21st Century Archmage - Volume 2 - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Kyre the Mage


“Let’s go, you guys! Hiya! hiya!”

Neiggggggh .



After staying over at the castle for the night and in early morning, Hans was excitingly driving the newest-carriage pulled by two horses .

There was no need to stay at the viscount’s castle for long time, thus we bought a carriage and other essential necessities and departed early in the morning .

So nice!’

After laying down a thick blanket over the floor of the carriage, I laid down on my arm pillow while feeling the bumpy ride of the carriage .

‘Is it finally time for me to leave . ’

I wanted to leave after achieving 5th Circle, but I realized that it was not same as solving a simple math problem .

Another thing is that I cannot forever stay in Luna Village .

I wanted my heart to wander away just like blue sky I can see from down here .

‘I need information . Approximate knowledge regarding this world . ”


The so called smartest in the village, the village chief wasn’t a major league player but just a pitcher from the neighborhood .

It only amounted to some names of Gods, names of few Kingdoms and other essential information which I already knew pretty well .

‘Jamir should be handling the task of getting potions well on his own, other basic standalone items should last couple of years if used properly and after that… they are on their own . ”

I started off with Luna Village from the fate of being my savior .

I did the best I could do for things that could be done .

I can’t be constantly being living for the sake of the villagers .

“Tha, that, Kyre!”

The carriage which was shaking from the bumpy ride suddenly stopped, and with voice full of fear, Hans called out to me .

“Yawn! What’s the matter? There isn’t much distance until the village…”

I stuck out a long yawn and turned my head, only to stand still at the scene I saw .

‘Who are these bros?’

The road that separates Luna village consisted of several small forests and wild plain .

There were twenty figures on a horse blocking the road to the plain .

“Hans, do you know these people?”

“Is this time to make a joke? They must be bandits that have been watching us . ”

Hans, who was disappointingly shivering with his large stature, confirmed the identities of the group as bandits .

‘I was getting bored so this is perfect . ’

It could be bandits just like Hans said, observing us when we hit a jackpot back at the market, or it could be men related to Daron Merchant Group, who was gritting their teeth at me .

And I was pretty sure it was the latter .

‘That officer, only sending these thugs . ’

For I who scored himself a magical beast, I had reason to fear some half-baked mercenary .

“Hans . ”

“Wha, what should we do Kyre? Let’s hand over all our goods and beg for our lives . They will surely…”

“Sleep . ”

With a simple magic word, Hans fell into a deep sleep .

‘Memorizing has become a habit . You people, are all dead!’

There is no need to provoke someone; I could not let someone who provoked first walk scot-free .

Tu-du-duk .

Locking my hands together, I get up from the carriage .

‘20 people, its perfect . ’

It was quarter of a day’s travel to village on carriage .

There was no one to help me in this wide plain .


The men finally moved .

Stump .

I quickly leaped away from the carriage

I waited for those guys on horses, while tapping my foot to their charge .


“Hehe, you are the fearless kid from Luna Village . ”

As I expected, they already knew who I was .

‘Mercenary? It can’t be…?’

They gave off different vibe from the carefree mercenaries that visited the village .

Unlike the man in the 40s who acted like a mercenary, the men behind him were all lined up in orderly fashion and showed off very controlled movement just like a soldier .

“Who are you people?”

I narrow my eye and ask for their assumed identity .

“You? Kkkk, you are asking a lot for a dead man . ”

“Were you sent by the pig merchant named Ryan from Daron’s? I can tell you guys aren’t mercenary at first glance . Is it okay to gang up on commoners without permission from the Viscount?”

“… . . ”

They showed surprised face as I pulled out the truth right in front of them .

‘It’s the soldiers . ’

As I expected, it was probably soldiers schemed between Ryan and that Administrative Officer .

About now, the talk about the trade I had with Rubis Merchant Group should have spread out in that small city and the officer should be afraid that his misdeeds might be revealed .

“You are pretty smart for a small kid . ”

The man who seemed to be the leader of the herd spoke with quiet and deep voice .

At same time, the group of soldier started giving off their killing intent .

They were most likely keeping things in the dark from the Viscount .

