Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My DiscipleChapter 959 - Playing The Part

Ye Xuan was transmigrated to the Qingyun Sect and became the youngest elder. At the same time, he had also received the 10000x Disciple Cashback System.From a young maid to a previous noble lady and the demonic empress, he accepted all of them as his disciples.No matter what he gifted and taught his disciples, he would receive the same thing back in 10000 folds.“Ding! You have given your disciple a low-grade Nirvana Pill. You have been rewarded with the Heaven Path Pill.”“Ding! You have given your disciple the Sky Blazing Sword. You have been rewarded with the ancient divine sword, God Slayer.”“Ding! Your disciple’s cultivation has increased by a year. You have been rewarded with 10000 years worth of cultivation.”Ye Xuan continued to accept more disciples until one day, one of his disciples, the empress, exposed his identity.It was then that the world learned of a person who was the strongest. Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was InvincibleChapter 817 - Conclusion

Chu Xuan transmigrated to a fantasy world and became the young master of a powerful family. He was rebuked for misbehaving just because he sneezed during a banquet. As punishment, he was banished from the ancestral mansion and was relocated to a remote residence.He did not mind the punishment at all. He just needed a spot that could allow him to be a shut-in. With the system that would allow him to grow stronger by being a shut-in, the longer he stayed indoors, the more powerful he became.After being a shut-in for a day, he was rewarded with the Indestructible Body Technique.After being a shut-in for a month, he was rewarded with the Immovable Mountain Technique.After being a shut-in for a year, he was rewarded with the Yuxu Celestial Scripture and 100 years of cultivation.After being a shut-in for 10 years, he was rewarded with the Chaotic Indestructible Body and the Bell of Chaos.…Chu Xuan declared, “No one can make me leave my home. I like being a shut-in!”

My Genes Can Evolve LimitlesslyChapter 780 Origin 3 (Final )

This is a world where technology and the supernatural exist. There are demonic beasts, wars between species, evolution, and danger everywhere. Fortunately, humans aged between 16 to 18 will have the chance to activate certain genes and become gene warriors.Gene warriors will enter a wonderous World of Origination and begin their adventure there. They will seek treasure and copy extraordinary genes to gain wondrous strength, becoming the main power against danger.Lu Yuan transmigrated to this world, bringing with him a cube that can evolve genes without limits.I woke up with a start.I have transmigrated, am handsome, and have the golden touch. I am going to win at this! Am I going to be the protagonist?!I, Lu Yuan, am definitely going to become the pillar of the human race! Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 YearsChapter 769 - : Enter

Qin Chen was transmigrated to the Taiyi Holy Land where he became a servant in charge of sweeping the floor. However, on his 16th birthday, he was rewarded with a system where he was rewarded whenever he signed in at a new place.When he signed in at the Empire Ruin, he was rewarded with the strongest Chaotic Holy Body and the Chaos Emperor Scripture.When he signed in at the Demon Sealing Land, he was rewarded with the Probationary Royal Armies.When he signed in at the Alchemy Palace, he was rewarded with the Divine-grade Alchemy.When he signed in at the Herb Garden, he was rewarded with an Immortality Elixir.When he signed in at the Empire Palace, he was rewarded with the Emperor-grade Divine Art, Revival.…Qin Chen thought he could just spend the rest of his life signing in at different places until he became invincible.However, when the ruin of the Great Kingdom appeared inside the holy land, people from other holy lands, prestigious families, and even ancient empires gathered to defeat the All-Powerful Demon King who appeared with the ruin. The Demon King had killed countless people and had planned to destroy the Taiyi Holy Land.Qin Chen was left with no choice but to step up. When he killed the Demon King with a single slap, he sighed, “Why do you guys have to force a mere servant to act?” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword PavilionChapter 1264 - Controlling the Immortal Burial City, Battling the Immortal Lords!

Han Muye, who had exceptional comprehension skills, was reborn into a cultivation world. He joined a clan which specialized in swordsmanship. He then became the keeper who looked after the swords in the Swords Pavilion.There were more than 100,000 swords stored in the pavilion. The keeper was tasked to clean all of them once a month.When Han Muge cleaned the Qinghe sword, he acquired a hint of Sword Qi.When he cleaned the Ziyan sword, he comprehended the swordsmanship, the Burning Plain, left behind by the original owner of the sword. He also acquired the Sword Qi of Burning Flame.When he cleaned the Shanyue sword, he comprehended the teachings left behind by Master Boulder and learned the Mountain Sword Technique.…Han Muye built up his Sword Qi bit by bit during the past 60 years working as a keeper in the pavilion.Throughout the 60 years, a disciple came to seek a sword in the pavilion, and he received guidance from Han Muye.The Sacred Maiden from the demonic clan attempted to steal a sword from the pavilion, but in the end, she left dejected and empty-handed.A swordsman came to challenge Han Muye, and he left with a broken sword.…60 years later, the Celestial World invaded the mortal world.The disciple had become an exceptional Sword Deity. He wielded his sword and protected a part of the world.The Sacred Maiden had become the demonic clan leader. She sent a letter to the Swords Pavilion and led her clan to fight against the gods.The swordsman had achieved enlightenment in his swordsmanship. His Sword Qi rifled up to the sky.…The gods from the Celestial World loomed over the sky above.Han Muye slowly stood up. 100,000 swords followed him as he emerged from the pavilion. His Sword Qi could be sensed from 30,000 miles away, and his Sword Will pierced through the realms.He declared, “Today, I, Han Muye, will traverse the sky. I want to see who among the gods dares to invade this mortal world.”

