When The Count’s Illegitimate Daughter Gets Married - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

The house where he left Laritte waiting in the carriage was the house of none other than Viscount Walson.

The most powerful man Rose could marry.

“Welcome, Duke!”

Viscount Walson scurried into the living room.

The man named Ian Reinhardt was like a heavenly being to the Viscount.

There could be no business out of reach to the Duke’s family.

And Ian himself was a frightening person.

“……Nice to see you, Viscount Walson.”

Ian said as he sat down on a well-designed chair, supporting his chin on his loose fist.

The Viscount lowered himself down on a chair across from him, nervousness clear in his eyes.

‘I heard he’s a Swordmaster. He’s as formidable as I expected.’

Ian’s tanned skin and well-built muscles were the best proof.

Compared to the Viscount’s mouse-like dwarf size.

He flinched as his eyes met Ian’s.

If someone was the scariest person in the world, Ian Reinhardt would be the one!

Laritte would snicker if she heard this. Since Ian was completely different in front of her.

Various cookies and black tea were placed on the table between Ian and the Viscount.

The latter smiled as he offered.

“Because I was recently alerted of your arrival…. the dessert that’s been prepared is insignificant. Please forgive me.”
“I see.”

While the Viscount panicked.

‘Is he saying it’s fine or does he want me to bring another dessert?’

He even wondered if he should go to a nearby aristocracy and rent a kitchen.

Ian’s eyes shifted to the hands of the Viscount. He could tell how nervous he was.

“I don’t know if black tea suits my taste.”
“Then, why didn’t you drink green tea?”
“Oh, it’s no problem! This tea is from a brand that I usually order from. It’s also very popular. That’s why I initially thought it’d fit me well, especially since I don’t have much variation in taste.”
“No wonder……”

Viscount Walson fell in agony again.

He was completely caught up in Ian’s pace. Just as Ian wanted.

As a matter of fact, most people treated Ian Reinhardt this way. They were either scared of him or went to flatter him.

“S-So, why has the Duke decided to visit me? I’m afraid I haven’t heard of the reason when I heard of your arrival…..”
“My wife wants to buy toys for her child.”
“Oh, you’ve heard of me running a toy company!”

Then it struck him.

“Uhh…. Did you say, child? Your wife is having a child?”

He was shocked.

He was told that the Duke was forced to let the illegitimate girl in as his mistress. And it was because of the paperwork.

‘That’s exactly what Rose told me. But now that illegitimate girl is pregnant?! And the Duke allowed that? Without seeking a noble lady from the government?’

Ian was aware of the Viscount’s surprise. So he spoke.

“She’s not pregnant, but she’s a very affectionate woman. She wishes to care for her future child.”

As a believer of Rose’s words, the Viscount first thought the illegitimate girl was mentally unstable.

That she was trying to conceive the Duke’s child!

“Does the Duke wish to make her the mother of his heir?”

Ian leaned in.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

The Viscount really was unaware of this.

He had to curry favour with Ian.

Ian smiled bitterly as no answer came from him.

“Isn’t it normal to have children when you’re married? I came all the way here to get a toy for my own wife.”
“Y-You, You’ve come to the right place, Duke.”
“Of course. Everyone thinks it sounds weird when I say this. Because of some false rumors made by some noble daughter.”

Ian heaved a loud sigh.

“That’s why I’ve decided to never let her come back to society.”
“I didn’t intend to do so initially. But shouldn’t such a woman pay back the Duke of Reinhardt with her life? I can’t let her off the hook. Isn’t that right, Viscount?”

Ian asked, holding his teacup.

The Viscount nodded furiously in response.

He realized for ‘such a woman’ to be Rose.

The illegitimate child’s family were obviously the Brumayers!

At this moment, he realized he shouldn’t even talk to Rose anymore.

Rose’s last hope had been cut off. Everything was within Ian’s grip now.

Now, he was on his way to leave the mansion.

