Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 3

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Thanks! Mu Xiaoxiao was so focused on finding Yin Shaojie that she wanted to leave after thanking him .
The driver shouted immediately, Eh, eh! You havent paid me?
Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned momentarily before realizing it . How much is the fare?
She ransacked her entire purse but discovered that she only had American money and not a single Chinese yuan .
48 yuan, the driver said . While she was busy searching for money, he ogled at her chest again .
Oh, and I forgot to mention this, but Mu Xiaoxiao was originally wearing a jacket before her return . However, due to the hot weather, she took it off .
Then… even though she was only sixteen years old, her bosom was more voluminous than those of other girls .
Mu Xiaoxiao really couldnt find any Chinese yuan . Not only did she not have 48 yuan, but she also did not have a single Chinese yuan on her .
With an embarrassed look, she asked the driver, Um… do you accept American money? Ive just come back to the country and havent had the chance to change it to Chinese yuan . Theyre all I have on me .
No American money . I only want Chinese yuan . Hurry up and give it, the drivers face darkened as he rejected her .
But I dont have Chinese yuan . What do you want me to do? Just then, Mu Xiaoxiao had a sudden stroke of inspiration and got an idea . She smiled and wheedled the driver, How about this—Ill go in and find my friend for some money and come out to give it to you, alright?
The driver complained, No way! Who knows if you will come out after you go in .
Mu Xiaoxiao felt trapped . Then what am I supposed to do? I only have American money on me .
With all options exhausted, she really didnt know what else to do .
Oh yeah, hang on, let me call my friend to come out and hand me money, is that okay? Mu Xiaoxiao thought that she was really smart for coming up with this idea, and she dialed Yin Shaojies number .
However, that jerk wasnt picking up!
Furious, Mu Xiaoxiaos delicate face fell . She dialed again but with no success .

That hateful Yin Shaojie, that jerk! Youll regret this! She almost smashed her phone in anger .
She was thinking of using her phone as collateral, but what if she couldnt find Yin Shaojie in the bar? Her phone would come in handy, so she couldnt give it to the driver .
Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the driver . Batting her eyelashes coyly, she said, Uncle Driver, can you give me some leeway? Im really not a bad guy; I just came back from America and dont have any Chinese yuan; its true . Im going to the bar to look for my friend—let me look for him inside . Once I find him, Ill give you the money, alright? If not, you can come in with me too!
No way! I cant go around wasting time with you . Hurry up and give me the fare; Im running a business here, the driver declared with any compassion .
Mu Xiaoxiao was at a loss .
Just then, the driver leered at her chest again . In a low voice, he said, However, you can use something else as collateral for the fare .
What is it? Not my phone; I still need it to contact my friend, Mu Xiaoxiao said, Moreover, her phone was of the latest model and cost several thousand yuan—how could she use it as collateral?
No… thats… let me fondle your breasts, the driver finally said, revealing his intentions .
Mu Xiaoxiao realized only then that this middle-aged man had been leering at her chest .
Instantly, her blood boiled with rage . You pervert!

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