Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 80

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The mountain was cool at night, and the air was fresh . It was really comfortable when the night breeze brushed across their cheeks .
Mu Xiaoxiao looked drowsy as her head snuggled against Yin Shaojies back .
After a walking for a while, Yin Shaojies handsome face turned to the side, and he asked, Feeling better?
Close-eyed, Mu Xiaoxiao was enjoying herself . Her lips turned back to pink, and pursing them together, she nodded against her back .
Yin Shaojie stopped at the edge of the mountain .
Realizing this, Mu Xiaoxiao opened her eyes and saw bright lights resplendent in the night scenery below . There was nothing more beautiful that could be imagined .
Its beautiful, she mumbled softly . If she was her usual self, she would have already whooped from delight, but she was really languid now from discomfort and couldnt muster any energy to shout .
Yin Shaojie looked up . It was really dark there, and there was nowhere else to go .
Should we go back? You puked everything out just now; want to eat something?
Just as he finished his sentence…
Mu Xiaoxiaos stomach growled awkwardly right then, against his back .
She blushed . I think Im a little hungry… but I dont want to leave yet .
The scenery here was beautiful, and the breeze was really nice . She couldnt bear to leave .
And of course, Yin Shaojies warm back was really comfortable .
She wanted to stay like this a little longer .
Yin Shaojie couldnt help but laugh from listening to her words . What should he do with her childlike request?
He thought for a while before saying, How about this: Ill ask someone to do down the mountain to get some food for us to eat here . We can finish eating here before leaving .
Yeah, yeah! Mu Xiaoxiao nodded her head hurriedly .
Yin Shaojie turned his head to glance at her . Since youre feeling better now, do you want to come down? Youre heavy .

Mu Xiaoxiao huffed and hit his back . Youre the heavy one! Im super light!
He laughed mockingly and said, You call yourself light? Mu Xiaoxiao, do you know that youre about to turn into a fat little pig? Did you pig out on burgers and fries in America every day?
Youre the fat little pig! No, wait, youre a big fat pig! She thrashed around on top but refused to come down, and she even circled her arms around his neck to threaten him .
With her thrashing around and sprawling back on him again, Yin Shaojie could suddenly feel two soft things against his back .
He already knew what they were without even thinking . Yin Shaojies handsome face was unnaturally red .
He gave an embarrassed cough and said, Xiaoxiao, get down if youre feeling alright now .
No! I dont want to come down . She threw a little fit .
Yin Shaojie didnt know whether to laugh or cry . How am I supposed to call someone to get food with you like this? Youll have to starve then .
Mu Xiaoxiao pouted in displeasure . Am I really that heavy?
She had always thought herself slender, but self-doubt began to creep in when she heard him say that .
For the sake of food, she climbed down from his back
Yin Shaojie thought of the two soft blobs, and his gaze couldnt help but land on her chest . Once he realized that, he looked away awkwardly and pretended to admire the scenery as he dialed someone .
Xiaoxiao, what do you want to eat?
Fried drumsticks! Barbecued wings! And ice cream! Mu Xiaoxiao ordered happily .
Yin Shaojie couldnt help but roll his eyes at her . Knocking her little head with a curled finger, he said, Youve vomited so badly already, and you still want to eat such things? No way . Im buying porridge . What type of porridge do you want?
Mu Xiaoxiao pouted and said, But I wanna eat those…

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