Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 48

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Xiaoxiao, how did you become so corrupted?!
Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao jolted, and her eyes reddened .
She was already feeling indignant from being misunderstood by Lu Yichen, but she could let go of that . However, who knew that even Yin Shaojie would misunderstand her as well . It made her feel even more aggrieved .
Tears quickly pooled in her eyes and slid down her rosy cheeks in big globs .
Seeing her cry so suddenly, Yin Shaojie froze .
Shaojie you b*stard! Im never speaking to you ever again! Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him fiercely and then howled as she sobbed and ran out of the room .
Yin Shaojie curled his fists up into balls, looking upset .
Behind him, the Principal looked at him hesitantly . Carefully, he asked, Young Master Jie, then what should I…
Shut up! Turning around in anger, Yin Shaojie roared
He cursed under his breath and hurried after her . Xiaoxiao —
Even though he had only delayed for a few seconds before running out of the office, there was already no sign of Mu Xiaoxiao .
Chagrined, Yin Shaojie felt like beating someone up . He rushed down the stairs to chase her .
Little did he know that Mu Xiaoxiao was actually hiding in the corner of the stairs . As he ran over, his shadow had flitted across where she was, but because she was hidden in the dark, he hadnt noticed her .
Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her head and saw him, but she buried it back between her knees in fury .
Yin Shaojie you a**hole!
You blockhead!
Tears leaped out of her eyes again . Squatting there, she tried to suppress her whimpers and sobbed silently .
She had forgotten how long it had been since weeping like this . Since she was young, she had been the treasured baby of the family and was even pampered when she was with the Yin family . She had not suffered so much indignation before .

Also, from when they were young till now, Yin Shaojie, that jerk, had never chastised her so severely .
Above all, how could he have misunderstood her like that?
She had obviously never thought that way!
She was only admiring Lu Yichen . She had never thought of chasing him, and even more so, she had never wanted to snatch him away from his girlfriend .
Yet, that b*stard, Yin Shaojie, dared to accuse her of that…
Mu Xiaoxiao got angrier and angrier and more and more indignant the more she thought about it .
Crying non-stop, she lost all sense of time . Her eyes felt uncomfortable, and her legs were numb .
Just then, a pair of long legs appeared in front of her tear-stained vision .
Mu Xiaoxiao…
She lifted her head in shock .
For a moment, she was elated . She thought that Yin Shaojie had finally come to his senses and turned back to look for her . She had not imagined that Lu Yichen would be the one standing in front of her .
Mu Xiaoxiao froze as she realized she had recognized the wrong person . She lifted her eyes, bright red from crying, and gazed at him dully, looking very pitiable .
Lu Yichen studied her as she was squatting in the corner crying . His normally calm and steady pupils shivered .
Are… are you alright? he asked in a low voice as he walked over . Facing her, he squatted as well and leveled his gaze to hers .
She had wept pathetically until her eyes were swollen and red, looking like a little rabbit that had been wronged .
This scene was etched into Lu Yichens memory .
He would remember for a long time how Mu Xiaoxiao had gazed upon him with her swollen red eyes with remarkable clarity .
Mu Xiaoxiao returned to her senses from her previous confusion . Feeling embarrassed, she wiped off her tears with the back of her hand, not wanting him to see her in such a mess .
You… how did you know that I was here? Her voice was hoarse from crying .

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