All My Disciples Are KingsChapter 961: Chase, step into the hinterland!

As we all know, there is a force that must not be messed with in the Southern Region, thatched cottage.Among them, the eldest disciple is the Qingyun Sword Master of the Southern Region, with a mastery of swordsmanship.The second disciple, the Eternal Empress, leads an era.The third disciple is a great Confucianist in the world, and the star of Wenqu came down to earth.The fourth disciple, the reincarnation of the demon god, suppressed Jiuyou.…Lu Changsheng: Me? I am nothing special, just their master. Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

I Have Awakened The Deduction SystemChapter 775 - Imparting Divine Arts

He Chuan transmigrated to an alternate world where everyone could reincarnate.In this world, all citizens who reached 18 years old could acquire a chance to temporarily reincarnate to another world.They could reincarnate to various worlds such as an Eastern fantasy world, Xianxia world, Western fantasy world, an urban world with advanced martial arts, or even a sci-fi world of the future.They would acquire a mission along with the ability required to survive in that particular world.If they successfully completed the mission, they would become a permanent Reincarnator. They could then embark on the journey of being rich and successful.If they failed the mission, they would become ordinary commoners. The gates to the new worlds would be forever closed to them.He Chuan reincarnated to his first world.[You reincarnated into a world of martial arts. You are an orphan and a loser. You awakened the Deduction System.]He Chuan devoted himself to deducting various kinds of martial arts. He extracted the essence of each technique and merged them into a unique system.In the end, he became the greatest legend in Jianghu.[You acquired S rank evaluation. You may choose to keep the power you gained during this reincarnation and use it again in your future reincarnations.]He Chuan chose to keep the Deduction System decisively.He then reincarnated to his second world.[You reincarnated to a fantasy world. You are talented and are the eldest son in the royal family.]Sit back and enjoy as He Chuan breaks through the limits of the world and crushes the void.

My Two-sided Cultivation: Starting From Collecting ExperiencesChapter 661 Surrounded by a Single Person

Qin Huai crossed into the mysterious fantasy world where demons were rampant and heroes were rising. He had no background or cultivation qualifications until the day he became a medicine store apprentice and started to cultivate with his fellow apprentices.

As An Immortal, I Only Learn Forbidden SkillsChapter 768 - Three Old Men

When Jiang Ming woke up in a strange world, he learned he had obtained immortality. In the dangerous and ruthless world of cultivation, he was determined to carve his unique path. Taking advantage of his immortality, he vowed to learn forbidden skills that would normally eat away at the user’s life.As he continued on his path, Jiang Ming realized that with his forbidden skills, he could become the strongest.

What If I Can't Die?Chapter 545 - Ten Great Heavenly Dao (2)

Song Shi came to an immortal world where demons and monsters were rampant. He thought he was going to take a trepidatious road to immortality, but ended up awakening to a death-defying system, gaining strength from death and getting stronger every time he died.The whole style took a sudden change. Other people cultivated to seek immortality, but he was already immortal, and could only seek immortality by having himself killed in various ways, either by killing himself or by letting people kill him.“You were killed 10 times by the Yin spirit, awakening the spiritual root of fire!”“You were killed 10 times by the zombie, awakening the innate divine power!”“You were killed 10 times for excess cultivation, awakening the Daoist heart!”“You were killed by a formation, formation level +1!”“You were killed by an alchemy explosion, +1 alchemy level!”Pure Yang Spiritual Body, Nine Yang Divine Body, Sun Sacred Body; Vajra Spiritual Body, Golden Divine Body, Draconic Sacred Body; Psychic Sword Body, Innate Dao Body; Formation Master, Alchemy Master…

The Great Genetic EraChapter 1301 - : The Last Research Plan on the Muya Clan

“Old Tang, you activated speed-related Genetic Base Points. What’s the direction of those Base Points?”This question caused Tang Ting to have a melancholic expression.“It’s… Hand speed…” “And the right hand at that!”Xu Tui slipped onto a daze.Hand speed and the right hand. This image…Didn’t the teacher say that it was easier to activate the Base Points of the areas you use the most?“Old Tang, just what do you use your hands for?” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Myriad Paths of the Dragon EmperorChapter 1813 - : Chapter 1813-killing Feng Ling
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Stripped of his blood meridians, young lad Lu Ming suffered all kinds of humiliating demise and was deemed useless. One day, he gained access to the Supreme Shrine by chance and went on a glorious, odds-defying path with a reborn supreme blood meridian.The myriad paths of the Dragon Emperor were birthed by cultivating the True War Dragon Technique, devouring countless living beings, connecting all blood meridians under the skies, and traveling through and defeating heroes from all Nine Skies and Ten Lands. Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Primordial 'Dual Cultivator' Dragon With SystemChapter 545 Tang Clan’s Inheritance II