“I shall take my leave now. Sorry about the late hour visit I made.”
“No, it’s fine, Duke!”
“Thank you for recommending which toy would suit the most. It’s reliable because it’s what the company owner himself told me.”

The Viscount bowed.

Ian thought.

‘Laritte would never treat me like that.’

At the thought, a smile appeared on his face.

Laritte was such a different woman.

Apart from Laritte, the only one who treated him sincerely was nanny Ava.

It was natural for her to do so since she raised him as if he were her own child since he was an infant, but what about Laritte?

That’s why every time Ian spent time with Laritte, he enjoyed it.

She was an amusing friend of his.

Viscount Walson’s eyes caught the smile appearing on Ian’s lips.

“Y-You must’ve had a great day, Duke! That’s the first time you’ve smiled like that. Although I’ve only met you now…..”

Just as he said this, the smile disappeared.

“I smiled?”

Laritte wasn’t even in front of him.

He was only thinking about her, and now he was smiling in front of others?

“That is impossible. You don’t have good eyesight, do you?”

Laritte was only his friend. She was the one who wanted it. Ian should think of her as the same.

However, was his friend changing him this much?

Ian’s heart throbbed against his chest.

‘No way, that can’t be!’

But his heart continued to beat ironically.

The aura around him gradually darkened, which caused Viscount Walson to flinch in fear.

He nodded.

“Eek! Yes! Yes! You’re right, Duke. I was mistaken. I must’ve made a mistake.”
“Good, you admitted it.”

Ian constantly repeated inwardly…

That Laritte was only his friend.

‘It must be because of me that my heart is pounding like this. Am I sick?’

He left the mansion hurriedly with a new doll in his arms presented as a gift.


The reason why he didn’t want Laritte to know what he did in the mansion was so that she could not object to isolating the Brumayers.

‘It’d be a big problem if she forgives them. But I won’t allow that to happen.’

Laritte was still busy savoring the raspberries.

His chest made a strange twist as he kept watching her.

‘Why does she look so beautiful even when she’s just eating raspberries?’

It was just an illusion……. He reflected again.

He decided to concentrate on something else.

He began to write a letter. Laritte didn’t bother to look at it since he covered it with his forearm.

The recipient would be a senior official working at an investigative agency who has known the Duke for a long time.

‘Now it’s time to take everything the Brumayers have.’

The Brumayers wouldn’t be able to pay back the money, so he can enforce it with ease.

They would also face the punishment for violently stealing a dress.

“Laritte, do you happen to have any belongings left at the house of Brumayer?”
“Yes, I might have some things that I left behind. Why are you asking?”

Ian was determined to receive compensation from the Brumayers. It was only a paltry estate and a mansion.

Being a Duke, he had the ability to confiscate that.

When he receives the mansion, he would tear it down in front of the Count and his family.

Clearly, Ian didn’t need a house like that.

“I’ve decided to take your belongings out of there in advance.”
“Hm? Well, okay then.”

Laritte shrugged, not understanding his words.

It wasn’t long before she spoke again.

“Oh, there’s one left.”

There was only one raspberry left in the basket.

Ian glanced at her.

Where did all of them go…..? Well, the criminal was right in front of him.

Laritte extended the berry towards Ian after much consideration.

“Here, the last one. This is for you.”
“It’s okay. You can eat it, Laritte.”

Ian wasn’t that interested in it.

She agonized and hesitated again at his words. She felt pathetic because of how much she wanted to eat it.

Still, she asked again.

“…..I’ve already had a lot. I can pass on the last one. Put it in your mouth before I change my mind.”

Ian couldn’t believe she was agonizing over raspberries.

His heart started pounding again.

‘This can’t be right!’

Ian hit his head so hard on the wall that it seemed as though he made the wall cry. Waah!

“Does your head hurt?”

Her eyes widened.

“In any case, I’ve changed my mind now.”

Then, she immediately put the raspberry into her mouth. Her cute act caused a chuckle rumble out of his chest.

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