Warrior's Promise - Chapter 2117

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Chapter 2117: The Fight Of The Higher Powers

Su Mo activated his deadly blow as he had no wish to waste any more of his time.

Demon God Jiu Yang and the two Empty Gods were powerful, so Su Mo had to strike first lest he be defeated by them.

Although he had great defense force, he was not invincible.

Su Mo infused many Fighting Souls into the two swords and the sword radiance was mighty.

The sword radiance shot up to the sky with immense force. The power of the Fighting Souls was vast and it surged around the area.

Su Mo did not mind using a vast amount of power. He wanted the deadly blow to be forceful enough to injure, or even to kill the three Empty Gods.


“What’s that?”

“How can that be?”

When the multitude sensed the power from the two swords, they were surprised. Their faces turned pale and they looked shocked.

Even before Su Mo threw out the blow, the aura from the two sword radiances had surpassed that of a Rank 3 Empty God.

The multitude received another shock from Su Mo. Su Mo had been hiding his strength. His actual strength was way beyond what he had been displaying.

His imposing aura was suffocating.

Li Zun, Demon God Jiu Yang, and Gu Ling were nearer to Su Mo and they could feel the terrifying power in the two swords.

The power did not belong to a Martial Sage. It was almost comparable to that of a Rank 4 Empty God.

All of a sudden, Demon God Jiu Yang and the two Empty Gods had a bad premonition.


At that moment, Su Mo shouted. His voice resounded in the starry sky and the entire area.

His voice was cold, overbearing, and it was filled with rage and killing intent.

The next moment, Su Mo struck. His hands were like wind turbines and he slashed out vigorously.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Air-rending sounds broke out, like the buzzing of the big bugs.

Su Mo slashed out with both hands and in an instant, he had thrown out 99 blows.

The Sword Qi formed a great windstorm, sweeping across the starry sky and engulfing the earth.

That was Su Mo’s most powerful blow. He had never thrown out such a powerful blow before and his face turned pale after he had done so.

He had used too much mental strength to control a large amount of Fighting Souls, which had nearly caused his Spiritual Soul to collapse.

However, it was worth his while as that was the mightest blow ever.


There was a loud explosion and heaven and the earth rumbled. The worlds shook as the huge Sword Qi Windstorm filled the sky and flattened the earth.

The entire universe seemed to have vanished, leaving behind the vast Sword Qi Windstorm.

The Sword Qi Windstorm was quick, and it was like a ruinous, giant beast, gushing toward Li Zun, Demon God Jiu Yang, and Gu Ling to flatten them.

As the Windstorm was too mighty and it had almost covered the entire area, the three Empty Gods were unable to move away from it.

“Oh no!”

“Move back quickly!”

“How can that be?”

Li Zun, Demon God Jiu Yang, and Gu Ling were shocked and they moved back in a hurry.

Demon God Jiu Yang withdrew his Nine-suns Realm immediately as he felt that it would be destroyed by the Sword Qi Windstorm if he had left it outside.

The Nine-suns Realm was his base and he could not afford to take the risk of losing it.

When the martial artists who were behind them came to themselves, they quickly moved back as well.

Although the martial artists were far away from them, the Sword Qi Windstorm was too frightening. They had to move back to avoid getting injured.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Demon God Jiu Yang and the two Empty Gods moved back vigorously and they were quick.

However, they were still slower than the attacks that Su Mo had thrown out.

Almost in an instant, the huge Sword Qi Windstorm came toward the three of them and engulfed them.

“Let’s attack together!”

“Let’s join forces to destroy it!”


The three of them shouted. They gave it their best shots in countering the attack.

Li Zun’s body expanded and became huge and muscular. He threw out a punch with both fists and they were like two dragons.

The roaring fist might shot out and its power was mighty.

Li Zun seemed to have used all his strength as his body withered a little after he had thrown out the blow.

The power of the blow was unbeatable and it had surpassed any of Li Zun’s earlier attacks.

Demon God Jiu Yang lifted up his Demon Saber and slashed crazily. Countless black Saber Qi shot out like waves and attacked the Sword Qi Windstorm. The power was incredible.

Gu Ling struck as well. His claws expanded and turned into long, giant bony claws.

Strange green radiance circled around the bony claws and emitted terrifying aura.

When Gu Ling struck, two green bony claws, which were like the hands of the God of Death, smashed everything up and grabbed at the Sword Qi Windstorm.

The Sword Qi Windstorm covered the area and the attacks of the three Empty Gods were overbearing. When the attacks of the two parties came together, everyone knew that an earth-shattering collision was about to take place.

All the martial artists who were watching the fight widened their eyes as they fixed their gazes on the scene.

They realized that they had belittled Su Mo.

One could no longer describe Su Mo, the most powerful genius, and the most powerful King Sage, as a genius.

Su Mo had grown up at an incredible pace and he was no longer afraid of anything or anyone in Infinite Region.

The ordinary martial artists, Yin Shen, Jin Yang, Long Cang, Xu Wushen, and the Empty Gods were stunned by Su Mo’s power.

No one could compete with his growth and combat strength in infinite Region.

As everyone looked on in amazement, they saw the attacks of the three Empty Gods and Su Mo’s Sword Qi Windstorm blasting together.

Boom! Boom! Rumble!

There were loud explosions in the starry sky and it shook the area. The explosions were horrifying.

The attacks from Demon God Jiu Yang and the two Empty Gods blasted and dispersed, and they turned into powerful forces. Vast air billows then swirled out all over the area.

The Sword Qi Windstorm dispersed at the explosions as well, and formed a destructive shockwave.

However, the Sword Qi Windstorm had dispersed and the shockwaves engulfed Demon God Jiu Yang and the two Empty Gods instantly.


The explosions continued and they rumbled in the starry sky.

The entire world had vanished, leaving behind only the raging shockwaves.

The multitude stared at the chaotic shockwaves as they were eager to see what had happened to the three Empty Gods. However, none of them were able to see anything.

Demon God Jiu Yang and the two Empty Gods had disappeared into thin air in the chaotic starry sky.

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