In fact, Ling Yun was the son of a wealthy businessman. But one day, his mother finds out that her husband is having an affair with his secretary. And after that she decided to divorce her husband, but at that time she did not realize that she was pregnant with Ling Yun.After learning about her pregnancy, she decided to move to another city. And since then, their lives have been up and down. Because of the economic crush, and also his mother's health was getting worse.He decided to take the 'Dark' path, which led him to near death. But just as Ling Yun was nearing his end, he heard a little girl's voice asking him.“Do you want to live?” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The GlobeChapter 704 - Giving It A Try! (2)

“Boss. Aren’t you too greedy? You are selling this husky mutt for 500,000?”A cute girl in a ponytail held a husky puppy, whose eyes looked exceptionally wise, in her arms as she glared at Lin Ye. Her gaze was accusing him of being a dishonest trader.Lin Ye explained, “Miss, I have to formally inform you: this is not a husky mutt.”The girl retorted, “Don’t you dare trick me.”“I’m serious. It has the bloodline of Cerberus. Its potential is limitless.”The girl was stunned by Lin Ye’s words.After pondering for a moment, she realized that what he said was absurd. Agitated, she yelled, “Are you sure? I don’t believe it!”Lin Ye gestured at the husky in her arms as he said, “Little fella, get down and show your future owner what you can do. Go!”“Woof!”The girl shrieked in horror as she witnessed the little husky spit out a fireball the size of a fist.……Many years later, Lin Ye has crowned the Father of Beast-taming of the Blue Planet. When he was interviewed, he said forlornly, “It all started with a husky mutt.”At the same time, in a mansion, a gigantic red dog with three heads sneezed. Then, it barked at the television before it.“Woof!” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!Chapter 820 - : A New World

Lin Mo transmigrated to an eastern fantasy world.He started off with a classic “zero to hero” opening.Because of the [God Devourer] special attribute that he was born with, he used up countless resources, yet his cultivation level wouldn’t rise even one bit.Finally, he was chased out of the clan by the chief.He became responsible for managing the market place meant for newcomers at Initial Heart Village, which is a small town in the countryside.He thought that he would live the rest of his life uneventfully as a businessman.He didn’t expect that he would awaken the [Auction Rebate System]As long as the auction house sells items, Lin Mo would receive rebates several times the value of the item sold.[Ding! The host had auctioned off leftover bits from an elixir cauldron. Rebate give: Ninth Level Ultra Elixir: Heaven Forge Restoration Pill!][Ding! The host had auctioned off the basic cultivation method: Strength Training Long Fist. Rebate given: Ninth Level Ultra Cultivation Method: Ancient Dragon Mammoth Method!][Ding! The host had auctioned off a rusty bronze sword. Rebate give: Ninth Rank Ultra Weapon: God Slayer Sword!][Ding! …]As such, Lin Mo’s insane path to greatness has begun!

I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation NovelChapter 458 - Be Still if You Want to Fight, Be Forebearing if You Want to Be StableHOT

When Fang Jin learned that he was in a cultivation novel where the protagonist was a lady and that he had become cannon fodder, he quickly racked his brain to think of a way to save himself.Everything seemed wrong until he saw it.[First day as a pet owner.][Attractiveness +1]…[A day of cultivation with zero gain.][Understanding +1] Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

My Cultivation Prowess Peaks after I Buried the Great Emperor's CorpseChapter 357 - : Auspicious Beast of Heaven and Earth, White Deer!

Lin Wudao transmigrated and obtained an invincible system to bury corpses.So long as he buried the corpses of the powerful, he got to take over what they had or what they touched as his bonus. What was more, those items he stood to win were the enhanced versions.The minimum level was enhanced by ten times!“You’ve buried the corpse of Jiang Taichu the Great Emperor. Your cultivation prowess just increased by 10,000 years!”“You’ve buried the corpse of your fiancee, Jiang Qingxue. You get the essence of the immortal, which is enhanced by 100,000 times! It’s thus upgraded into the essence of harmony. You will become the Immortal Emperor after the extraction of it!”……Ever since he acquired this system, Lin Wudao had embarked on an invincible journey of advancing history and dominating the world. Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Living In Another World With A FarmChapter 2272 - 644-change of appearance (2)

If he wanted to boss around, he could do whatever he wanted. I would continue to farm, but if he tried to attack me, then he would not live to see another day.Zhao Hai was a shut-in until he was transmigrated to another world with a farm and taken over the body of a fallen noble. The land that the noble had was one that could not grow anything. He also had a fiance who was the heir to a principality. To make matters even worse, he was talentless in martial arts and magic where he couldn’t even learn both.“So what if I can’t do magic? I have my farm. Let’s see you try and attack me! I’ll let my bugs out to devour all of your military rations! I’ll put pesticides in your water source and grow weeds on your land! Let’s see you try and attack me after that!”“What? You’ll hire assassins to kill me? Try and do that when I’m hiding inside my farmhouse. Once that is over, I’ll rid your country of all your food sources! Your citizens will come after you instead of you coming after me!”The shut-in had a slightly foul personality. This is a story of how he, and his farm, became a nightmare to the people of a world of swords and magic. Dear readers! Visit and read more novel at to help our team update chapter quickly.

