WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 93

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Jian Xiaomo immediately begged for mercy . “Long Chenjue, go to the study first . I’ll find you after I make dessert . ”
If she let this man stay here, she would definitely not be able to make dessert today .
Long chenjue frowned . Compared to dessert, he still wanted to eat Jian Xiaomo more .
However, when he saw the woman’s pleading eyes, long Chenjue’s face turned black . However, he still glared at Jian Xiaomo and walked out . However, wherever he went, the things in his way were kicked aside and he even vented his bad mood .
Jian Xiaomo shook her head in amusement and continued to make dessert .
After making the first dessert, Jian Xiaomo was so busy that her forehead was covered in sweat . She didn’t have time to rest before she carried the dessert and walked into the study .
Long Chenjue was sitting on a comfortable massage chair with his back facing Jian Xiaomo, looking at the huge LCD screen behind him .
Jian Xiaomo carried the dessert to long Chenjue’s desk . When she saw that the man was busy, she stood there without saying anything .
Compared to the dessert, long Chenjue’s work was more important .
Long Chenjue suddenly turned his chair around and saw Jian Xiaomo standing beside him . He immediately glared at Jian Xiaomo and said, “how long have you been in here? I don’t know if you’re mute or not . ” As he said that, his pitch-black eyes stared at Jian Xiaomo .
Jian Xiaomo was so choked that she could not say a word . She did not call him, but she was afraid to disturb him . She immediately said with a hint of grievance on her face, “do you want to try the dessert I made? ”
As she said that, she handed the dessert in her hand to long Chenjue .
Long Chenjue did not even look at the dessert . His eyes never left Jian Xiaomo’s face . He stretched out his slender fingers and Jian Xiaomo let out a scream . She fell into long Chenjue’s arms . Fortunately, she hugged the desserts tightly so that they did not fall to the ground .
Long Chenjue said in a hoarse voice, “you want me to eat desserts . ”
Jian Xiaomo nodded .
Long Chenjue suddenly picked up a spoon and scooped up a spoonful of desserts, ready to put them into his mouth .
Jian Xiaomo watched nervously until long Chenjue took a bite . The man was eating elegantly, chewing slowly .
Jian Xiaomo asked nervously, “is it not good? ”
Long Chenjue thought for a moment and then nodded .
Jian Xiaomo frowned instantly . She had always thought that the desserts she made were not bad . Could it be that she had not made them during this period of time and her level had dropped? She picked up the spoon and took a bite . Just as she was about to swallow it…
Long chenjue suddenly hugged Jian Xiaomo domineeringly and kissed her .
Jian Xiaomo was stunned by this scene . What was this long Chenjue doing .
Just as she was thinking, long Chenjue pried open her lips domineeringly and his overbearing tongue entered her lips . Then, he sucked the desserts that she had not swallowed into his mouth bit by bit . Then, he let go of Jian Xiaomo and ate it with a face full of enjoyment .
This expression was not very unpleasant . It was clearly very appetizing .
Jian Xiaomo was simply speechless .
At this moment, long Chenjue had already wiped out the dessert in his mouth . Then, he said to Jian Xiaomo in an overbearing manner, “Jian Xiaomo, continue . ”
Jian Xiaomo was stunned . She instantly understood what long Chenjue meant by continuing . She shook her head with a flushed face . She did not want long Chenjue to eat in such a way .
He was not blushing . She was still embarrassed .
Long Chenjue saw that Jian Xiaomo was not moving . His face instantly darkened and he said, “Jian Xiaomo, if you are not willing to let me eat in this way, I don’t mind trying another way to eat . ”

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