Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 4

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Just a feel for 48 yuan—its a great deal for you .
Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him . 48 yuan? Then you can go to h*ll!
Her mind spoken, Mu Xiaoxiao got out of the taxi, its door opened a while ago . Ignoring the drivers shouts from behind her, her petite frame hurried into the bar .
Before she could enter, the bouncer at the entrance blocked her way . Little girl, are you of age yet?
Im looking for Yin Shaojie! Mu Xiaoxiao yelled . The driver was nearing, and she was becoming anxious . Ignoring the bouncers obstruction, she ducked under his arm to enter .
The bouncer, upon hearing that she was looking for Young Master Jie, didnt dare to block her any further and let her go in .
When the driver was about to rush in, the bouncer even helped her block his advance .
No entry allowed!
Why cant I enter? That wretch owes me money—Im going in to catch her! Get out of my way!
Hmph, I dont give a f*ck who owes you money . This bar only admits hunks and beauties—old man, youre so old; youre not a part of this crowd . Go elsewhere .
This bar is pretty big .
Mu Xiaoxiao was lost momentarily and had to ask someone for directions before she knew where booth 201 was .
Although she had seen bars being portrayed in movies, she had never been in one before . She had never imagined that bars would be so noisy in real life .
Why are there so many people? Her smooth forehead wrinkled as the music made her ears ache .
Finally, she found booth 201 . Pushing the door in, she entered .
Yin Shaojie! She hollered ferociously, placing her hands on her hips .
Immediately, all eyes in the booth turned towards her . A woman with a lot of makeup on sashayed towards her . With a disapproving tone, she said, Who are you? Dont think that you can get Young Master Jies attention just by daring to speak his name like that! Little girl, youre too naive .

Han Yuner moved closer, and Mu Xiaoxiao choked on her pungent perfume . Wrinkling her nose, she took a few steps back and ordered, Stop coming closer!
Yin Shaojies assistant walked over and smiled at Mu Xiaoxiao as he said, Youre looking for Young Master Jie? Hes in the restroom and will be back soon .
Han Yuner was annoyed with Mu Xiaoxiao . Scrutinizing her from head-to-toe, Han Yuner gaze naturally fell upon her large bosom and gave an irritated harrumph .
Dont tell me that youre Young Master Jies latest girlfriend? So its because he took an interest in you that he dumped me? Youve got nothing on me except your large boobs .
This statement made all the boys in the booth to crack-up .
Comparing the two girls, of course Mu Xiaoxiao was more beautiful . Han Yuners prettiness was drawn out through make-up, but Mu Xiaoxiaos beauty was genetic . Her eyes were especially lovely—people instantly took a fancy to her sparkling, dark round eyes that resembled the color of black grapes at first glance .
A natural beauty versus an artificial one .
The winner was obvious .
However, Han Yuner had really thick skin and thought that she was an absolute beauty as the most beautiful girl in Second High .
It had never crossed her mind that if she wasnt Young Master Jies girlfriend, she would never have been voted the new school beauty .
Mu Xiaoxiaos face darkened . She hated it when people said that she had an ample bosom!
In America, where the girls possessed full chests, her breasts were not considered big . But back home, there was always someone who commented on the size of her chest .
She snapped at Han Yuner, Can you shut up? Im not here for you; what are you babbling for?

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