“Tsk tsk, you should embarrass as men who feeds of the taxes of commoner . Shiang!”


“Shut your mouth!”

After throwing few words with some vulgar words, the soldiers pulled out their swords .

‘Horsemen with no armor worn… . These bastards, if I play with them a bit, will the Viscount know?’

These men must have threw their armor somewhere and rushed here .

Unlike regular footman soldiers, these horsemen must be pretty important part of Viscount’s military strength .




A horseman charged at me as if he was scared to let the order come down from the man in front .

‘Laughable . ’

한 칼에 죽이려는 듯 큰 동작으로 말을 타고 오며 검을 휘두르는 자 .

The man was charging at me with such a big movement, as if he was going to swiftly kill me in one stroke .


I took on the soldier’ sword with my sword given to me by the village chief .


Thump .

Due to the unexpected counterattack, the soldier’s sword flung off his hand and fell off the horse from the force of exchange .



I quickly sent low kick to his head before he could regain his focus from the fall, making him fall unconscious .


At the sight of their ally falling after single exchange, all the soldiers let out a shriek .

“So you had some skills to rely on . Hehe, it doesn’t change the fact that you will die here though . ”

“On whose whim? Bro, are you confident?”

I retorted back at the guy who seems to be the leader with attitude of thug .

‘This guy is a Knight . ’

As he ordered other soldiers, his body leaked mana as he was being agitated .

“Go die!”

The same order came down once again .



The three soldiers who were lined up about 10 meter away from me charged towards me .

‘Should I show off bit of my skills?

My prowess with sword wasn’t a problem but my main specialty was still magic .

“Magic Arrow!”


Along with the incantation of simple 2nd Circle magic, I formed 10 magic arrows in midair .

Based on the level of Circle it belonged to, the number of magic arrow would be proportional to amount of mana invested .

“Fall down!”

The soldiers that were charging were surprised as numerous magic arrows appeared in midair, emitting milky-white light .

I focused my mind a bit and guided the magic arrows to the upper body of the soldiers .





The soldiers fell after experiencing the magic arrows that were as thick as an arm with their whole body .

It was guaranteed that the soldiers who were hit by the arrow without armor would have few broken ribs .

‘These guys, I wonder if they have medical insurance . ’

It wasn’t me who got hurt but I was still worried a bit .

There would be no Kang Hyuk without his caring personality

“A, a mage!”


“How, how come a mage is… . ?”

The remaining sixteen soldiers were shouting out while staring at me with eyes full of fear .

“Whi, which Magic Tower does the esteemed mage belong to?”

The man who I guessed to be a knight threw a question regarding which magic tower faction I belong to with shaky voice .

‘Magic Tower? The magic tower that Master Gundalf lived in?’

“There is no such thing . Have you heard? A mage from Gumjunggosi” . (TLN: It’s term for school entrance exam in Korea but he is using as a affiliation, a joke of mage passing exam)


There is no way he would know . The knight spat back out the word Gumjunggosi .

Suddenly, the knight’s face turning really red .

He realized that I was probably making fun of him .

“This damn bastard!”


As if he was validating his identity as a knight, he shouted out and quickly came forward with his sword .

‘Slow . ’

Compared to the magical beast I faced, his speed was infinitely slower .


I consider myself as a mage, but it’s a world where revenge is more prominent .

I stabbed my sword toward his lower body and stopped his charge .


When the sword was coming down upon the knight who was being cautious against magic, he quickly turned his sword around and defended against the sword .

‘Aura Blade!’

For first time since I came to this word, I was finally got the chance to experience the might of aura blade besides my own .


‘Heh, what kind of Aura Blade is this?’

Contrary to my expectation, as soon as my sword filled with Aura Blade clashed with knight’ sword, his Aura Blade buzzed for second and his thin Aura Blade quickly dissipated .

The knight’s body stiffened for an instant and exploiting that moment, I landed a kick .



The attack filled mana landed firmly on his waist .

His face turned blue as if he couldn’t breathe and the knight’s body stiffened .

pakak .


I finished it off lightly with spin kick .

‘You should be thankful, for meeting the 21st century’s Great Mage, who knows the value of life . ’

Due to the force behind the kick, the knight faints while foaming in his mouth .

