Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 94

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Mu Xiaoxiao looked puzzled, but she didnt doubt what he said . She thought that she might really have bit herself accidentally, as she could think of no other reasons .
After she thought it through, she no longer cared because it was nothing severe .
She dried her lips with the tissue and went upstairs . In a short while, she came back down noisily in her slippers .
Jie, do you have a VIP membership to any of the brand name clothing stores? she asked upon coming down the stairs . Then, she saw that Yin Shaojie had changed his clothes and seemed to be going out .
Where are you going? Out to play?
She frowned, looking conflicted as she was feeling too weak . She didnt feel like going out and only wanted to stay at home .
Yeah, Yin Shaojie unenthusiastically replied . Seeing as she had no intention of accompanying him, he said, You just stay at home and rest . I have some things to take care of and will be back a little late .
Oh . Seeing that he was about to leave, Mu Xiaoxiao stepped up hurriedly . Hey hey hey, you havent told me if you have any VIP memberships .
Yin Shaojie turned back and glanced at her, looking slightly annoyed . What do you want with it?
Mu Xiaoxiao noticed that he was giving her the cold shoulder . She didnt know what she had done to provoke him .
However, she still explained, I want to buy some clothes because I only brought a few clothes back . However, I dont want to leave the house . Its tiring .
Girls . They always needed more clothes . Then again, she had only brought with her a single luggage bag, and it couldnt fit too many clothes .
It was already the end of the week, and they had school the next day . There was no time for her to buy clothes .
Yin Shaojie clicked his tongue . Youre such a pain . Cant you do it some other time?
Even though he said that, he returned to the living room and took the iPad from the coffee table to open an app on it .
Given your young master status, any brand would have to honor me like a Bodhisattva . How could I not have VIP memberships? You can do the shopping yourself! Ill be off .
He tossed the iPad to her without even looking at her and left .
Mu Xiaoxiao fumbled the catch . She was lucky to be nimble enough that the iPad did not drop to the floor . When she looked back, Yin Shaojie had already left .
She pouted and grumbled, saying, Whats wrong with him? He was treating me well just yesterday, but today hes acting so cold .
Its true that you cant fathom a mans heart . I have no idea what Yin Shaojie is thinking about .
However, she suddenly thought of something . Last night at the bar, he went out to answer a long call . Initially, he hung up the phone, looking as if he didnt want to take the call, but in the end, he answered it out of frustration .
Who called him?
Could it be the phone call that had put him in a bad mood such that he would take his anger out on her?

Though she didnt know if it was true, Mu Xiaoxiao had at least found a reason to explain Yin Shaojies change in attitude .
Alright then, everyone gets angry sometimes . She forgave him .
Mu Xiaoxiao sat back on the sofa and crossed her legs before putting the iPad on her thighs . She began to browse the app . It was an ordering system that was only accessible to VIP members .
The truly wealthy did not have to visit the specialty stores to buy clothes . The companies made such an app just for them . They would put up the newest items on the app, and the VIP members only needed to select what they wanted . The stores would then send someone to deliver the items . They could purchase the items after they had tried them on and were satisfied with them .

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