Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 53

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She calculated that when Wu Hao came back from buying the drinks, it would be almost time for class .
Wu Hao added ingratiatingly, But of course . Sister-in-law, a single command of yours trumps ten of those from another persons .
Good . Now get going .
Im on it!
Seeing that Wu Hao had gone far in the direction of the grocery store, Bai Meijiao then turned her gaze away smugly, twisting her little waist as she strolled towards Year Twos Class S .
Brother Shaojie . Once in the door, she walked towards Yin Shaojie coyly .
The table beside Yin Shaojies had always been left empty specifically for the girls who came to visit him .
Bai Meijiao sat in the chair beside him and wrapped her slender hands around Yin Shaojies arm, sticking to him like a coquettish little pet .
She waited for a long while, but Yin Shaojie did not reply . It was then that she realized that the atmosphere in the class was weird . Lifting her head up, she was shocked that Yin Shaojies handsome face was shrouded in coldness .
Brother Shaojie, whats wrong? Who made you angry? she asked, putting on a face of concern .
Yin Shaojie was already irritated, and seeing that she was here, his irritation increased .
Why are you here? he asked coldly . He pushed her leaning form off of him, not allowing her to wrap herself around him as though she was boneless .
I missed you . Bai Meijiao batted her eyelashes and acted cute .
However, Yin Shaojie ignored her as though his thoughts were claimed by something else .
Bai Meijiao was displeased but did not dare to show it . Her sixth sense told her that Yin Shaojie was currently thinking about the woman named Mu Xiaoxiao .
A while later, Wu Hao arrived from buying the drinks . Huffing at the door with a bottle in each hand, he walked over to them .
Young Master Jie, your drink, he said, placing the bottles in front of them .
Yin Shaojies face turned ashen . His gaze moved from the drinks to Wu Haos face, and in a tone that suggested he was clenching his teeth, asked, Did I order you to get drinks?

Wu Hao quickly turned towards Bai Meijiao .
Bai Meijiao leaned onto Yin Shaojies body coyly again, and while smiling femininely, she said, I was the one who asked him to get drinks; I wanted to take care of you and was scared that you might be thirsty .
For half a second, the air felt like something cold had mysteriously frozen it .
Suddenly, Yin Shaojie pushed Bai Meijiao away roughly . His eyes swept across her coldly, and in a ruthless voice, he roared, Scram! Disappear from my sight . I dont want to see you ever again!
Bai Meijiao, shocked and dumbfounded, stared at him as though she had never imagined that he would ever be so furious . It took a while for her to regain her senses before she said obsequiously, Brother Shaojie… W-what do you mean? Dont be angry anymore . I know its my fault, so dont chase me away…
She put on a pitiful face as she said this, her eyes wet with tears as though she would cry if his tone was harsher .
When girls gave made such an expression, they were waiting for the guy to coax them out of it .
However, she had miscalculated . Yin Shaojie was in a bad mood right now and was especially not in the mood to coax her .
Yin Shaojie never coaxed women, and the woman in front of him would not be an exception .
Dont make me say it twice! he bellowed coldly . His gaze landed onto Wu Hao, and he asked, Have you done what I asked of you just now?
N-not yet… Wu Hao trembled before his gaze .
His reflexes were quicker than Bai Meijiaos, and he said hastily, Young Master Jie, please dont be angry . Ill go now, right now!
Then, he scurried out .

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