Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 54

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Brother Shaojie… Bai Meijiao looked at him plaintively with a pitiful gaze .
Scram! Yin Shaojie shouted with no hint of tenderness, his gaze now horrific . The witnesses around him shrunk back in terror .
This included the coy Bai Meijiao, who became terrified immediately .
So what you meant just now was… youre breaking up with me? she asked in a daze as though she had to clear all doubt before she agreed to believe that that was the truth .
Yin Shaojie said icily, Yes . From today onwards, you are not Yin Shaojies girlfriend anymore .
Bai Meijiao staggered and almost fell .
However, she noticed that he wasnt looking at her anymore as though it was not his concern whether she was dead or alive at all .
It was hard to accept the truth . Why, oh why was he so heartless?
She had heard before that Young Master Jie was not a devoted man — when he was dating someone, he would be really sweet to her, but once he broke up with her, he would be cold and heartless, and the thought of him giving a d*mn about her on the basis of their past relationship was impossible .
Yet… Yet… She had thought that she had been different!
Yin Shaojies words shocked Bai Meijiao like a bolt from the blue .
However, to the other girls, this news was wonderful!
It was especially so for the girls of this class, for not one of them did not fight tooth and nail to get into this class to get close to Young Master Jie . As the saying goes, the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first, and the girls proximity with the influential Young Master Jie would mean that they were the first to benefit from him .
Things were awesome now that Young Master Jie was single again . Every one of them had the chance to be his girlfriend now .
Thus, they treated Bai Meijiao with no compassion and shouted for her to get out .
Why are you so shameless? Young Master Jie has already told you to leave, and youre still standing there so brazenly trying to latch onto him . Hurry up and get out, and dont step foot in our class ever again .
I know, right? Dont you see that Young Master Jie cant be bothered with you anymore? Who do you think you are? Hurry up and scram . Stop blocking Young Master Jies view .

Bai Meijiaos face turned paler .
Never had she suffered such humiliation!
Since the day she entered Shangde, her prettiness, combined with coincidence, had quickly propelled her to become Young Master Jies girlfriend and the latest school beauty . Shangde had an unspoken rule that whoever became Young Master Jies girlfriend was by default the schools beauty queen .
She had always basked in this honor and felt that she was the only one to be loved out of his entire harem of girls .
However, her status plummeted from how elevated it had been before .
Bai Meijiao, after all, was only a sixteen-year-old girl . Unable to withstand the girls cutting words, she ran out while crying .
Yin Shaojie didnt even glance at her, but he swept his eyes over the crowd before him coldly . Everyone shut up immediately .
His heart was uneasy now, and it was an unspeakable uneasiness .
However, he didnt know its reason .
He couldnt help but think that he should look for Mu Xiaoxiao personally instead .
Even though the one at fault was her, he had room to be magnanimous and did not want to argue with her any longer . Anyway, when they were at loggerheads with each other as kids, he had given in to her more than once already; to do so once more wouldnt matter .
At this thought, he prepared to get up, but Wu Hao had already returned, rushing over in a hurry . Before he had even collected his breath, he blurted, Young Master Jie, the person youre looking for isnt in class . Ive asked her classmates, and they said that she had gone out after first period and never returned .
Yin Shaojies gaze turned severe . What did you say? She didnt go back to class?! Where did she go?

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