WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 81

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This was said to Ba Luo . When Ba Luo heard this, he immediately said respectfully, “yes . ”
Ba Luo quickly went to get the scissors .
Everyone was surprised .
Soon, Ba Luo brought over the scissors .
“Cut it . ” Long Chenjue ordered Ba Luo coldly .
“Yes . ” Ba Luo cut the skirt as instructed .
At this moment, Jian Xiaomo finally understood why long Chenjue asked Ba Luo to take the skirt from Jian Xiaomo . It turned out that he was going to humiliate Jian Xiaomo .
This black-bellied man .
Jian Xiaomo was very touched because of her black-bellied man .
Jian Xiaomo’s face turned completely gray . She looked at her ten-thousand-dollar dress, which had turned into a rag in Ba Luo’s hands . She felt so heartbroken that she could hardly breathe .
It was as if ba Luo was cutting her flesh .
However, Jian Zongguang thought differently . Since young master long did not accept their gifts, it would be difficult to discuss the rest . He could not help but frown .
With a few cracking sounds, the dress was really cut into a rag . Long Chenjue said disdainfully, “I said a rag, right? ”
This time, Jian Zongguang completely reacted and quickly smiled apologetically, “yes, yes, young master long, it is indeed a rag . ”
After saying that, he stood there awkwardly .
Seeing that Jian Zongguang did not say anything, Long Chenjue said coldly, “after delivering the things, if there’s nothing else, get lost . ”
He did not have so much free time to accompany him .
Only then did Jian Zongguang react . He braced himself and said, “there’s… there’s something . ” Then he looked at Jian Xiaomo with his pleading eyes and said, “it’s for Xiao Mo’s cousin, Jian Xiaoyu . ”
As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Xiaomo coldly interrupted him, “I don’t have a cousin . ”
Jian Zongguang immediately smiled and said flatteringly, “Xiaomo, I know that Xiaoyu has let you down, but no matter what, you two are related by blood . This can’t be changed no matter what . ”
Jian Xiaomo immediately sneered . In the past, she wished that she had nothing to do with Jian Xiaomo, but now she wanted to build a relationship with Jian Xiaomo everywhere .
And it was because she had long chenjue behind her, a family that made her nauseous .
Jian Xiaomo didn’t even bother to look at Jian Zongguang .

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