WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 88

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It’s not a woman, could it be a man? Jian Xiaomo curled her lips and didn’t say anything .
Long Chenjue glared at Jian Xiaomo angrily and said, “Jian Xiaomo, other than playing with you, I haven’t played with any other woman . ”
Although these words sounded uncomfortable, Jian Xiaomo was already used to this vile man’s way of speaking . She was a little surprised that long Chenjue only had her .
She found it hard to believe .
She found it hard to believe . Long Chenjue glared at Jian Xiaomo and said, “what? Are you touched? Do you think I, Long Chenjue, am a promiscuous woman to you? ”
Promiscuous? Of course, he was referring to the cuckold he made for him yesterday .
Jian Xiaomo was already speechless .
This man would die if he said a word properly . If he insisted on saying every word, it would make her so angry that she would vomit blood .
Jian Xiaomo did not say anything, but long chenjue became complacent .
This woman was finally so touched that she could not say a word . She held Jian Xiaomo’s hand and was about to walk inside .
Jian Xiaomo was about to refuse, but long Chenjue said directly, “don’t you want to see what will happen to you, Jian Xiaoyu? ”
Hearing this, Jian Xiaomo immediately looked at long Chenjue in surprise .
Meanwhile, long Chenjue had already walked inside with Jian Xiaomo in his arms .
When the waiter saw long Chenjue, he immediately brought the two of them to a private room that had been prepared in advance .
Once Long Chenjue entered, the people sitting in the room stood up and greeted long chenjue one by one . Long Chenjue was expressionless . He sat down on a chair and waved at Jian Xiaomo .
Jian Xiaomo, on the other hand, stood there in surprise because she saw Jian Xiaoyu was also there . To be exact, Jian Xiaoyu was standing beside boss Huang, while boss Huang was sitting with two women beside him . Jian Xiaoyu was standing there She was holding a bottle of wine in her hand . It seemed that she was pouring wine for boss Huang and his woman .
Jian Xiaoyu also saw Jian Xiaomo immediately, and her face showed anger . She immediately forgot to pour wine and directly held the bottle, staring at Jian Xiaomo .
Jian Xiaomo immediately looked at Jian Xiaoyu coldly, and then walked toward long Chenjue .
As soon as she sat down, boss Huang immediately said to long chenjue respectfully, “young master long, since you are here today, I should drink to young master long . ”
As he said this, he ordered Jian Xiaoyu to pour the wine for long Chenjue .
Jian Xiaoyu heard this, and then withdrew her gaze from Jian Xiaomo . She held the wine, came to long Chenjue, and respectfully poured a glass of wine .
Seeing that Jian Xiaoyu was about to turn back, boss Huang Hurriedly said, “pour a glass of wine for Miss Jian as well . ”
Jian Xiaomo was about to say that she did not know how to drink, when long chenjue suddenly pressed down on Jian Xiaomo’s hand under the table, indicating that she should not speak .
Jian Xiaomo immediately stopped talking and looked at Jian Xiaoyu with a calm face .
Jian Xiaoyu bit her lips until they turned white, and her hands were tightly holding the bottle of wine . Jian Xiaomo knew that she was not willing to toast to her .
Jian Xiaomo immediately said, “I’m so thirsty . ”
Hearing that, Jian Xiaoyu stood still .
Boss Huang immediately understood what Jian Xiaomo meant, and immediately reprimanded Jian Xiaoyu, “Jian Xiaoyu, why don’t you pour a glass of wine for Miss Jian? ”
Jian Xiaoyu glared at Jian Xiaomo, but she didn’t dare to disobey boss Huang .
She immediately walked to Jian Xiaomo and began to pour wine for Jian Xiaomo, but under the table, she stepped on Jian Xiaomo with her foot .
Jian Xiaomo frowned in pain . She looked up at Jian Xiaoyu and Jian Xiaoyu smiled at her .

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