WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 71

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Jian Xiaomo immediately said in a cold voice: “since it’s a good marriage, isn’t Jian Xiaoyu not married yet? You can marry Jian Xiaoyu . ”
Said sarcastically looking at Jian Zongguang .
Jian Zongguang was choked and could not say a word .
Jian Xiaomo then turned to walk out, she is now a free person, she does not want to marry, their Jian family can do with her .
Jian Zongguang saw this and quickly gave boss Huang a look, meaning that this was a chance for him to show off .
Although he had objected to Jian Xiaoyu and mother Jian’s persecution of Jian Xiaomo two days ago, after hearing this plan, he also felt that Jian Xiaoyu’s plan was not bad and immediately agreed .
Although it was boss Huang’s first time seeing Jian Xiaomo, he had already fallen in love with Jian Xiaomo when he saw her pure and innocent appearance . When he heard the great news, he smiled so much that the fat on his face started to move .
He immediately understood and walked forward to Grab Jian Xiaomo’s hand .
When he touched it, his whole body trembled even more . This girl’s hand was really as smooth as silk . Her body, that taste… Tsk Tsk . When he thought about it, boss Huang’s saliva started to flow out .
Jian Xiaomo just happened to turn around and saw the saliva left by boss Huang . She was so disgusted that she almost spat it out . She said coldly, “let go of me . ”
Boss Huang was not angry at that moment . He continued to smile and said, “your second uncle has promised to marry you to me, so you are my wife . How can my wife not let my husband touch you? ” As he said that, he raised Jian Xiaomo’s hand and was about to take a bite .
Baili Chuan was about to go forward when he suddenly heard a series of heavy footsteps . Then, everyone began to stir up . He immediately crossed his arms over his chest and stood there to watch the show .
At this moment, boss Huang’s mind was on Jian Xiaomo . Of course, he did not notice the person in front of him . He only waited until his hand was fiercely grabbed by someone . Meng ran was shocked and was about to fly into a rage at the person who came . She raised her head and suddenly saw a tall figure in front of her Immediately, the anger froze on her face . Her voice trembled as she said, “young… young master long… ”
Long Chenjue stood in front of boss Huang with a cold and hard body . His eyes were cold, and his voice was bone-chilling as he said, “let go . ”
Boss Huang was stunned . Wasn’t his arm held by young master long?
Young master long should have let go .
He was confused .
Long Chenjue said in a more serious tone, “let go or not . ” His voice was fierce, and his eyes were even colder .
Cold Sweat broke out on boss Huang’s forehead . He looked at long Chenjue in surprise, then at Jian Xiaomo . Did young master long ask him to let go of the woman in front of him .
No matter what, he would give it a try . Otherwise, judging from young master long’s tone, the consequences would be very serious .
He immediately put down Jian Xiaomo tentatively .
As soon as Jian Xiaomo was put down, long Chenjue immediately let go of boss Huang . Then, he pulled Jian Xiaomo into his arms .
Boss Huang was covered in cold sweat . It turned out that Jian Xiaomo was long Chenjue’s woman . He was really lucky . He reacted quickly just now .
As he was thinking, long chenjue suddenly said to him coldly, “just now, didn’t you say that you wanted to marry the daughter of the Jian family? ”
When boss Huang heard that, his face instantly turned pale . He immediately knelt down with a thump and said, “young master long, I’m sorry . This is not my intention . It’s the Jian family’s intention . I really have no intention of stealing your woman . ”
Long Chenjue snorted coldly . Of course, no one else could steal his woman .
Who had the guts to do that .
He swept a cold glance at the people of the Jian family present .
With just one glance, all the people of the Jian family came back to their senses and trembled .
Long Chenjue suddenly said to boss Huang, “since Father Jian wants to marry his daughter to you, you naturally have to marry her . ”

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