The only regret she had now was that she wasn’t strong enough .
Huh? Wait!

A thought suddenly sprouted in Lin Jiu’s mind like a bamboo shoot . If she could open the outer eighth petal of the Red Lotus and obtain the secret technique that could kill a Nascent Soul cultivator with a single strike, wouldn’t she become invincible in Huang Chuan’s secret realm?
With that thought, she couldn’t hold it down any longer .
In any case, what Liu Qing Yin wanted was the “ascension method”, which didn’t conflict with her goals . As long as she avoided her and took the real treasure, the Mirror of Truth and Falsehood inside of the secret realm…Tsk tsk, her scalp tingled with excitement just at the thought of it!
Wei Liang noticed the glint in her eyes and couldn’t help but narrow his eyes .
“What are you thinking about?” he spoke in a serious but cool tone .
Lin Jiu raised her head and met his dark, penetrating gaze . Her heart jumped, but she feigned composure . “Didn’t you ask me to guess where the Wang Clan’s twenty-three Great Sword Immortals have gone?”
“Well?” Wei Liang’s gaze was fixed lazily on her .

Lin Jiu smiled . “The Dripstone Spiritual Milk is the Wang Clan’s foundation . If they can’t even be bothered to care about it, there can only be one reason, and that is that they’ve found the path to ascension . ”
Wei Liang’s lips curved up . “And then?”
“What do you mean and then?” Lin Jiu looked up at him curiously .
Wei Liang’s eyes were deep . “Wang Han Tan didn’t tell you anything else?”
Only after a pause did Lin Jiu remember who Wang Han Tan was .
Wasn’t that the guy with Zheng Zi Yu’s underwear?
Wait…What was Wei Liang trying to imply? Why does he look like he’s jealous here?! Lin Jiu’s scalp tingled . It felt like she had just fallen into some damned branching plot line .
No way, no way! This is a female cultivation novel! Not some harem stud novel! No! She doesn’t need the male lead to feel jealous for her! Lin Jiu’s heart began to plead with a desire to live .

She forced herself to calm down before speaking . “Would I need someone to tell me something so simple? And what would that waste Wang Han Tan know? I’ve never even spoken to him before . ”
Wei Liang narrowed his eyes, unsure whether he believed it or not . “First, we will look for clues in the Thousand Forks Pass . After we get the Spirit Gathering Pearl to help you form your core, we will head to Huang Chuan’s secret realm to…kill people and seize their treasures . ”
Very good, very, well—very villainous .
Only, Wei Liang clearly had no idea of the secret realm’s cultivation restrictions . He wouldn’t be able to go in .
Lin Jiu couldn’t help but harbor bad thoughts and she sighed pretensively . “With you on the lead, it won’t be a problem to trample on a secret realm . ”
“Heh . Of course,” Wei Liang chuckled .
He waved his wide sleeves, blocking the strong winds in the sky for Lin Jiu .