I Have Countless ClonesChapter 271 - : Human-faced Owl (2)

Crossing over to an independent urban world where martial arts and immortal law coexisted, the only thing Lin Shen could rely on was his clone’s golden finger.“Clone cultivation, the host becomes stronger.”“Clone [Pure Flame Body]: Flame attribute techniques cultivation speed +300%, Blazing Flame Palm, Melting Hand, Pure Flame Sword Skill… Any flame attribute techniques at your service. You can become a master in a day!”“Clone [Natural Daoist Body]: cultivation speed +500%. All martial arts techniques can be understood at first glance, and will be integrated, crushing all geniuses!”“Clone [Non-self Sword God]: Sword art technique power +200%, sword art technique cultivation speed +200%. No matter how strong you are, I will cut you down with one strike!”…“You never know how many clones are trying to cultivate behind the person you are talking to in front of you!”“What does it have to do with me if my clone did it?”“Don’t try to outnumber me cuz you can’t!” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

From A Stronghold NPC To The Final BOSSChapter 526 - : Chapter 526/reward from the heavens and earth

This book was also called “I’m Really An Upright Man”. I am Qin Shujian. I’ve achieved nothing in both the way of the book and the sword in these prosperous 30 years. This is the growth journey of an honorable, compassionate, and upright man!

The Herb KingChapter 291 Ingredient Identification

Leric was a top herbalist and a qualified doctor, but he was already in his twilight years. He had spent his entire life researching herbs and the human body. And because of this reason, he didn’t experience the joys of life. However, a piece of information written in an old book changed his life.It was a chance at rebirth!With his knowledge as an herbalist and as a doctor, join Leric as he begins a new life in Falkur, a world ruled by powerhouses called Espers! Dear readers! Visit and read more novel at to help our team update chapter quickly.

Extracting Billions Of Toxins And Tempering An Unsullied BodyChapter 501 - The Final Battle, I’m Going to the Central Plains!

#extract #rapiddevelopmentGu Xi transmigrated to a fantasy world where strength was exalted. He was weak from a young age and was detested by his own clan.Thankfully, he was bound to the Infinite Extraction System.With the system, he could analyze anything and discover its weaknesses. He could also extract their impurities and repair their flaws.Therefore, he extracted the billions of toxins from his own body and tempered a unique Unsullied Body, which put him in the best physical condition for cultivation.His abilities improved by leaps and bounds.What would he do if he lacked martial arts techniques?[Ding! 99 million flaws are detected in the Sword Drawing Technique, a basic martial arts technique. The flaws have been repaired automatically and it has become the One Sword Immortal Kneels, a divine-grade cultivation technique.][Ding! 50 million flaws are detected in the waste left in the cauldron. The flaws have been repaired automatically and it has become the Pill of Great Enlightenment, a supreme-grade medicinal pill.][Ding! A hint of the divine beast bloodline is detected in White Fox, the Familiar Beast. The impurities in its body have been extracted automatically and it has evolved into the Nine-tailed Celestial Fox.]As such, Gu Xi turned all junk into treasures and he was on an easy journey to become the mightiest in the world.

Goddess Helps Me Simulate CultivationChapter 500(End) - 500 The Developer’s Younger Years, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator Is at Your Service (End of Book) (3)

# simulatorBai Yi transmigrated to a fantasy world and awakened the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. The longer he managed to survive in a simulation, the better the rewards he would obtain.[You were born into a poor family… you died due to hunger.][You were born into a rich family that runs a business… you were killed by kidnappers.]After failing more than 30 times in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, Bai Yi wondered whether he was unfit for cultivation. Therefore, he had to rely on others to go through the simulation for him![Chen Qianxue, the Holy Maiden of the Soul Sword Clan, has entered into the Immortal Cultivation Simulator upon your invitation.][Age 0, Chen Qianxue was born into a poor family.][Age 5, Chen Qianxue picked up the manuscript of the Sword Cultivation Technique by chance.][Age 8, Chen Qianxue was at the first level of the Qi Refinement stage.][Age 164, Chen Qianxue failed while attempting to break through to the next stage. She died due to sudden, unbearable power pushing through her meridians.][You acquired the following rewards…][…]

Cultivator With Modern AIChapter 569 Feng Xian’er Decision

Long Tian was a genius cultivator who was known by many names , such as Ruthless Emperor , God Physician , and many other nicknames . He has lived in various eras, he even mastered various things such as medicine, the art of killing, martial arts, modern technology, and other abilities.However, misfortune finally befell him, because he was too obsessed with resurrecting his wife Liu Lifen. He tried to defy fate and use forbidden arts but he failed miserably, and his obsession led to his death.But just as his soul began to dissipate, Long Tian's soul was sucked in by a black hole. And by the time he regained his consciousness, he was already in a world he had never seen before.And from the memory he knew that his current name was Xia Tian, ​​a sixteen year old debauchee. His father was killed by a mysterious person , and he himself was also a cripple.But who is Long Tian? He was a genius cultivator with various abilities, and was well known by many nicknames. He is determined to return to his peak, and fight against his own destiny to become the strongest in this new world.

Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded HandsomelyChapter 471 - : Chapter 290-Tactics
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Li Yuanqing transmigrated and became the crown prince of Northern Kingdom. He was sent to the borders, after his cultivation and meridans was crippled, because he refused to marry a princess and was not allowed back into the palace ever.Just then, the Hundred-fold Sign-in System was activated!Outside his house in the Wilderness, he signed in and received 100 Replenishment pills!Beside the lake of the Wilderness, he signed in and received 100 Marrow Cleansing pills!Among the warriors of Myriad City Kingdom, he signed in and received 100 Heavenly Skill manuals!…Li Yuanqing had thought that if he just signed in silently and received the hundred-fold reward, he would be able to watch over his younger sister until she became the ruler of the kingdom and until he became invincible.But he had never thought that one day, the queen of Myriad City Kingdom would come to meet him!“I am willing to use Myriad City as my dowry. Will you marry me, Your Highness?”Li Yuanqing did not know what to do when he looked at the queen smiling beautifully before him… Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

I Maximize My Item-dropping RateChapter 280 - : Unexpected Yin Flame (1)

After mistakenly contributing all of his attribute points to the drop rate, Xiao Shi found that every time he killed, he would get an item.Slapping a mosquito to death, drop a pill.Killing an evil spirit, drop a secret book.Slashing a martial artist to death, drop the opponent’s cultivation tips.….When killing, Xiao Shi was shocked… “How did I become invincible?” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Signing In At Mount Sword For 100 Years To Become InvincibleChapter 350 - Ending

Lin Ran was transmigrated to a fantasy world and was the top scorer during the martial arts exam.He was assigned to protect the empress, but because he did not give presents to the general director in charge of the palace affairs, he was demoted to a guard at Mount Sword.His only job was to clean the swords stored on the mountain.[You have cleaned the broken sword, Fire Stream. You have been rewarded with 50% proficiency of the Heaven Fire Sword Will.][You have cleaned the heavy sword, Dragon Elephant. You have been rewarded with the inner energy of the Dragon and Elephant Divine Art.][You have cleaned the demon sword, Dark Wind. You have been rewarded with the Grade 9 method, Phantom Step.][You have cleaned the spirit sword, Heaven’s Chance. You have been rewarded with the Eyes that Peek into Heaven.]“Isn’t this way better than working as the empress’s guard?” Lin Ran quickly decided to remain on the mountain until he had become invincible.He spent the next 100 years without leaving Mount Sword until the day the barbaric knights from the north invaded the central plains and started to mercilessly slaughter citizens, hoping to break the peace that was obtained through a lot of sacrifices over 100 years ago.Lin Ran had no choice but to descend from the mountain.

Super Godly Machine ArmyChapter 856-END

Jiang Li accidentally transmigrated to a fantasy world along with a game called Super Godly Machine Army.[Ruler Panel][Ruler: Jiang Li][Game: Super Godly Machine Army][Interface: Military Units][Infantry Machine Unit], [Navy Machine Unit], [Air Force Machine Unit], [Space Machine Unit], [Special Forces Machine Unit][Energy Points: 0][Soul Sparks: 0]Soon, Jiang Li created Combat Machine Soldiers, Electric Machine Soldiers, Liquid Metal Machine Soldiers, Machine Dragon Riders, Nether Energy Machine Soldiers, Machine Engineers and many more.This was the story of a man in a fantasy world who became invincible by creating a machine army that dominated the world.

I Just Want To Slack off In CultivationChapter 1796 84-Ancient Game!
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

[I have led a cautious life, but the system keeps trying to do me in] “Ding Dong!” “Welcome to the Smart Cultivation System!”“You have chosen to cultivate the Bone Forging Art. The system will start cultivating for you. The system has detected that the host is missing the Bone Tempering Pill. Please wait a moment…” “Ding Dong!”“The system successfully stole ten Bone Tempering Pills for you, and the cultivation will continue…” “Important reminder, while the system is cultivating, you will lose lose control of the body…”After getting the Smart Cultivation System, Pei Ling began to grow stronger rapidly. He was prepared to become a deity until one day… “Ding Dong!”“You have chosen to cultivate an unknown technique. The system has identified this as a dual cultivation method. The system will start to cultivate for you. The system has detected that the host is missing a Dao Partner. The system is looking for a Dao Partner for you…” So, Pei Ling watched as he ran to the fairy’s training room next door, drugged her, and carried her into his room…

My Checkpoint System Turned Me Into The Godfather of HumanityChapter 498-END - 498 The era of the human race (grand finale)

Chu He transmigrated into a barren world as a lowly odd-jobber in the Xia clan. He had initially accepted his fate and was ready to spend his life ordinarily and peacefully. Little did he expect himself to suddenly awaken the Checkpoint System which rewarded him for checking into places!Ding, congratulations to the Host for successful checking-in. For your first check-in, your reward is the Golden Nine Turns. Ding, congratulations to the Host for successful checking-in. For your twenty-one-thousandth check-in, your reward is the Golden Manifestation of Buddha’s Form.Chu He was certain that the world outside was too dangerous, so he resolved to not leave the book depository until he became truly invincible and peerless, and thus he stayed for a hundred years. A hundred years later, the Tiger clan attacked the Xia clan and planned to massacre countless humans, it was at that moment that Chu He finally showed his hand!

The AFK Farming Software: I Became Invincible Without Knowing ItChapter 478End - The End!

