The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! - Chapter 246

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“Are you going to join the school’s tambourine team?” Xu Xinduo asked him.


“No, we are going to perform the Lion Dance. It is going to be a group performance in which 30 people will participate.”


(T/L: Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance form.)


“Why do you want to perform in a group performance?”


“I don’t want to play the piano.”


“Well… It’s very hard.” Xu Xinduo said, patting the box and said to Tong Yan, “Here’s your Christmas gift. I made it myself.”


Tong Yan had developed a psychological barrier towards gifts given by Xu Xinduo after the last incident. Seeing such a big box, he subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


He felt that he needed a quick-acting heart-relief pill.


Xu Xinduo was quite disappointed when she saw Tong Yan’s expression. She picked up the gift box and was about to leave. The scholar could be killed but not humiliated. She had worked hard for many days in order to make this gift. How could she not feel bad when someone was not appreciating her efforts?


Tong Yan quickly stopped Xu Xinduo and said in a low voice, “Don’t go, I’m looking forward to it.”


“Then why am I seeing you soaked in a cold sweat?”




Tong Yan finally took the gift box back to his seat and put it on the table. He noticed that the box was quite light, guessing that it might not contain a textbook or something similar.


Yesterday he dreamed that Xu Xinduo gave him a gift. She said that he was not good at Chinese poems so she gifted him a collection of ancient poems, which was as thick as his calf.


He noticed that some students in the classroom were looking at them curiously and he immediately said, “Do your work.”


Those students immediately turned around.


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Tong Yan untied the tambourine from his waist and placed it on the table. Then he pushed the chair under the table and opened the box in the gap. When he opened the box, he saw a lid.


Just when he was wondering what was inside, he saw Xu Xinduo looking at him with a bad expression and asking: “Are my gifts so bad that you cannot even open them in public?”


“No!” Tong Yan hurriedly denied before hooking his finger to Xu Xinduo and asking her to crouch by his side. He then explained to her, “We had a quarrel last time over your gift. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to handle it again and end up fighting you.”


“I can defeat someone like you with one hand.”


“B̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲.” Tong Yan was particularly dissatisfied, “I was obviously going easy on you last time, didn’t you notice it? Your body is not strong and your muscles are also not properly developed. If I had fought with my full strength then it would not have mattered whether you have better martial arts skills or not. Can’t you see my gentlemanly demeanour?”


Xu Xinduo asked, “A gentleman who can fight with girls?”


“What you said is not right. Boys and girls often compete in martial art classes.”


“Don’t look at the gift!”


“Hmm.. I will!” Tong Yan really didn’t know why he was so afraid of her.


He suddenly wondered if he liked her before, so he was particularly afraid of her? This was not a good sign. If it was like this when he was just in love, what would it be like after their marriage?


After he finally took out the gift from the box, he was really surprised for a moment.

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