WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 98

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Jian Xiaomo immediately said, “Long Chenjue, what are you going to do? ”
“The FIANC? and his wife are flirting here . Jian Xiaomo, are you going to be a third wheel? ” Long Chenjue said .
Jian Xiaomo was silent . She was silent . Long chenjue carried Jian Xiaomo out of the house in an overbearing manner . Before he left, he even gave Fang Ziqian a warning look .
He meant that he would try to provoke long Chenjue’s woman in the future .
Outside, Jian Xiaomo was forced into the car by long Chenjue and the car drove straight to the manor .
Long chenjue carried Jian Xiaomo all the way and was about to go upstairs .
Jian Xiaomo immediately sensed that something was wrong and said, “Long Chenjue, why are you taking me there? ”
“To do what needs to be done, ” Long Chenjue said ambiguously .
Hearing that, Jian Xiaomo’s face immediately turned red . Taking her to the bedroom, what else could she do besides what she could do .
No, she couldn’t go to the bedroom no matter what .
Jian Xiaomo immediately found an excuse and said, “Long Chenjue, I’m a little hungry . ” As she said that, she touched her belly .
Long chenjue glanced at Jian Xiaomo’s belly and obviously didn’t believe it . “Really Hungry? ”
Jian Xiaomo was stunned . What did he mean .
Long chenjue raised his eyebrows and said, “do you want me to feed you on the bed now? ”
Jian Xiaomo was stunned and immediately shook her head .
Long chenjue hooked Jian Xiaomo’s nose lovingly and said, “woman, you’re not qualified to play with me . ” As he said that, he carried Jian Xiaomo and walked to the wardrobe .
It turned out that he was not taking her to the bedroom, but to try on clothes .
When the two of them arrived at the wardrobe, Jian Xiaomo could not help but look at long Chenjue in surprise and said, “Long Chenjue, where are you taking me? ” If it was not for taking her to an important banquet, long chenjue usually would not take her to change into formal clothes .
Jian Xiaomo hated attending banquets the most . Moreover, after long Chenjue’s outburst at the banquet the last time, Jian Xiaomo was even more terrified at the mention of banquets .
Long Chenjue crossed his arms over his chest, his slender figure leaning against the door and said, “it’s up to you whether you want to change or not . Anyway, you are the main character in today’s banquet . ”
“I’m the main character? ” Jian Xiaomo walked over with a blank look on her face . She asked, “what kind of party? ”
Long Chenjue did not answer her . He just looked at the expensive watch in his hand and said, “there’s only half an hour left . We still have to drive for twenty minutes on the road . That means, Jian Xiaomo, you only have ten minutes to change . ”
As Long Chenjue said that, his deep eyes stared at Jian Xiaomo .
“Ten minutes? ” Jian Xiaomo stared at long Chenjue . In the next moment, she quickly went to change .
When she stood in front of Long Chenjue in a sea-blue evening dress, long Chenjue could not take his eyes off her . Jian Xiaomo was originally fair and beautiful . When she wore sea-blue, her skin looked like snow and she was extremely beautiful .
Looking up, long chenjue frowned . Jian Xiaomo’s neck was so beautiful, but it was exposed . Seeing it, many people couldn’t take their eyes off her .
He quickly walked to the wardrobe and took out a silk scarf to wrap around Jian Xiaomo .
Jian Xiaomo immediately protested, “it’s summer now, it’s too hot to wear a scarf . ” As she said that, she was about to take off the scarf .
Long Chenjue pressed his hand on it tyrannically and said, “I’ll ask the staff there to adjust the temperature to a suitable temperature . ”
“But… ” Jian Xiaomo still didn’t want to wear a scarf .
If she wore a scarf on a hot day, she would be laughed at if she went out .
Long Chenjue finally said impatiently, “Jian Xiaomo, what do you mean? Do you know how beautiful you are? If you go out with a bare neck like this, I don’t know how many perverts will stare at you . ”

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