Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 49

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Hearing her voice, Lu Yichen frowned . Have you been crying? he asked .
Mu Xiaoxiao took a few deep breaths before she calmed down . Wiping her tears, she stood .
You… Subconsciously, she wanted to ask if he had sought her out specifically . However, she thought that it was highly impossible and that he had probably passed by and seen her crying coincidentally .
Lu Yichen seemed to know what she was thinking . I only guessed, but it looks like you really came to meet with the Principal . What happened? Do you mind telling me about it? he asked in a calm tone .
His gaze was different from earlier in the morning . It had lost its coldness and was even replaced with some concern .
Mu Xiaoxiao was astonished and pleasantly surprised . Looking at him, she said, You… Did you seek me out specifically?
Yeah, Lu Yichen admitted openly .
Mu Xiaoxiao remembered the incident earlier, and bowing her head in guilt, she apologized, Sorry… I wasnt successful just now . I wanted the Principal to rehire the security guard, but…
She hadnt known that Yin Shaojie would appear and strongly forbid the Principal from helping her out .
Lu Yichen looked at her for a while and replied, Its fine; its not your fault .
Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him . But…
This is my fault; Im sorry . I shouldnt have said those things to you, Lu Yichen said, apologizing seriously .
Mu Xiaoxiao wanted to say that she was at fault too, but remembering how adamant Yin Shaojie had been, she felt that she might not be able to change his mind . Thus, she thought that it would be better if Lu Yichen did not know that she was related to Yin Shaojie .
That… Lets not stand here anymore; lets leave, Mu Xiaoxiao suggested .
At first, she had looked forward to Yin Shaojie coming back to look for her, but now that Lu Yichen was here, she was afraid that Yin Shaojie would find her here, for it would be disastrous if both guys were to come into contact with each other here .
Oh right, didnt Yin Shaojie mention that he had some beef with Lu Yichen?
Thus, Mu Xiaoxiao wanted to leave this place first .

Yeah, lets go, or we might get caught by a passing teacher, Lu Yichen replied as he led her out of the corner .
Both of them sat in the empty hallway .
Because classes were going on, there was no one around them, making the place cold and cheerless .
He asked her, Do you want to go back to class?
Mu Xiaoxiao thought about it and shook her head . No, I dont want to go back .
Even if she couldnt see it, she could guess that her eyes were red from crying . If she had gone back to class, Yu Zhe would have pestered her to tell him what had happened if he had seen the state she was in, and it would also rouse her other classmates curiosity . Thus, to avoid unnecessary speculation, she decided it would be better to not go back .
She was about to tell him not to bother with her and go back to class, as she assumed that as a top student, wouldnt he dislike missing classes?
Yet, surprisingly, Lu Yichen said to her, Where do you want to go? Ill accompany you there .
Slightly astonished and dumbfounded, Mu Xiaoxiao stared at him . Accompany me? But then you… arent going to attend classes?
Lu Yichen smiled weakly . Im not going . Sometimes, I dont like to attend class . Is that weird?
Mu Xiaoxiao wanted to say that it was but quickly shook her head . No, its not weird at all!
For students, not liking to attend classes was normal, so it would then be weird if students actually liked going to classes .
Then where are we going? she asked .
Even though the school was quite large, they were bound to attract attention if they walked around here .
Do you want to go somewhere outside school? he asked . Surprisingly, his deep dark eyes twinkled with mischief .

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