The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! - Chapter 247

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Xu Xinduo made a 3D paper carved lamp. The paper was carved by Xu Xinduo herself. There were more than ten layers of papers stacked in a wooden frame. After turning on the lamp, one could see a boy standing inside in lavender light.


(T/L: You can find images of 3D paper carving lamps HERE.)


This lamp was a bit thick because there was actually a small mechanism inside. Xu Xinduo pressed another button and the lavender light changed to pink. The boy disappeared and a girl who had long hair and was dancing in a long skirt appeared.


Xu Xinduo introduced to him: “It was originally a gift for couples. However, I added a small mechanism when I made it so it became like this.”


Tong Yan liked this gift a lot. He could see that Xu Xinduo had put a lot of effort into it.


Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan had completely different approaches to gifts.


Tong Yan gave gifts that were expensive. He looked for things that were not easy to buy and then tried to buy them for Xu Xinduo. In this way, the gifts Xu Xinduo received were rare in the world and were very limited.


Xu Xinduo liked to make gifts with her own hands. Their material only cost around 200 RMB, but it took a lot of time to make them. Especially when Xu Xinduo added a small mechanism herself, which was even more troublesome.


Tong Yan crouched in front of the lamp and looked at it with a smile for a long time. He then asked her, “Why did you separate the little lovers?”


“Did you not see it? That boy is you and this girl is me. When you disappear, I will appear in your place.”


“Oh…” Tong Yan responded and took out his mobile phone to take a picture of the lamp. However, Xu Xinduo suddenly stopped him.


Xu Xinduo refused to let Tong Yan share the pictures on WeChat’s Moments. She said in a worried tone: “Aren’t you afraid that your friends will guess our secrets.”


Tong Yan looked at Xu Xinduo and replied: “Even if you tell others about this matter, they will not believe it.”


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“Forget it, don’t take pictures. It’s your gift.”


“Okay, it’s exclusive to me. I have to put it away and hide it.” Tong Yan put away the present happily. After that, he took out a box from his desk and gave it to Xu Xinduo, “Here, it’s my gift for you.”


Xu Xinduo opened the box and looked inside. In fact, his gift was quite uncreative. It was a necklace.


However, Xu Xinduo didn’t dare to guess how much the necklace was worth and quietly put it away.


When Xu Xinduo returned to her class, she saw that Lou Xu had returned. She immediately gave her gift to Lou Xu.


Lou Xu had come back not long ago. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw the gift, which was completely different from Tong Yan’s initial reaction.


Lou Xu opened the box and saw the handmade Santa Claus music box inside. She was surprised and asked, “This is for me? I thought it was for Tong Yan when I saw the material before! Oh my god! It’s so cute! So pretty! I love it so much!”


This music box was also made by Xu Xinduo herself. The materials were bought online. After receiving them, she put everything together and made it.


Xu Xinduo didn’t often do these things, but she seemed to be good at it. Lou Xu liked it so much that she didn’t put it down the whole time: “What should I do? I think my gift is nothing special.”

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