“Get off . ”

I ordered the soldiers, whose faces were blue and looked like a dog that has just lost their mother .



The thing these soldiers who has not understood their situation was not medicine, but a club .

I made the fireball as big as a man’s body float in right front of me .


“Please, spare me, oh great mage!”


It didn’t matter who started .

All the remaining soldiers threw down their equipment, climbed down from their horse and bowed before me .

It’s not like they are pheasants who has been trapped in dire situation .

I could imagine how I, a man with identity of mage would be appear to these regular soldiers .

There was not a single soldier fighting back and they kneeled with their heads kissing the ground .

“Were you sent by the Administrative Officer?”

One simple question .

“That, that is right . ”

A soldier who seemed to be senior among other lifted his head and answered cautiously .

“Does the viscount know, that you guys are committing these bad deeds?”

“Th, this… . ”

The viscount probably doesn’t know .

The man that was Viscount Fiore was not such a person based on my first impression .

“Undress everything . Take off your weapon and the tops of your attire! Commence!”

The soldiers spaced out at sudden order .

“Quickly move! Unless you want to become a roasted chicken!”

During 2nd year middle school, we had school trip to experience navy discipline camp as a group .

How the assistant teacher spoke really helped out at this moment .

“A, affirmative!”

“We will undress! Undress!”

The soldiers who were perfectly subdued by me quickly took out their short sword, other items used by the army and their top wear .

“Strip down those people who are fallen on ground!”

“Yes sir!”

As if they were soldiers that were under me, they nimbly move around .

‘How much money are these worth?’

One of the soldiers riding the horse was carrying my side income onto my wagon .

I enjoyed the sight of the soldiers’ comradeship as they undress other soldiers .


“Ky, Kyre, what horse is that?”

“Have you finally awakened? Seeing how you suddenly fainted, you must have been really tired . ”

Clip-clop clip-clop .

On the way back to the village driving the carriage .

The road back to the village was easy to see, we quickly got closer and Hans, who has awoken from the spell was quickly surprised as he looked at the back of the carriage, only to see loads of equipments soldiers wear and many horses following up behind .

“Kyre, where did the bandits go and where did these horses come from… . ?”

“Oh, this? They weren’t bandits as we first thought, but people from honest and devoted charity . After explaining them the poor situation Luna Village was in, they left us horses and stripped their own clothes to give . I couldn’t believe that there were those kind of people would still exist in this kind of world . ”

“Is, is this really true?”

“Hans, have you seen me lie before? And if they were actually bandits, how could you and I be here going back to village without a single scratch?”

“That, that is true… . ”

“I see the village!”

“We are already here?”

While Hans was asleep, I casted Lighten spell on the carriage, dashing through the plain .

I didn’t want the sun to set and being forced to deal with the monsters in the night .


“Hans and Kyre have returned!”

Most of the villagers has hawk vision of 2 . 0 eyesight, those who were on the lookout was welcoming us with their shout .

“Hans, don’t forget what I said . Don’t say a word until the merchants come . ”

“I, I understand . ”

Just by the stuff that was on the carriage was enough to make the villagers happy .

Then when the merchants arrive tomorrow, that happiness will increase many fold .

‘Shall I enjoy some proper feast?’

One thing I am most excited among others was the dinner prepared by Cecil .

We were dividing out the various spices and kitchenware I acquired from the castle .

“Dad!! Brother Kyre!!”

The door opens and Deron, who was waiting so eagerly, ran towards us .

Followed by him, many villagers appeared, filled with anticipation .


“Today, should I start a party with a tuna?”

It was the 2nd day since I returned to village .

The village was in festive mood after receiving 10 healthy horses along with small items within the carriage .

Since they were such a poor village, even a small present would make them feel grateful many times over .

And today was the day which the merchants would arrive .


They should have departed from the castle yesterday, so they should be arriving today afternoon at the latest .

‘The chief might be surprised by this?’

The village chief was terrified after hearing that I bought out the horses after paying taxes and not obtaining potions .

According to the rumor I hear, you can hear sound of endless sighing from outside the house like music .

“Let’s buy some potions after earning big time . Since Jamir looks like a merchant who knows how to honor a favor, so he can probably look after the village without me being present .

