Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 81

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No way, youre having porridge . Choose between porridge with century egg and lean meat or sliced fish . Im giving you five seconds . Hurry up and make your choice, Yin Shaojie said assertively, not giving her a chance to throw a tantrum .
Mu Xiaoxiao said helplessly, Then Ill take the porridge with century egg and lean meat then… Can you add something else though? For example, a strawberry cake or something… Please, pretty please!
Yin Shaojie swept a glace across her before turning away to dial a number .
Mu Xiaoxiao couldnt hear what he was saying and stood at her original spot gloomily .
How long do we have to wait before the food arrives? She studied the night sky . The dark sky was studded full of dazzling stars and looked very pretty . Looking at this made her mood better, but her stomach was still growling with hunger .
He replied, It shouldnt be long . Lets find somewhere to sit .
Luckily, there was grass all around, so there were many places that they could sit .
Mu Xiaoxiao scrunched up her face and said, Are there any bugs here?
Of course, there are many . There are even snakes . I dont think you should sit; youre better off standing up . Yin Shaojie smiled sinisterly and pretended to scare her .
Humph! Mu Xiaoxiao glared at him before sitting down beside him . Im a girl . Isnt it normal for me to be scared of bugs and stuff?
However, she knew that Yin Shaojie probably didnt see her as a girl . If not, he wouldnt have ridiculed her constantly or treated her with no gentleness or thoughtfulness .
Luckily, they didnt have to wait long before someone came over with food .
As the person was about to leave after putting their food down, Yin Shaojie called to him suddenly and said, You, wait .
Yes, Young Master Jie?
Yin Shaojies bottom lips curled . Take off your jacket and give it to me, he ordered .
Ah? The person was stunned, but not daring to disobey, he took his jacket off awkwardly and handed it over .
You may leave now . Yin Shaojie dismissed his underling .

Uh, okay… The person left .
Yin Shaojie threw the jacket in his hand over to Mu Xiaoxiao, his face showing a youre so troublesome look . Use this as a mat to sit on, he said with mock resentment .
Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled . Picking up the jacket, she spread it out on the grass and sat on it .
Now, she didnt have to worry about getting bitten by bugs anymore .
Opening the plastic bag, Mu Xiaoxiao could smell the fragrance of food . Her eyes lit up suddenly . It smells like fried chicken!
She was extremely delighted . Rummaging through the bag, she found a paper box of fried chicken and reached out to grab it .
Smack! Yin Shaojie slapped her hand away . Looking at her with a severe gaze, he said, Didnt I say that youre not allowed to have this? Eat your porridge!
He pulled out some porridge from another bag as he said this and handed it over to her .
Holding on to the porridge, Mu Xiaoxiaos face scrunched up, looking like a little dumpling . Boohoo… I want to eat fried chicken .
He had gone too far!
He didnt let her eat it but had bought it for himself . Was he trying to taunt her by making her watch as he ate it?
Hurry up and eat . Didnt you say you were hungry? Yin Shaojie propped up a leg and rested his hand on his knee, looking devilishly handsome in the pose . He then grabbed a piece of fried chicken to eat .
Mu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips . Helpless, she could only open the lid of her container and started eating her porridge .
After eating half of it, she felt a little full and put the container down . However, her eyes were glued onto the fried chicken in Yin Shaojies hand . Her mouth flooded with so much saliva that she had so swallow it .
Amused, Yin Shaojie looked at her . His dark, obsidian eyes glimmered deviously as he dangled the fried chicken from his hand . Wanna have some?

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