WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 9

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Jian Xiaomo didn’t expect Jian Xiaoyu to say that about her . A trace of grievance flashed in her eyes, but her subordinates were struggling desperately around her . “Let go, let go of me… ”
“What? You want to set up a memorial arch after pawning it? ” The man saw Jian Xiaomo’s struggle, and his first reaction was that Jian Xiaomo looked down on him . Then, he reached out and slapped Jian Xiaomo on the face .
The burning pain instantly spread throughout Jian Xiaomo’s body .
At this time, someone next to her heard the commotion and walked over . Seeing the three people who were pulling together, they began to point and point .
“What’s going on? Why did you hit her? Should we call the police? ”
“Sigh, this man doesn’t have any taste . How could he do such a thing? He’s really scum . ”
“What are you looking at? She’s my girlfriend . What’s wrong with me hitting her? ” When the man heard the people around him pointing and pointing, he immediately began to refute the people around him .
“No, I’m not this person’s girlfriend . He was just with this woman . How could she be my boyfriend? Please help me call the police . ”
Just then, the airport security saw a large group of people gathered here and immediately came forward to check . Jian Xiaoyu saw this scene and quietly poked the man’s shoulder, then pointed at the uniformed personnel who came over She then pulled the man and quickly left .
Jian Xiaomo, who had gotten rid of Jian Xiaoyu, immediately felt relieved . Then, she took the airport bus to the school gate and immediately took out her phone to call Lin Mengmeng .
Lin Mengmeng was anxiously waiting for Jian Xiaomo . When she saw Jian Xiaomo calling, she immediately picked up the phone and said, “Xiaomo, where are you? ”
“I’m at the school gate, ” Jian Xiaomo said with the cell phone in her hand .
“Okay, wait for me . ” After saying that, Lin Mengmeng quickly hung up the phone .
Jian Xiaomo immediately put away the phone . When she reached the school gate, Lin Mengmeng had also arrived . Lin Mengmeng ran so fast that she was covered in sweat . She held Jian Xiaomo’s hand and said, “let’s go to the coffee shop next door and talk . ”
As she said that, she grabbed Jian Xiaomo’s hand and dragged Jian Xiaomo to the coffee shop .
The two of them ordered a cup of coffee casually . Jian Xiaomo grabbed Lin Mengmeng and asked, “Mengmeng, what exactly happened? ” Looking at Lin Mengmeng’s anxious expression, Jian Xiaomo asked .
Lin Mengmeng did not answer Jian Xiaomo . Instead, she turned on the phone in her hand and quickly flipped through it .
Jian xiaomo looked at Lin Mengmeng in shock, not knowing what Lin Mengmeng was going to do .
Lin Mengmeng flipped through it a few times and handed the phone to Jian Xiaomo . Jian Xiaomo only took a glance at it, and it was as if she was struck by lightning .
What Lin Mengmeng showed her were all photos of her . The men on the photos were all mosaic, but her photos were very clear and posted on the school forum .
And these people, to be honest, were very good at taking photos . They chose good angles, and all of them took photos of her and the men’s behavior .
They made it so obvious and even posted it on the school forum . The intention was very obvious . Someone wanted to make fun of her .
Jian Xiaomo’s first reaction was to pull Lin Mengmeng and explain angrily, “Mengmeng, I didn’t do this . ” She was just going there purely, and there was no deal that couldn’t be seen .

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