For that reason, I must present loads of Madir .

“My mana is fully charged; only thing that’s left is method to transport the tuna after defeating the sea monster . ”

The sea was approximately 1km away from the beach .

Even now, the tunas that were trudging through the sea to faraway place were teasing me .

The current season was the highest point of tunas that were said to swim near the village for three months annually . (TLN: this sounds off but 3am atm, will come back later if you guys find it off too . )

“There they are . ”

While I was pondering on the problem of transporting the tuna, a group of people were approaching the village from a distance .

The things I ordered were enough to feed the villagers full for entire year .

Due to the crops, about a hundred of carriages were appearing from the horizon all lined up .

Kyaa, this satisfaction after working and sweating hard . Even my cash card that was given to me from my master doesn’t compare to this .

It’s only been couple of months living in my master’s home world, but achieving big task with my meager strength for another made me feel satisfied .

In South Korea, I was just a high schooler who was good at studying, but here, I was a big shot who was responsible for entire village .


“Pe, people are coming!”

“Gather everyone!”

As villagers on the watchtower noticed the carriages, along with the sound of bell, people were moving very frantically .

Luna village was desolate village where the only visitors were usually monsters .

A welcoming guest was approaching for sake of these villagers .


“What, what is this…?”

“Woaah! There are pigs and cows!”

“Are those all flours?”

“It’s a high-quality leather armor!”

As if a market was set up, all the villagers were gathered outside .

Many rough-looking mercenaries and merchants came together but at the sight of many items they saw for first time, they paid no attention to these people .

They probably have never seen so many items at once in their lifetime .

“Our, our village only has barleys and potatoes to trade . We also have few horses but… It is not ours…”

The village chief was very nervous and was quickly spinning out ideas while eyeing out the items lay out front of Jamir .

He was probably thinking what to buy with few bags of potato .

“Jamir, you have arrived!”

“Where were you, for you to come now?”

Jamir was putting out worried face at the sight of villagers and rejoiced at my appearance .

No matter how he was the merchant lord of big trading company, it must have been stressful to carry items purchased on a tab .

“I can trust the quality of goods?”

“Kyre, you said your family’s motto was Honesty?”

“Yes, it is Honest . ”

Jamir asked my family motto with playful stare .

“Our company’s prized saying is to trade only with honest person . I trust in your conscience .

‘Wow, my conscience?’

Sometimes, even I can’t believe my own hairy conscience .

(TL: in Korea, it originally means “thick heart/conscience” saying person doesn’t bat an eye at wrongdoing, but saying “hairy” instead thick sounds more mocking . )

As a person who trusts this kind of conscience, Jamir was surely not an easy person to handle .

“Kyre, do you know these people?”

The village chief stared at me with surprised expression at the sight of me naturally starting a conversation with the leader of a trade company

“I will hand over some items every time I receive a Madir . ”

Jamir shoved the wedge on the contract .

“Of course . But, if you are satisfied, you will provide extra bonus?”

Jamir believed in me and has ventured all the way here .

He was the first man who has invested me in this Kallian Continent .

“Those who do not betray our trust will always be Rubis Trading Company’s most valued customer . ”

There was no need for long talk .

“Then shall go confirm the items?”

“Wa, wait, you already caught some?”

Jamir was surprised at my words .

“If you are merchant, don’t you know that value of a fish is determined by the freshness?”

“That is indeed true… . ”

“Why don’t we move to back of the village . Since I feel so great, let me catch whole lot . ”

“What are you guys talking about? What are you guiding and handing over what?”

The village chief was about to go crazy from his curiosity .

Behind him, only Hans was nodding his head .

“Let us go . ”

It was forgone conclusion that it was impossible to catch Madir without using magic .

On top of that, the spell I was going to use was the most powerful spell among offensive 4th Circle spells, thus it was also impossible to hide it from the villagers .

“Wait, before we go, there is esteemed person who wanted to meet you . ”

“What? There is someone who wants to meet me?”

‘Esteemed person?’

There should not be many people who Jamir would use honorific .

Among them, there shouldn’t be anyone who would be looking to see me .

