WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 47

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Jian Xiaoyu was caught off guard and her entire face was slapped to the side . When she reacted, a flash of anger flashed in her heart . However, she immediately squeezed out tears on her face and covered her face With tears in her eyes, she said, “Xiaomo, what are you doing? You are indeed plagiarizing . I can’t protect you just because you are my cousin . ”
As she spoke, she cried even more tragically and movingly .
Only then did the director react and hurriedly said, “someone, quickly take Jian Xiaomo away . ” This girl was too indecent . She plagiarized and hit people . Initially, she was thinking about giving her a chance to stay in school . Now it seemed that it was completely unnecessary .
Jian Xiaomo was immediately pulled out by two security guards .
At this time, a person suddenly walked out of the crowd . Jian xiaomo quickly recognized that it was Baili Chuan .
Baili Chuan also saw Jian Xiaomo and signaled Jian Xiaomo with his eyes, Hinting Jian Xiaomo not to be afraid . Then, he directly walked towards the principal .
The director was originally sitting, but when he saw Baili Chuan, he had already stood up from his chair and walked towards Baili Chuan with a flattering smile .
Baili family had sponsored the school every year, how could he dare to neglect this God? He had a flattering smile on his face, nodded and bowed as he walked towards Baili Chuan and respectfully said, “young Master Baili, what wind has brought you here? ”
Compared to the headmaster’s fawning face, Baili Chuan’s expression remained indifferent . As soon as he turned around, he sat down in the position where the deputy director was sitting . He did not feel that there was anything wrong with it . Then, he waved his hand at the director, indicating for the headmaster to come closer .
The director immediately bowed and took a step forward .
Baili Chuan whispered into the director’s ear .
The director then looked at Jian Xiaomo . His face was extremely Pale, and his eyes were as big as copper bells . After a long time, he said with a trembling voice, “Jian Xiaomo is really young master long’s girlfriend . ”
Baili Chuan’s handsome face showed his dissatisfaction when the director dared to doubt his words . He glared at the director coldly and said, “you are doubting my words . ”
Hearing this, the director’s pupils immediately shrank, and he quickly replied, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare . How could I dare to doubt young master BAILI’S WORDS? ”
“since you don’t dare, I don’t need to teach you anymore, right? ” Baili Chuan glanced at him disdainfully, then picked up the mineral water on the table and drank it elegantly .
The director nodded repeatedly while wiping his sweat . Then, he said to the Security Guard who was pressing Jian Xiaomo down, “there is some misunderstanding . Quickly let Jian Xiaomo go . ”
When the security guard heard this, he immediately put Jian Xiaomo down .
Jian Xiaomo looked at the director with a puzzled face .
Actually, it was not just Jian Xiaomo who was puzzled . Everyone was puzzled . Didn’t they just say that Jian Xiaomo plagiarized How could the director announce that there was a misunderstanding in just a short while? Could it be that something had happened?
Just as everyone was puzzled, the director had already walked quickly to the invigilator and whispered to the invigilator . The invigilator was dumbstruck, and then symbolically re-examined the paper .
At this time, Baili Chuan came to the seat where Jian Xiaomo sat during the exam . His hand subconsciously picked up a pen and kept rotating it .
Then he said with a light tone, “why do I feel that this pen is a bit strange? ”
When the invigilator heard Baili Chuan’s words, he immediately ran over and carefully took the pen from Baili Chuan’s hand .
The next moment, the invigilator and the invigilator’s faces could not help but change, and their expressions when looking at Jian Xiaoyu became a bit ugly .
This pen had a camera .
Why was there a camera? The meaning was obvious . They wanted to know the answers on Jian Xiaomo’s test paper .
Very quickly, the results came out . Jian Xiaomo was framed, and Jian Xiaoyu was identified as the person who framed her .
The result was a big reversal .
At this moment, Jian Xiaomo didn’t understand . She was a fool . It was obvious that Baili Chuan had helped her . Besides feeling grateful to Baili Chuan, she raised her eyebrows and looked at Jian Xiaoyu .
Jian Xiaoyu looked like she had gone crazy . She was being suppressed by Ye Zhengyu . If it was not for Ye Zhengyu, Jian Xiaoyu would have rushed to the invigilator .
At this moment, seeing Jian Xiaomo looking over, Jian Xiaomo gritted her teeth and glared at Jian Xiaomo . She waved her fist at Jian Xiaoyu, looking like she wanted to tear Jian Xiaomo into pieces .

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