Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 92

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Thinking of the sweetness he just tasted, Yin Shaojie couldnt refrain from feeling restless . He couldnt help but move closer and lightly peck her lips, but it wasnt as thorough as he had done previously .
Seeing Mu Xiaoxiaos eyelashes flutter like a butterfly before it took flight, he was suddenly caught by surprise . He raised his head immediately in a stiff motion, shifted away from her to the other side of the bed, and conveniently laid there, pretending to be resting .
Unexpectedly, Mu Xiaoxiao was not sleeping—her small hand grabbed onto his shirt, her head drawing closer and digging into his chest . Then, she fell asleep again .
Yin Shaojie looked down at her expression as she slept . He looked awkward and was unsure whether to laugh or cry .
But, it was all good as long as he was not found out .
He paused for a moment and reached out his hand to wrap around her slender waist . Slightly lowering his head and planting his tall nose on her neck, he breathed in her bodily fragrance .
Which shower gel does this wretch use . Her body smells so good .
. . .
The next day .
Mu Xiaoxiao woke up to a splitting headache and rolled unbearably on the bed .
My head hurts… this sucks!
Her head felt as if it was going to explode . She could hardly endure the pain as tears squeezed from the corner of her eyes . She looked very pitiful .
As Yin Shaojie walked over to the bed with a glass in hand, he clicked his tongue and pulled her up with his long arms .
Do you know what pain is now? Drink this . Itll get better .
Mu Xiaoxiao obediently leaned on his arm and drank it . Then, she grimaced with disgust . This drink sucks!
When Yin Shaojie saw that she had finished the drink, he let go of her, leaving the glass at the bedside cabinet . Then, out of nowhere, he popped out a lollipop and stuffed it into her mouth .
The sweetness of the strawberry flavor took over the bitterness, and Mu Xiaoxiao started to look more relaxed .
Im saved! I cant stand bitterness, she said as she laid back onto the bed again, still sucking on the lollipop .
Yin Shaojie gave her a glance . You keep sleeping then . Ill be off .
Mu Xiaoxiao laid for a while and finished the lollipop . The medicine had taken effect, and her head was no longer hurting too badly . However, her stomach then began to growl . Thus, she had no choice but to get out of bed . She then stepped out of the room while in slippers .
Jie, Jie, Im hungry… she shouted like a kid as she walked into the living room .
Yin Shaojie was just sitting on the sofa with an Apple laptop on his thighs . His eyes stared at the screen, his long fingers typing furiously . It was unclear what he was doing .
Im hungry! she repeated as she walked over to his side and sat on the sofa .
Yin Shaojie seemed to be hiding something . He closed the laptop and glared at her . Isnt there food on the table? Get it yourself!

Mu Xiaoxiao pouted her lips . I dont want to move…
What she really meant was that she wanted him to get it for her .
Yin Shaojie pushed his finger into her chest, looking very disapproving of her as he said, Mu Xiaoxiao, why are you so lazy? Brush your teeth and wash your face . Then come back and eat your breakfast .
He had bought the breakfast for her himself . What else did she expect from him?
But Im really hungry… Mu Xiaoxiao cried pitifully . She acted coy as she tugged at his sleeve and placed her head on it .
Yin Shaojies handsome face was unnaturally red . When she entered his intimate space, he could smell her scent and was reminded of his shenanigans last night .
He had a guilty conscience and pushed her away . Stop sticking onto me . Youre an adult . Stop acting coy . Go brush your teeth . Do you still expect your young master to serve you? Stop dreaming and get going!

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