“Open the carriage door for the person . ”

“Yes, Merchant Lord . ”

Terrison, Jamir’s assistant wholeheartedly replied and ran toward one of the carriages .

‘Who is this, to be respected this much from merchants?’

My curiosity was at the peak, comparable to village a chief, who was still lost on the situation .

“We have arrived, please exit . ”

Dul-kung .


Terrison carefully opened the carriage door .

“Thank you very much . ”

‘Fe, female?’

Within the carriage, clear and pleasant voice sounded out .

Sa-bak Sa-bak .

A white leather shoe stepped on the carriage foothold .


Then at the appearance of a lady who came down under the warm sunlight, I was so shocked that my heart stopped for a second .

‘A, Aramis!’

It was so .

Surprisingly, the person who was travelling together with Jamir to Luna Village was Goddess of Mercy, Neran’s priestess-in-training Aramis .

“For allowing us to meet again, I give my thanks to Overseer of Fate, God Romero . ” (TLN: I guess it could be God of Fate?)

Within Kallian Continent, everything was related to Gods .

Aramis approached me gracefully and ladylike motion and greeted me like a woman with prestige .

“I, I am also honored to meet you again . ”

“Oh my, what is going on!’

Aramis travelled to this faraway place with merchants just to meet me .

A woman who was so holy, which was enough to ride unicorn and make animal friends, smiled towards me .

‘Oh my heart, why are you beating like this?’

Aramis’ holy-like beauty was enough to make one feel comfortable just by looking .

My heart was too busy beating without restraint .

“Ohhhhhhhh! Dear God!”

“A priestess of Goddess Neran came here…!”

“Hick! Oh Goddess of Mercy, Neran!”

Tulsuk-Tulsuk .

While I was lost in confusion, chief and other villagers drew cross with their hand kneeled down on the ground (TLN: I guess missionaries are all powerful dimension traveler too?)

‘Ho, how powerful . ’

Just based on how gratified the villagers were, everyone was busy shedding tears and praising God .

“I am sorry . I also love you all . Our Goddess Neran is currently shedding tears of joy for faithful followers before me . ”

Reacting to the pure faith these villagers have toward Goddess of Mercy, Aramis shed a tear which was like a jewel that shined bright like the sun .

It wasn’t just the villagers, merchants and mercenaries also stood in religious posture .

‘This is a true faith . ’

Those believers who understand heart of god and at same time being young sheep who longs for that same god .

My heart was moved at the difference between religions of 21st century modern world, which was tainted with greed .

“Why have you brought Aramis along?”

It has been long time since a priest has visited village but it was passionate meeting between the villagers and a priestess of Goddess Neran .

I asked toward Jamir, who was observing the scene with satisfied expression .

“Didn’t you tell me to acquire potions?”

“I mean, how does obtaining potions and bringing a priestess have to do with anything? She is just a mere priestess-in-training . ”

I retorted back from my understanding of things .

“You, have you not known? Aramis here is the person responsible for creating potions for temple of Neran?”

“… . . ”

‘No wonder she had that holy presence around her . ’

“You should consider yourself lucky . From my knowledge, she is a person who has most affinity with God among many current religious officials . The fact that she came all the way here just to see you means that God will continue to bless you from onward . ”

Jamir stared at me with look of envy .

“Heh, I do consider myself pretty lucky . ”

I didn’t want to look modest .

Goddess Aramis was caressing those young sheep with her hand of blessing .

One side my heartfelt refreshed at the fact that her reason for visit here was for me .

A moving general hospital . It’s perfect . ’ (TLN: Healing heart of many men!)

Priests or religious officials were said to heal many disease and illness with divine power .

It was not a bad thing to know .

In fact, I would gladly welcome a beautiful priestess with my both hand .


“Do you see that tuna, I mean, Madir?”

“I can see them… how are we to catch them without a ship?”

The strong mercenaries lined up the magic refrigerators, which was 2 . 5m in length and 1m in height .

The villagers, merchants, Aramis and mercenaries followed my finger and saw those tuna, which was swimming vigorously .

“It doesn’t really matter as long I catch them for you, right?”

“That is true . But how are you going to… . ”

‘Huhu, wouldn’t you know if you wait and see . ’

I did not want to boast my skills but it was a situation where it could not be helped .

