WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming - Chapter 94

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Jian Xiaomo was shocked, no hesitation, immediately according to Long Chenjue meant to do .
As a result, a dessert down, Jian Xiaomo’s heart in the throat, afraid that this man at any time bestial, eat her in the office .
After finishing the dessert, Jian Xiaomo rubbed her sore waist and was about to walk out when long chenjue suddenly grabbed Jian Xiaomo’s waist and said in a magnetic voice, “what are you going to do? ”
“You’re working, of course I… ” Jian Xiaomo found an excuse .
The office was too dangerous . She had to leave as soon as possible .
Long Chenjue held Jian Xiaomo even tighter and said Lazily, “you fed me dessert . Don’t you want my return? ”
Jian Xiaomo recalled that long chenjue had said that he wanted to try another way of eating . She was about to shake her head when long chenjue suddenly turned Jian Xiaomo’s head to the big screen behind him and forced Jian Xiaomo to look at the screen . “take a good look at what this is . ”
Jian Xiaomo couldn’t help but look at the big screen . When she looked at it, she was stunned .
It turned out to be a detailed financial report of the Jian Corporation .
Why did long chenjue suddenly get a financial report of the Jian Corporation .
“Why did you get the financial report of the Jian Corporation? ” Jian Xiaomo looked at long Chenjue in surprise .
Long Chenjue curled his lips and said coldly, “what do you think? ”Ass he said that, he looked atJiannXiaomoo with his deep eyes .
Jian Xiaomo was stunned and suddenly widened her eyes . She looked at long Chenjue and said, “Long Chenjue, don’t tell me you want to deal with Jian Zongguang . ”
Long Chenjue nodded without hiding anything . His deep eyes narrowed dangerously as he said, “I want the Jian family to completely disappear from sea city and bully my woman . I will let them taste the tragic consequences . ” Long Chenjue said coldly and mercilessly .
As expected, her guess was right . This man actually wanted to deal with the Jian family for her . Inexplicably, Jian Xiaomo’s eyes turned sour . After a long time, she sniffed and said, “why do you have to be so good to me? ”
Long Chenjue said domineeringly, “you are your own pet . Of course, you have to protect yourself . How can you let others bully you? ”
Jian Xiaomo’s eyes widened instantly . The emotion she was filled with just now had disappeared without a trace . She knew that this man had never been kind enough to help her .
Jian Xiaomo was so angry that her cheeks were puffy .
The next day, Jian Xiaomo was lying on the bed reading a book . Her phone vibrated . She picked it up and sat up in surprise . “Brother Jingtian, where are you? ”
Jian Jingtian was the son adopted by her third uncle . He had gone abroad with his third uncle for many years . The two of them had not contacted each other for several years . Jian Xiaomo was excited and surprised when Jian Jingtian suddenly called .
“Didn’t you hear that my voice is very close? ” Jian Jingtian said with a gentlemanly smile, “I just got off the plane, but I’ve arrived at sea city . Aren’t you going to entertain me? ”
“entertain, entertain, naturally entertain . ” Jian Xiaomo nodded repeatedly and said, “I’ll go and pick you up now . Where are you? ”
“You don’t have to look for me . How about we go and have coffee together? ” Jian Jingtian suggested .
Jian Xiaomo nodded immediately, and the two of them agreed on the place to meet .
After putting down the phone, Jian xiaomo quickly changed into her clothes, took her coat, and carried her bag, then quickly walked out .
Jian Xiaomo had just walked out of the study when long Chenjue was making a phone call . Seeing Jian Xiaomo walking out, he immediately put the phone aside and said to Baro who was standing there respectfully, “where is Jian Xiaomo going? ”

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