Qi Ming woke up to find that he had transmigrated. He had become a disciple of the Green Cloud Peak, one of the twelve peaks of the Heaven Enlightenment Sect. Fortunately, the “AFK Farming Software” was activated and changed his life. “Ding!” “You had been AFK Farming for seven days in the game dungeon ‘Shu Mountain Ancient Path’. You have cleared the game dungeon seven times. You have obtained: 1 Seven Star Sword, 1 Sword Kinesis Technique, 1 Top-Grade Foundation Establishment Pill, and 630 Low-Grade Spirit Stones. “Ding!” “The Green Cloud Qi Refinement Art has been cultivated for a day. Your cultivation progress has increased. You will break through to the next level after 10 days of AFK Farming. Qi Ming was tired of cultivating. It was too dangerous out there, so he could only cultivate through the AFK Farming Software every day in the sect. Eventually, Qi Ming reached Foundation Establishment, followed by Golden Core, and subsequently Nascent Soul. He... became invincible?

I Transmigrated As A Prison Guard And Suppressed The PrincessChapter 1515

Xiao Ran transmigrated to a fantasy world. As a dungeon guard in the Celestial Dungeon, with a special floor called the Purgatory meant for powerful demons and martial arts experts, he faced a huge challenge from the start. The Eldest Princess acquired a forbidden martial arts technique and was banished to the Purgatory. However, no one was powerful enough to restrain her. All the dungeon guards were defeated. Xiao Ran stepped up and declared, “Your Highness, it’s better for you to behave yourself on my territory” and effortlessly subdued the Eldest Princess.He progressed from imprisoning the Eldest Princess to delivering the Great Xia Kingdom from the evil clutches of various demons and evil martial arts experts.…Xiao Ran was the mastermind behind the scenes.

I Have A Special Cultivation TalentChapter 982 - 982 Space Bandit (1)

The following were the talents of other cultivators: Divine Spiritual Root, Unique Body, Double Eyes, Divine Bones.This was the talent of Chen Jingzhai: Bug Abuse.Chen Jingzhai did not have any unique talent until he found out he could abuse bugs.When he encountered a new martial art, he could instantly see the pros and cons and the weakness of the art.When he fought, he could notice his opponent’s weakness and use that to his advantage.When he brewed pills, he could abuse a special bug that allowed him to mass-produce high-quality pills.Not only he could discover bugs while cultivating, but also in some special circumstances.With the help of his new power, he began on a one-of-a-kind cultivation journey where he would become a legend.

Ancestor AboveChapter 514-END

“This is the system? This is my trump card? Why did you only give it to me after I died?” Lu Qing crossed over to the cultivation world and spent 200 years to become a Golden Core cultivator. He married, had children, and created a clan.He only activated the “Clan Development System” after he died from serious injuries. [Spiritual Root Enhancement], [Resource Scouting], [Pure-yang Body]… Which option do you want?I’ll give it all to you! I truly am your ancestor. Listen to me and I’ll take you to the skies!

I Can Level Up By Staying IdleChapter 294 - You Actually Broke Through to a Radiant Solar Martial Artist?

Initially, Lin Mo intended to become stronger through cultivating diligently. However, he discovered that staying idle was more comfortable. Most importantly, he could level up by doing nothing! Since he could achieve his goals by lying idle, why would he trouble himself to stand and work?Lin Mo transmigrated to a martial arts world and realized that he had no talent in cultivating at all. Fortunately, he awakened the Idle Upgrade System. He could become stronger by staying away from the rat race and enjoying life.Lin Mo lamented, “It’s not that I don’t want to work hard, but truly, there is no opportunity for me to do so.” As such, the most bizarre Martial Arts Saint in human history was born.

Cultivation: Start From Simplifying Martial Arts TechniquesChapter 182 - : Sensing the Aperture Points

Chen Fei looked at the bewildering number of people in front of him who desperately practiced boxing to become a master, sighing.“Compete? I don’t think so. My motto is never to stand when you can sit.”So the panel answered his call.“Extreme Mountain Fist Technique simplification in progress… simplification successful… Extreme Mountain Breathing Technique”“Extreme Mountain Breathing Method simplification in progress… simplification successful… Breathing”Chen Fei took a deep breath.“Extreme Mountain Breathing Method experience +1.”“…So I can cultivate by breathing alone?” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Cultivation: I Inherite The Strongest Account In A Sect SimulatorChapter 210-END

Jiang Yining was transmigrated to a cultivation world and became the master of the Tianyan Sect.Unfortunately, the sect was broke and he only had three disciples. Just as everything was about to fall even further apart, he received the Golden Finger.To make it even more interesting, the Golden Finger was an idle cultivation game that Jiang Yining had played in his previous world.[Welcome back, long-time player. You will inherit your old account that has been idled for a million years.]From the game, Jiang Yining could receive martial arts, resources, fates, buildings, skills, and even spiritual roots from checking in and completing quests.He vowed that he would use the rewards to grow his own sect.In the world of cultivation existed prestigious families, sects, kingdoms, and even celestial sects. Everyone’s goal was to ascend to a celestial being.However, years later, Jiang Yining and his Tianyan Sect sat on the Long River and looked down at the people still struggling in the celestial realm.