“Kyre, why did you promise such a task…?”

The village chief, after hearing the previous talk, stared at me with eyes filled with pity .

With chief’s bald head of his, no, all, they would not see the solution that I have .

‘Aramis please don’t smile like that . ’

As if she knew something, she stared at me that mysterious smile with sparkling eye .

It made my heart thump .

“Do not disappoint me . ”

After getting no answer after working out his brain, his face was getting dark .

‘Did he always get conned . ’

However, even if it was me, I would not trust myself .

“Kyre, hurry, apologize to him . If you tricked him, hurry, hu, Huh!”

Hans, who was approaching me suddenly stopped .


After gathering my mana through my breath, my body emitted mana and quickly floated towards the sky with the memorized spell .

“Ma, mage!”

“Kyre was a magician!”

“How, how can it be!”

After riding the wind and heading towards the sea, the crowds on the ground were shocked .

The truth that average Joe who lived along with them was a mage .

If they weren’t surprised, they would be Wu-Hwang-Chung-Sim-Hwan pill addict .

‘Heh, Be surprised everyone! Today’s variety show will feature lightning show!’

This is the reason why you want to be a mage .

I had no intention of living mundane and stingy life after learning magic .

Life was all about experiencing good things and bad things the way it is .

I was a man who knew how to enjoy things in life .



‘He was a mage…?’

Due to my intuition as a merchant, I knew he was not an ordinary man .

His irregular appearance and how he displays himself to others was like a noble, a feat impossible by a person born from countryside village .

He also had the intelligence which equaled that of merchant and was able to utilize human psychology .

The black-haired youth named Kyre was impressive enough to amaze Jamir, who was soon to be the head merchant of Rubis Trading Company .

Such a man was a mage on top of everything .

‘A mage who can invoke Fly spell so naturally is possibly 4th Circle Master . Is it a norm to be a 4th Circle Master at such young age?’

Jamir’s dream was to become a mage before becoming a merchant .

Despite only ending the path of magic after only being apprentice mage of 2nd Circle, Jamir knew the truth .

Achieving 4th Circle before hitting 20 was unprecedented in history of magic .

‘Who are you truly, Kyre . ’

While enjoying the stares of people filled with amazement, Kyre quickly arrived just above where Madirs were swimming .

His hand was forming the magic in midair .

“Lightning Wave!!”

Flash!! Zi-zi-zi-zi-zi-zi-zi-zi-zi!


“It’s magic!”

The innocent villagers who should have seen magic for first time were amazed and cheered on .

“A, amazing!”

Jamir who wouldn’t be surprised at many situations couldn’t help but to praise Kyre while staring with his mouth open .

Most offensive 4th Circle spell cast while Fly spell was in effect .

If his control of mana reached such perfection, Kyre wouldn’t be considered 4th Circle Master but 5th Circle Master .


Plop, plop, plop .

Due to the great shock from lightning, the tunas were floating on water belly-side up .

‘One, two… . . Hehe, 15 tunas with single cast… its great success . ’

Due to the tuna’s nature of travelling in groups, tunas were floating up after being electrocuted with 4th Circle Lightning Wave spell .

It wasn’t just tunas .

Starting from regular fishes as big as a man’s body, thousands of different fishes covered the sea .

“Now the problem is how to move these…’

There were no more hardships which I had when I caught my first Madir .

If there was no improvement, I wouldn’t be a human, greatest of all other creatures but just a friend of an ape .

‘Half of my mana has been used . As expected from most powerful offensive 4th Circle spell .

Controlling mana while casting Fly was not easy compared to how it seemed .

If it were any other 4th Circle mages, just managing the mana consumption from Fly spell would have been huge burden .

‘Next spell is Wind Fan . ’

It was 2nd Circle spell alternatively called Wind Fan . (Line above spelt English in Korean letters like romanji, this line translated literal translation of Wind Fan to Korean equivalent)

It was low-tier Circle but it wasn’t easy sending a tuna to the beach that was nearly 1km away .

Luckily, the sea was currently in high tide making it worth a try .

“Wind Fan!”

It was series of spells planned out with great effort .

