WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 49

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Lin Mengmeng shook off Jian Xiaomo’s hand and said, “Do you think that I have no opinions? But I think that youth is so short . I want to go crazy for once . I don’t want to wait until I’m old to reminisce . I’m full of regret . ”
There were many ways to go crazy about youth . There was no need to go out of line like this . Jian Xiaomo was really speechless and was about to pull Lin Mengmeng out .
Suddenly, the door of the private room was opened again . The manager walked in with five cowherds He smiled at Lin Mengmeng and said, “these are the most outstanding cowherds here . Whether it is their looks or their skills in bed, they are all top-notch . Please pick two out, Miss . ”
Lin Mengmeng saw the five cowherds and her eyes immediately turned red . This cowherd was really handsome . As expected, they were all peerless beauties in the capital of the emperor .
She immediately pressed Jian Xiaomo onto the SOFA and said in a commanding tone, “Xiaomo, I’m warning you today . Don’t ruin my good deed . ”
Jian Xiaomo was speechless . She wanted to see what Lin Mengmeng was going to do today . However, with her present, she would not allow Lin Mengmeng to mess around .
Lin mengmeng quickly walked in front of the five cowherds and reached out her hand to wipe this arm and touch that face . She attacked this chest and could not put it down .
Jian Xiaomo’s mouth twitched . This Lin Mengmeng was so perverted .
At this moment, she suddenly heard Lin Mengmeng say heroically, “I want all five of them . ”
Jian Xiaomo was so shocked that her mouth was wide open .
The manager was also stunned . After a long while, he said in disbelief, “Miss, are you sure you want all five of them? ” This one was very fierce, but he still wanted to keep five .
He turned around and looked at Jian Xiaomo’s thin body .
Was He sure he could take it?
Lin Mengmeng was obviously unhappy with the manager’s look . She said unhappily, “what? Are you afraid that I can’t pay? ”
The manager obviously realized it and said quickly, “No, no, Miss, you misunderstood . I’m going out now . You guys have fun . Oh right, do you want to leave two of the presidential suites upstairs? ”
Jian Xiaomo was even more shocked and stared at Lin Mengmeng with wide eyes .
Lin Mengmeng was also shocked this time and couldn’t say a word .
The manager thought that she wasn’t satisfied and the miss in front of him wanted to play a bigger game, so he added, “don’t tell me you want to get a room . ”
Jian Xiaomo couldn’t say a word . Get a room with five men and two women . Holy Sh * T, that scene Made Jian Xiaomo cover her face .
Lin Mengmeng was finally scared . She waved at the manager and said, “No need . I’ll call you when I need to get a room later . ”
“Okay, okay . Take your time, ladies . ” As she said that, she closed the door and the manager respectfully left .
Jian Xiaomo suddenly let go . She crossed her arms and looked at Lin Mengmeng with an indifferent face . She wanted to see what Lin Mengmeng wanted to play .
Lin Mengmeng laughed dryly . To be honest, she didn’t know how to play . Moreover, the bold words just now had been wasted . She was panicking now .
She quickly covered it up and smiled at Jian Xiaomo . “We called five cowherds . We can’t afford to lose money, right, Xiaomo? ” As she said that, she waved at the cowherds .
The five cowherds, wearing sexy black transparent shirts, walked over and sat down in front of Jian Xiaomo and Lin Mengmeng .
Lin Mengmeng automatically took two .

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