Stepmother: I Am Asked To Give A Kidney To My Half-BrotherChapter 510End - Final Chapter

When Lu Ming’s biological father and stepmother came looking for him, he didn’t feel happy or excited.A long time ago, Lu Ming’s father, Lu Yaohua, abandoned his wife and son and married his lover.For 18 years, Lu Ming had not seen his father, even when his mother passed away.Now, Lu Ming’s father came looking for him because his half-brother was sick and needed a kidney transplant. The first thing his father and stepmother said to him was that they wanted a kidney from him.“We are a family. You’re his older brother. It’s your responsibility to save your little brother. If you can help Ze, we’ll give you 10 million yuan,” offered Lu Yaohua.“A human can survive with one kidney, right? How can you not save your brother when he’s dying? You’re just like your useless mom!” scolded the stepmother.“Heck! I would never have agreed to dad spending the 10 million if the donor center has a suitable kidney for me!” cursed the younger brother.[Option 1: Agree to the request. Reward: A halo for enduring humiliation.Option 2: Decline the request. Reward: 51% of the shares of Wanke Real Estate—one the top 500 listed companies in the country.]Lu Ming stared coldly at the three visitors and scoffed.“I don’t have a brother like you, or a family. Get lost!”

Fantasy: I Can Instantly Comprehend EverythingChapter 203 - : The End

Zhou Yun transmigrated to a fantasy world and was bound to the God Tier Epiphany System. He could enter into a state of meditation and achieve epiphanies that others desired regardless of what he did.Other cultivators immersed themselves fully in hardcore training in order to achieve some improvements in their swordsmanship.On the other hand, Zhou Yun achieved enlightenment in swordsmanship by merely picking up a sword and playing with it a little. His swordsmanship attained perfection in an instant.Other cultivators trained hard in order to break through to the next plane.Zhou Yun merely swept a glance at the fallen leaves in the courtyard. Then, he had an epiphany and broke through to the next plane on the spot. He had insights into everything in the world, and his rate of plane progression skyrocketed.When other cultivators finally became powerful existences after going through various hardships, Zhou Yun had already become the supreme existence through having countless epiphanies.

Peerless Sword Saint Checks In Secretly For 3000 YearsChapter 493 -

Just became the disciple with the highest seniority, but the Age of the Dark Mist descended, and the sect plummeted into a land plagued with raging demons.Shen Changge who had already written his suicide note suddenly awakened to a Check-in System.[Check-in at Sword Lord Statue, Success, acquired: Empyrean Sword Manual][Check-in at Training Ground, Success, acquired: Cultivation Base*50 years][Check-in at Sword Clout Mountain, Success, acquired: Sword Clout of Destruction*1s]…In the Age of the Dark Mist, demons were rampant, and an impenetrable mist veiled the empyrean. By vanquishing demons, the mist could be dispelled, and new check-in locations could be unlocked. By doing so clandestinely, Shen Changge became a Sword Saint.When a demon broke into the Empyrean Sword Sect, everyone in the sect was powerless. People were in despair, until they met that young man in white who had just checked in at the Empyrean Peak. The young man’s eyes were ablaze.“Submit, demon.”

Demon Sect Cultivation: I Can Disable DebuffsChapter 125 - : Curse Again

Transmigrated to become a disciple of the demon sect, relying on the technique modifier to become a giant of the demon path.[Detected the technique “Blood Nerve”, relying on devouring blood to cultivate][Side effect: easily affected by the spirit contained in the blood, becoming bloodthirsty, murderous, insane, and even brain dead][Please wait, system modification is in progress…][Ding! Modification completed and side effects canceled]

My Master Is Super Powerful But Overly SteadyChapter 264

Ye Chen transmigrated to a fantasy world by chance. He was well-aware of how dangerous this world was, so he kept a low profile and quietly cultivated in Xuantian Holy Land. He tried his best not to get involved in any affairs for fear of getting caught up in any vendetta.If he encountered problems that he could not run away from, he would ensure that he annihilated all his opponents as swiftly as possible.He showed no regrets for staying aloof and no remorse for killing his enemies.Hundreds and thousands of years later, Ye Chen’s disciples were domineering existences in the world, and their influences spread far and wide. On the other hand, Ye Chen was steadfast to his principle of not drawing any attention to himself.…One day, the Heavenly Path experienced significant changes, and all the demons and gods throughout history attacked Ye Chen simultaneously. Ye Chen was forced to defend himself.He drew out his sword and easily eradicated all the demons and gods, resulting in the collapse of the Heavenly Path.Ye Chen blinked his eyes in disbelief and said, “Was that all?”

I Hide And Farm In The World Of Cultivation To Increase My ProficiencyChapter 182 - : The Death of Hook Snake and Fu Jiu (2)

Lu Yuan crossed into the world of immortal cultivation and obtained [Skill Panel]. He was well aware of the level of danger in the world of immortal cultivation.[Sword-ridden skill reaches LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement…][Obtained advanced skill – Ride the Wind Royal Sword Technique: Double the speed of Royal Sword][Reaching LV.10 in Breath Convergence Technique, please choose the direction of advancement…][Obtained advanced skill – Aether Turtle Breath Concealment Technique: Double the effect of breath concealment][Disguise skill reached LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement…][Obtain advanced skill – Disguise: Adjust your face muscles to achieve a perfect disguise effect]The so-called immortal cultivation was to see who lived longer!Killing the enemy was not something to brag about, but living was.Running fast, being good at hiding, looking ordinary… were the posture of the immortal emperor!Lu Yuan: I came to the immortal cultivation world only to do three things. Live long, live long, and live a godda*n long life.“Only those who are alive… are worthy of cultivating.”“What, you talk to me about ghost immortals? A bunch of evil b*stards. Get out of here!”Steady immortal cultivation: afraid to die, so I maximized my defensive abilities. Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .

Reincarnated as a second generation villainChapter 212 Ji Luoxue And The Empire

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Villain'? Evil, cruel, cunning? So true.But what if the main character in this novel is reincarnated as a villain? Can he kill the protagonist who has endless plot armor?Zhou Yuan had to accept the fact that he had reincarnated into the world of the cultivation novels he had read in his previous life.He realized that his identity was extraordinary.Father is a CEO and Mayor, Mother is the Chairman of a famous company, and Grandfather is a national hero.Zhou Yuan was excited, but that all changed when he realized that his role was that of the villain.“Shit, am I going to die? No, then I will become the villain who rules the world!”Not being reckless, Zhou Yuan got help from the system.[Ding, you got a starter gift pack][Congratulations, you got a high-level cultivation talent][Congratulations, your luck increased +20][Congratulations, you got a high-level medical technique]

I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation EmulatorChapter 394 - 394 Killing the Six Demons of Mt. Mei

If you found out that you would be transmigrated to a fantasy world 10 days later, what would you do in these 10 days?[Activating the Cultivation Emulator.][Your current cultivation talent options are: extraordinary writing skills, disabilities…][Day 1. You transmigrated to a small village at the foot of Tianwu Mountain. You were determined to become a great cultivator who was immortal. On the same day, you left the village and headed into the mountains.][Day 2. You were in the mountains and hadn’t found any food so far. Hungry and thirsty, you sought temporary shelter in a dilapidated temple at night. To your surprise, there were monsters in the temple. You had no means to defend yourself and you died.][Ding! You completed the simulation. Every day, you can permanently retain a talent. You can also extract the talents into the real world.]10 days later, Zhao Hao ventured into the cultivation world, along with 10 top cultivation talents.

Beast Taming: I Can Extract Pleasure PointsChapter 397

Grass and trees could become fairies and even snow and frost had spirits!After suddenly dying from pulling all-nighters, Jiang He discovered that he had arrived in a miraculous world of beast taming.He could form contracts and tame beasts. By uncovering hidden evolution pathways, he discovered unique skills for his monsters and explored this unknown world!He became a legendary beast tamer and champion of the World Beast Taming Championship. As the Master of Light and Shadow and the Ruler of the Snow Domain, he was asked how he had obtained his achievements.He answered, “I merely relied on making my beasts happy.”

My Clones Cultivated Low Grade Martial Arts Until They Became Immortal Martial ArtsChapter 297 - 297 Bloodstone armor! Body hardening technique Level 7

Su Jie transmigrated to a world of xianxia. He did not have a spirit root and his martial arts talent was average. However, he discovered that he possessed the Spirit Imprint talent. As long as he placed his spirit imprint, be it plant or animal, they would become his clones!When his clones trained, Su Jie himself would benefit. He could easily master a martial arts technique to completion or even the Immortal Martial Artist Plane that surpassed all limits![Demon Ape Vajra Punch]: By cultivating the Demon Ape Body of Vajra, his body was impenetrable and his strength was unparalleled. He could topple mountains with his Body of Vajra![Heavenly Silkworm]: The Heavenly Silkworm metamorphosed and broke out of its cocoon to become a butterfly. It transcended life and death, so it was undying and indestructible[Demonic Prana of Dragons and Elephants]: After awakening the Demonic Prana, a divine martial arts technique, his power would be boundless. The sky changed color at his command and he could crush both the heavens and the earth.Not only did Su Jie cultivate martial arts to an unprecedented plane, but even all his clones also became existences that were feared and adored by the world.Demon Ape King, Lord of the Bohai Sea, the World Tree…all of them were his clones.Su Jie declared, “You might still have a chance to survive if you defy the heavens. But you will never get a chance to live if you defy me.”

Beastmastering: The Best Master Ever!Chapter 182 - : Isn ‘t That Your Fantastic Beast? (1)

[What is the method to distinguish the gender of the Thunder Rat?][What is the attribute of the Thorn Seahorse?][What is the superpower trick that the Lipstick Magnet Monster can learn?]The last science subject of the college entrance exam suddenly became the basic knowledge of Phantom Beasts!Chen Qiyue, who was sitting behind the desk, had a bewildered face.Well… well…Looking at the contents of this test paper and the surrounding students who had their heads buried in their books, the corners of Chen Qiyue’s mouth twitched.He must be dreaming.Or else this world was crazy!…Inside the Phantom Beast Feeding House“Sir, which one do you really want to buy?” the female receptionist asked weakly.Chen Qiyue pointed at one of the Phantom Beast eggs. “I’ll take it!”“Okay, I’ll take it down for you.”“Wait! I’ll take this one!”Chen Qiyue pointed to another egg.“Okay, do you still want to change it?”“Wait!”The female receptionist was speechless.Half an hour laterChen Qiyue happily walked away holding the black, unattractive egg with a few blue spots in his arms.The female receptionist suddenly turned pale, her legs went weak, and she fell to the ground, crying.“He was such a bad person. He deliberately pointed out all these Phantom Beast eggs.”Chen Qiyue spread his hands. “Well, I had to make better use of my cheats.”“Ahem, I’m a decent person!” Dear readers! Fresh green style, maybe you will like it more in .