Since I memorized the spell, it was quickly invoked with just words .


Before all the tunas were swept in all direction, I pushed them all toward one direction .

The tunas and other fishes that fainted floated toward the beach under my guidance .

‘It’s perfect! I am genius! hahaha!’

Who would have the idea to catch large tunas without a single ship .

As the captain of one-man fishing vessel, I was greatly overjoyed at the limitless usage magic can brought .

‘I will make today the most memorable thing these people will ever remember in their life! Festival! I shall hold a festival!’

Just like how a person cannot live just on rice, there was need for a festival-like event in ordinary life .

Additionally, these villagers have never tasted true happiness of living since they were born .

I wanted to gift them an unforgettable memory .

‘Hm? What is this feeling?’

While I was happily catching tunas while thinking about the festival, I suddenly had bad premonition .

“Huh! Those bastards!”

While the fishes and tunas were steadily moving toward the beach, many decent ones were quickly sinking down into the sea .

Afterwards, pool of blood was appearing along with a black silhouette below .

It must be the sea monsters I’ve been hearing about .

‘Rotten bastards! What is this mess?’’

While I was spewing out 21st century words which kids would say when they were stumped I felt myself getting upset .

The sea monsters were reaping the rewards of fishes and tuna which another person caught after much effort .

I finally understood the feeling the villagers felt only being able to watch these fishes swim in the sea even if they were starved .

‘Uahhhhhh! I am getting mad’

After couple of fishes disappeared, a single tuna also sank down into the sea .

However, I lacked the means to attack these sea monsters .


After using multiple spells, I only had a third of my mana .

It was situation where I would fall off the rope if I were to cast an offensive spell .

‘Dear God! Do you not have heart to spare? If the difficulty to do single good deed is this hard, who would throw coins into the donation box?’

There was approximately 500m still left to the beach .

At the slow pace these tunas were moving at . There won’t be single piece of bone left in the end .

I cursed the Gods who governed this word while staring at the sky .


‘Oh ho?’

As if it was answering to my complaint, a holy presence suddenly spread out on top of the sea .

“It’s the Blessing of the Divine!”

“Oh oh! It’s the power of purification from Goddess Neran!”

The voices were heard originating from the beach .

I turned my head .

Then there was a sight to behold .

A scene of woman sincerely praying with two hands held tight .

‘Aramis… . ’

She was like the angel that was spreading out presence of peace .

It was quite the distance, but I was able to clearly see .

Her body radiated an aura that shined like the sunlight .

Kiiiiiiii .

After the holy aura was spread around the sea, the sea monsters that were enjoying free rewards cried out and suddenly disappeared .

‘This is the divine power of God . ’

It was unlike those shamans who light those incense would wave their fan, a different realm of power .

I think I understand why the people of this world were able to wholeheartedly believe and rely on these Gods .

‘Kuh, but why am I keep thinking of her!’

I still had Ye-rin back on Earth but my head was filling up with Aramis’ holy face and kindhearted appearance .

It must have been the fault of hormones of a male leopard who has not found his mate .


“The Madirs…are coming!”

“Fi, fishes! It’s fishes!”

Just like how Hong-Gil-Dong felt when he could not call his father as father and his brother as brother, people of Luna Village who were originally fishermen, could not call fishes as they were . But now they were joyfully shouting at those fishes that were nearing the beaches .

They were only able to only enjoy fishes that came after being pushed ashore on a stormy day .

They were too engrossed at the sight of thousands of fishes floating toward the beach .

“The mercenaries should quickly pick out Madir! Terrison, slice the neck open and let the blood out! Quality of Madir is decided by its freshness!”

Jamir knew it was not the time to just stand there amazed .

He quickly gave out orders to hired mercenaries and merchants who were dazed .

‘They are all top quality without a single injury! I can get at least 200 gold!’

At the speed which Madirs were being caught, it was possible make great fortune for the Trading Company

If that were to happen, from the company’s perspective that were in great worry over Madir, their level of trust on Jamir would greatly rise .

‘Kyre, thank you . ’

Kyre, an oddball youth with mysterious identity .


He was soaring through the sky using Fly spell and laughing out of reasons which nobody knew .


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