Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 95

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The orders could be made to even the biggest brands from overseas . They would use private planes to send the items to these customers . These services were absolutely top-tier .
As they say, its good to be rich!
Mu Xiaoxiao spent the entire afternoon selecting clothes . Girls enjoyed it so much, and they would never tire of it no matter how much time they spent doing it .
These past few years, she had grown up to be a young lady . Since she left America, the clothes she was wearing were mostly young womens clothing from American brands . Fortunately, these brands were also available in China .
She shopped with delight and would order whichever items caught her eye . After all, she didnt have to purchase it until she tried it on and found that it fit .
After submitting the orders, in half an hours time, the store sent a bunch of clothes and also a dedicated person to help .
Unbeknown to Mu Xiaoxiao, it was already noon .
Mu Xiaoxiao had just tried a skirt that she fancied . Then, her stomach began to growl . She clasped her stomach and walked out . Just as she was pondering over getting food delivered, she caught the smell of food .
The smell tempted her, and she nearly drooled .
How fragrant! What is that?
Why are there so many clothes? Mu Xiaoxiao, did you buy the whole store? Yin Shaojies attractive voice came from the entrance .
Eh? Why are you back? Mu Xiaoxiao walked over, curious to be seeing him .
Yin Shaojie cast a glance at her and said, Cant I be back? This is my home!
Mu Xiaoxiao saw the bag he was carrying in his hand . The smell had wafted from there . She ran to him vivaciously . All smiles, she looked at him and said, You didnt buy lunch especially for me, did you? Hubby, youre the best!
Then, she pouted her mouth and closed in on him to give him a kiss .
Her kiss stunned Yin Shaojie for a moment . His heart felt as if it was touched by something, his heartbeat in disarray .
Mu Xiaoxiao was unaware that she had disturbed the stillness of his heart . She snatched the bag, then headed over to sit at the dining table before beginning to open the bags .
Wow! Pizza! And roasted chicken! Just what I wanted to eat!
Yin Shaojie regained his usual expression and coughed unnaturally . Without joining her at the table, he walked over to the sofa and looked at all the clothes in front of him . They were all cute and girly, mostly in pink .
He knitted his eyebrows as he chanced upon a box lying on the coffee table . Then, he curiously picked up the item within the box .
Upon unfolding it, he saw that it was a pair of panties with a strawberry design printed on it!
He couldnt help but stare blankly at the item in his hands .
He was actually holding her panties…
His handsome face flushed red uncontrollably .
Mu Xiaoxiao was eating joyfully when she subconsciously looked over and saw that sight . Suddenly, she shrieked and flew over, snatching the panties from his hands in one stroke .

Oi! Why are you touching my stuff! Youre a pervert! Her face flushed red, and her big eyes stared at him as she lashed out .
Yin Shaojie suddenly smiled devilishly . Picking up the other little pair of panties from the box and deliberately dangling it in front of her, he drawled, Xiaoxiao, dont tell me that you wear this?
I told you not to touch it . Youre touching it again! Mu Xiaoxiao attempted to snatch it back .
Yin Shaojie playfully laughed as he flicked his long fingers, pulling it away from her .
Im your hubby . Why cant I touch it? I cant believe your little panties actually has a strawberry design . Isnt that too childish? I prefer the black laced ones .
Mu Xiaoxiao was red to her ears . Why would I care to know your preferences? Give it back quickly! Youre a pervert!

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