Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 91

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Since she had already fallen asleep, he might as well…
Yin Shaojies impulse tempted him like the cries of a demon as he eventually caved into it . He lowered his head, and he could smell the scent of a young woman coming from her, a scent so pure and pleasant .
She was unlike other girls whose bodies always carried the smell of perfume or other cosmetics, which were all made from artificial fragrant essences . He had always disliked those smells .
However, Mu Xiaoxiao was different . Her body carried a natural fragrance that made one feel very comfortable .
Suddenly, he remembered that when she was young, her body always carried the smell of milk . It was especially pleasant and always tempted him to stay close to her .
At that time, the wretch used to be very clingy .
It was about the time that she just learned to walk . She would walk like a penguin, swaying side to side .
She would hold her milk bottle with one hand and tug onto his shirt with the other hand, always walking behind him .
No matter where he went, she would act like a copycat, following him .
As Yin Shaojie recalled his childhood, he couldnt help but smile . He felt intimacy in the air and grew the urge to get close to her .
At this moment, Mu Xiaoxiao appeared unimaginably lovable—her delicate face looked naive and innocent, and it was as if she could just be bullied into anything .
This wretch has never looked so lovable before .
She was just like a cute little pet, extremely lovable .
This was the trigger that spurred the demon inside him .
Yin Shaojie had always been one to get whatever he desired . Hence, when the thought floated into his mind, he did not hesitate .
A strange current stirred in his heart .
What was that feeling?
Yin Shaojie couldnt describe it . It felt like something had shot him in the heart . He felt soft, numb, and warm .
That was a feeling he had never experienced .
His focus gradually returned to reality .
Looking up, he gazed at her, and she was oblivious to everything and still sleeping soundly .
Yin Shaojie chuckled a little, realizing that she was slightly cruel .
He was stirred up by her . His heart was rolling with unprecedented sentiments and beating so quickly that it might just explode .
But on the other hand, she was sleeping soundly, oblivious to everything . It was cruel for him to look .
He reached out to rub the tip of her nose .
Oh, no…
It didnt seem so .
Not knowing whether it was just his delusion, but he had a vague feeling that her heartbeat was also speeding up .
Yin Shaojie was strangely pleased by the thought, and the corner of his lips curled up even more .
He lowered his head . His exceptionally handsome face drew close to her, and he could see her long, curly eyelashes clearly . Their breaths encircled as if they were breathing the same air .

Even their heartbeats seemed to have fallen into synchrony .
It was an intimate, delicate feeling .
But Yin Shaojie really liked it and was incredibly fond of it .
He felt as if this was the way they should be, just like when they were young . They were inseparable . Even if they had quarreled, they would have made up quickly and gotten together again .
Though he had been used to the wretchs looks, since they were childhood friends, it was only on this day that he had found himself seriously scrutinizing her facial features .
So, this wretch actually looks really pretty . Her eyelashes are long and curly, her nose is well-defined, and her face is like a peeled egg, exquisitely fair .
His gaze circled around and finally landed upon her lips .

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