Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 79

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Han Yuner observed the pair darkly by the side . She crumpled the bag in her hand as her fury increased when she noticed Young Master Jie gently patting Mu Xiaoxiaos back thoughtfully .
When she and other girls were dating Yin Shaojie, it was always the girl who waited on him . She had never seen him treat any girl with such consideration and gentleness .
What right did this woman have to be treated so specially by Yin Shaojie?
Han Yuner was almost mad with jealousy . She wished to exchange places with Mu Xiaoxiao so that she could be treated like that by Yin Shaojie . She had desired that for a long time .
More and more people congregated around, all asking about Mu Xiaoxiao at once .
Young Master Jie, is your girlfriend alright?
Yin Shaojies brows furrowed, and he hollered, Back off! All of you, get away! What are you crowding over here for? Scram!
Surrounded by the large crowd, Mu Xiaoxiao was unable to breathe in fresh air .
You! Bring me a bottle of water! Yin Shaojie pointed at someone and ordered .
The person swiftly brought some water over . Not daring to anger him further, the rest of the crowd backed up, watching the scene from ten steps away .
They were really astonished . Since when did Young Master Jie care so much about a woman? This was bizarre!
Mu Xiaoxiao vomited her guts out . Having nothing left to puke, she finally stopped .
Xiaoxiao, water . Yin Shaojie, worried about her, patted her back gently . Placing the water in her hands, he made sure that she was holding it firmly before letting go .
Mu Xiaoxiao gargled and spat a few times before drinking the rest of the water . She felt much better .
As she tried to stand, her legs wobbled, and she almost fell .
Yin Shaojie noticed this in time and drew her towards himself deftly, letting her rest on his body .
Mu Xiaoxiao felt as though her entire being was drained of energy . She looked listless, and with a painful expression on her face, she groaned, So uncomfortable…
Yin Shaojie remembered that even as children, the only time when he had seen such an expression was when she was sick, for she was usually energetic and spirited . He felt guilty, and his heart ached for her .

If it wasnt for him, she would have never suffered like this .
Situating himself in front of her, he half-squatted with his back towards her . Come on up, his magnetic voice said .
Seeing his broad back, Mu Xiaoxiao froze for a while before smiling . She bent over and sprawled onto his back .
She rested his head on him, feeling languid .
Yin Shaojie asked, Do you still want water? Or something to eat?
On his back, Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head . In a weak voice, she said, I dont want to eat . I dont want anything . Carry me out of here . There are too many people around; I dont like it .
The crowds attention was fixated on them, making her feel uncomfortable as it was like she was a monkey in a zoo .
Okay . Yin Shaojie guessed what she was thinking . She needed a quiet environment to rest now .
Thus, he carried her up the mountain road .
When the crowd saw him carry her, they gasped in surprise . There was even someone who thought that he had witnessed a mistake and rubbed his eyes in disbelief .
Some of these people, all being sons of big shots who hung out together, had known Yin Shaojie for quite a while already but had never seen Yin Shaojie dote on a single woman so much .
Similarly, Han Yuner was extremely shocked, especially at the pampering expression that Yin Shaojie had unconsciously shown in his eyes . She was about to burst from jealousy!

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