Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 93

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Mu Xiaoxiao pouted her lips and squinted at him unhappily . Alright, Ill go…
She thought that Yin Shaojie was acting oddly . He still cared for her and even remembered that she hated bitter tastes just a while ago when he gave her the lollipop . She couldnt help but feel a little moved by his gesture .
Who knew that in a wink, he would already be giving her the cold shoulder .
Mu Xiaoxiao looked dejected as she left the sofa and walked to the bathroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth .
When she left the bathroom, Yin Shaojie was already sitting at the dining table as if he was waiting for her .
Mu Xiaoxiao smiled and walked over to sit beside him . Seeing the breakfast on the table, her eyes couldnt help but glimmer, and she joyfully said, Jie, you remembered what I liked to eat? You bought all of my favorites!
I bought them randomly . Whod still remember what you liked to eat? Yin Shaojie said . However, he then opened the lid and placed the porridge in front of her and still remembered to warn her, The porridge is hot, so be careful .
First, I want to drink milk . Mu Xiaoxiao reached out her arms to grab the strawberry milk and then opened it .
Yin Shaojie was amused as he watched and teased her, Xiaoxiao, how old are you? Havent you stopped drinking milk? Isnt strawberry something only kids like to eat?
Mu Xiaoxiao finished and put down the empty bottle . She stared at him and said, I just love strawberries . Its none of your business .
Yin Shaojie saw the milk around her mouth and couldnt help but clasp his mouth as he laughed . Ha ha ha… Look at you, Mu Xiaoxiao . Are you going to have me laugh to death? Aiyo, my stomach hurts! I cant take this anymore! This is killing me!
At this moment, Mu Xiaoxiaos mouth was stained with milk . It looked really comical . It was no wonder that Yin Shaojie would laugh so hard .
What . Mu Xiaoxiao quickly wiped the stain around her mouth with the back of her hand .
Theres still some over there . Cant you feel it?
Yin Shaojie laughed enough . He reached out his hand, wanting to help her wipe it off . Upon hearing him, Mu Xiaoxiao instinctively licked around her lips, and by coincidence, the tip of her pink tongue licked his finger .
When he felt the soft, moist tongue lick his fingers, Yin Shaojie was stunned and stared at her in a daze .
He couldnt help but think back to last night . Her mouth was so sweet, and her cute tongue was so soft . It was even intertwined with his…
Jie, your face… Its flushing red . Whats wrong? Mu Xiaoxiao asked curiously .
Yin Shaojie turned his face away unnaturally, and he withdrew his hand in a stiff motion . Coughing in an effort to distract her, he said, Im fine . Maybe the porridge is too hot . You should start eating . Didnt you say you were hungry?
Oh . Mu Xiaoxiao did not notice anything amiss . Suddenly, her face got close to his . She even pouted her lips and asked, So do I still have any milk around my mouth?

Her gesture caused Yin Shaojies heart to beat in disarray . She looked as if she was serving herself up for him to kiss .
He smoothly retreated a distance and took a tissue from the side and passed it to her . Looking as if he was giving her the cold shoulder, he said, You wipe it yourself . Its your mouth . Cant you feel it? You should know if theres something on your mouth .
Mu Xiaoxiao licked her bottom lip again and realized something before frowning . My mouth feels a little painful . I think the skin is broken . How did this happen?
She batted her eyes and thought about it, having no inkling of when she might have hurt her mouth .
How would I know? You must have been careless and bit it accidentally, Yin Shaojie said, his expression showing signs of nervousness .

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