WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 6

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Hearing this, Jian Xiaomo was shocked . Could it be that long Chenjue was not angry? She was puzzled, but she still followed Ba Luo obediently and walked to the room next door .
As soon as she entered, Ba Luo whispered, “young master is waiting for Miss Jian inside . ” As he said that, he looked at Jian Xiaomo with a sympathetic look, and then gently closed the door .
Jian Xiaomo suddenly felt that the Butler’s expression was very strange, but she could not figure it out, so she continued to walk to the room .
As soon as she entered the suite, sure enough, long Chenjue was wearing a black nightgown and sitting Lazily on a sofa . His legs were elegantly crossed, and his slender fingers were holding a glass of red wine . He was tasting it, and his handsome face was full of arrogance and unruliness .
Jian Xiaomo was about to speak, but her eyes suddenly swept to the bed . The huge european-style bed was filled with things of different shapes . Jian Xiaomo only took a glance, and her expression suddenly changed .
It turned out that this man had asked her to come to this room because of this reason . Her body trembled, and in the next second, she ran out of the room .
She did not expect long Chenjue to be faster than her . Seeing that Jian Xiaomo was about to run away, he suddenly stood up and walked to Jian Xiaomo with his long legs . He grabbed Jian Xiaomo’s arm .
At this moment, Jian Xiaomo only had the word “run” in her mind . She quickly left the room . As soon as she saw that she was grabbed by long Chenjue, she immediately turned around and patted long Chenjue’s arm . “Let go of me . ”
Hearing this, long Chenjue’s calm face turned black instantly .
He Squeezed Jian Xiaomo’s hand even harder and said in a cold voice, “Jian Xiaomo, how dare you say that about me? ”
Long Chenjue said through gritted teeth .
This woman had challenged his patience again and again tonight . Good, very good .
Long Chenjue immediately exerted more force and Jian Xiaomo was flung fiercely onto the bed .
Jian Xiaomo was caught off guard . She was dizzy from the fall . She was about to get up when she saw long chenjue’s tall figure pressing down on her . The man’s cold and fierce aura made Jian Xiaomo tremble all over She didn’t know where Jian Xiaomo’s courage came from, but she suddenly grabbed something in her hand and smashed it at long Chenjue’s head .
“UGH… ” Long Chenjue let out a muffled GROAN and covered his head with his hand .
Jian Xiaomo instantly raised her head and saw a bloody mark on long chenjue’s forehead . A string of blood dripped down from long chenjue’s forehead .
Jian Xiaomo was so scared that she immediately threw the thing in her hand on the ground and said, “I, I didn’t do it on purpose, I didn’t… ” with a snap, an exquisite vase fell to the ground .
Meanwhile, Long Chenjue was covering his head with his hands . His deep and bottomless eyes were filled with murderous intent .
Jian Xiaomo cried in her heart . She was finished this time .
At this moment, long chenjue suddenly said in a cold voice, “get lost . ”
Hearing that, Jian Xiaomo jumped off the bed without thinking . Then, she rushed to her room .

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