WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 61

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As she spoke, she was about to tear Jian Xiaoyu’s clothes . When Jian Xiaoyu saw that the boy was about to tear her clothes, Meng ran bit down hard on the boy’s hand .
The boy let go of Jian Xiaoyu in pain and looked at the wound on his hand . In the end, he saw a few bloody teeth marks .
As soon as Jian Xiaoyu was let go, she immediately ran towards the door . As a result, she ran to the door and tried to pull it open, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not open it from the inside .
Apparently it was locked from the inside out .
Just as Jian Xiaoyu was trying her best to open the door, her hair was suddenly lifted up by someone . Jian Xiaomo could only raise her head in pain . Just as she raised her head, the boy who was chasing her reached out and slapped Jian Xiaoyu’s face The mouth scolded: “Shameless Stinky * * * * * * * * * , I think highly of you, still dare to bite me, do not see you were played by Ye Zhengyu . ” said a slap to the face of Jian Xiaoyu .
Jian Xiaoyu was suddenly hit in the ears buzzing, only feel a dizziness, and boys Meng ran to tear Jian Xiaoyu clothes .
When Jian Xiaomo recovered from her injuries and returned to school, she walked to the grassland with Lin Mengmeng . Lin Mengmeng suddenly remembered something and said to Jian Xiaomo, “Xiaomo, we are about to graduate . What do you plan to do in the future? ”
Jian Xiaomo is stunned, then opened his mouth: “Work Ah . ” In addition to work, but also how .
Lin Mengmeng Patted Jian Xiaomo and said, “you know I’m not talking about this . ”
“Then which one is it? ” Jian Xiaomo asked in surprise .
Lin Mengmeng pointed at a pair of students holding a child and taking graduation photos in the distance and said, “look at them . They have received their graduation certificate, got married, and even have a beautiful baby . They are really winners in life . ”
Then she looked at Jian Xiaomo and said, “didn’t you think of finding a good man to marry? ”
“marry? ” Jian Xiaomo’s lips suddenly curled up with a touch of bitterness . With her current status, who would want to marry her?
Lin Mengmeng looked at Jian Xiaomo who didn’t say anything and suddenly asked, “didn’t you think of it? ” As she said that, Jian Xiaomo looked at Jian Xiaomo and asked, “Jian Xiaomo, do you want to marry me? ” Jian Xiaomo took a step closer and said, “that day, Baili Chuan sent me back and told me that your relationship with long Chenjue was average . How far did the two of you go? ”

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