Cultivation OnlineChapter 1431 Creation of the Shadow ArmyHOT

Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him.

Infinite Mana In The ApocalypseChapter 2944 Dominium! VI

Blessed with unlimited mana, Noah travels the worlds and sees rampant corruption and injustice.

The World OnlineChapter 1356 - Grand finale
GameMartial ArtsSci-fiMature

Earth Online – a virtual MMORPG that takes place in the future year of 2190 – a game that everyone will bet their futures on. Set in a map that is ten times the size of real-world Earth, players battle for supremacy in the first game to feature personal adventure, territory construction, and grand warfare. For every death you experience in the game, your level would drop back to zero. Ouyang Shuo, an above average player, suffered the ultimate betrayal. For merely a piece of equipment, his sworn brother betrayed and backstabbed him. This time, after he reincarnated in the game, Ouyang Shuo swore to exact vengeance. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Ouyang Shuo found himself back five years before the betrayal – right before the launch of Earth Online. This time, armed with the knowledge from his past life, Ouyang Shuo would venture upon a new path. How to perfectly complete quests? What historical battle maps would appear? How should one build up their territory? Utilizing the experience from the predecessors of his last life, Ouyang Shuo makes his bid for the top against all odds. Follow his journey as he seeks to lord over the world! A different kind of tale that blends historical characters and virtual reality gaming, with heavy emphasis on kingdom building and warfare.

MTL - Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse GameChapter 1333 rescue

In a parallel world, Fang Heng travels through an unlucky ghost who just committed suicide.Ok? What? All humans in this world are forced to join the game?shock! Will you be wiped out if you don’t play the game?Good guy, this unlucky guy who committed suicide turned out to be an ex-professional player?He actually has the highest-level S-level talent skill – Zombie Clone?The S-level talent has actually been upgraded! Can my zombie clone hang up?[During your offline period, your zombie clone group has completed the production of a wooden logging axe*720; you have gained basic production experience value: 1921].[During your offline period, your zombie clones cut down 27,821 trees; you get wood*128,973, and you get skills-basic cutting experience: 2171921].When the players were still struggling to survive in the zombie apocalypse, Fang Heng’s zombie clones had already begun to evacuate the entire forest.Fang Heng: This game is a bit interesting. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Strongest Gaming Legend~ Finish this testimonial

The world-class online game launched by the United Nations in 2020, Tianlin, is officially launched at the same time in all countries of the world.Su Ye was born again from 2025 to 2020, and he kept all the main developments in the past five years.What? You only have a black iron weapon, I have a bronze suit.What? The gold level of your pet, sorry, my god is a pet!What? A bottle of pharmacy 1 gold coin is too expensive, the boss gave me ten barrels!Su Ye Li Zhi: Since you are born again, you have to be the strongest player! - Description from uukanshu (translated)

MTL - Custom Made Demon KingChapter 308 full blow

Roy’s life was nothing special. The only thing commendable was the last few moments when he saved a mother and her child from a drunk driver.It’s really an egg! Damn it, what kind of monster have I become? Did I fall into Hell instead of making it to Heaven??Join Roy as he ventures through various worlds with the Custom Made Demon King System—a system that allows Roy to draw anything he can imagine and create it through exchanging souls! - Description from Webnovel

The King's AvatarChapter 1735 - 1735 Side Story: The Expectations of the Mediocre (6)

In the online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the professional scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he who possesses ten years of gaming experience once again throws himself into the game. Bringing with him the memories of his past and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins! After fighting and scheming, who snatched away my glory? Under the tossing of the wind and rain, my dreams shall still appear as though they had never been shattered. In all its splendor, the path shall never be lost. Before the gazes of millions, this is where I return! *Under the Gaming category, The King’s Avatar received the title for Best Work in 2013 and is the first and only 1000 Pledged Work (千盟作品). It has 23 million hits on Qidian and has the 2nd most recommendations in its category with 4.6 million recommendations.

MTL - Road Survival, I Have a Hint System!Chapter 1467 Slime Touch

Waking up with a hangover, Zhang Tuohai found he had entered a game called Road Survival.One person, one car, searching for supplies on the road with no end in sight, struggling to survive.In this game, crises were aplenty and many people had perished because of the search for supplies.Zhang Tuohai found that he had bound to the hint system.Stop! There is a level 4 material box hanging from the treetops on the side of the road with an RV upgrade blueprint inside.]While everyone was still careful and had difficulty surviving, Zhang Tuohai could already drive his RV and eat hot pot. - Description from Novelupdates

MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary GuardianChapter 856: Conclusion

A phoenix is a creature of legends, a wonder of the world, an imagery of life and destruction. This fabled creature signifies the rise of a hero in a virtual world where battles occur for the sake of honor and glory! Zhang Yang was a professional gamer in the first and most fantastic game that revolutionized the world: God’s Miracle. A game where traditional knowledge in RPGs did not matter anymore, players would have to manually target and evade attacks, giving rise to a significant gap in skill between a professional and an amateur gamer. Zhang Yang’s downfall came a little too soon. His girlfriend was snatched, his guild was harassed and disbanded, and he was even driven to commit suicide! Jumping off the top floor of a hotel, Zhang Yang seemed as though he was soaring like a phoenix. Little did he know that the end of his life also signified his rise from the ashes.

MTL - Lords Trying to Survive: Strategizing from a Rundown YardChapter 1084 : Your savior is here

Upon waking up, the whole people crossed the alien world.This is a terrifying world, almost immeasurable.There are dragons, griffins, goblins, goblins, dwarves, and orcs.There are also zombies, undead dens, and various mythological monsters.Everyone is a lord, starting with a life experience, a small courtyard, and three farmers.To get rich, start by arranging trees and gradually establishing territory.Lords need to explore the map, occupy areas, obtain resources, develop urban construction, and conquer monster dens.Every other month, you need to resist the looting of monster legions and various alien forces in order to survive.Zong Shen started the game and awakened the strategy system.Raiders will appear in everything you can see.Help him find all the hidden treasures.[The crooked neck tree 50 meters southeast of the territory is actually not simple. 】[Go forward 35 steps from your current position and start digging, you will get a surprise. 】[Don’t look, this treasure chest is a trap, and the poison gas inside will make you unconscious for three days and three nights. 】While others were still struggling to support, Zong Shen had already built a strong city.With countless powerful soldiers and epic heroes, resources are piled up like a mountain.Epic dragon Nithogg: “You…Don’t come here…I will give you all the treasures!”Chief Goblin: “I am willing to serve the adults.”King of Avalon: “I am willing to marry my beloved little daughter to you…”Zong Shen: “Children make choices, I want them all!” - Description from MTLNovel

MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterChapter 909 The End

In 2100 at the turn of the century the first full dive VMMORPG game 'Omega' was releasedWith its breathtaking graphics and possible adventures many players flocked to the game,but it all changed when the fun game currency had equated a real life value… starting the money rush!Elite players made guilds and continued to rise but those at the bottom could only suffer in silence.Rudra was such a bottom rung player, he had excellent reflex and was a great team leader , however his guild wronged him, his efforts only reaped rewards for his superiors. His father was dissapointed in him and his mother died because his family did not have enough money for her treatment.Used as a slave by the guild as a expendable workerclass he died one night when his then best friend pushed him from a flight of stairs over an in — game item.Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, He had the chance to get back at everyone who wronged him and help everyone who stood by him.In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined to make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top!

MTL - Lord of the People: Discount Artifact For Signing In at the StartChapter 1026 into the abyss

All the people came to the Chaos Continent, became the lord of one party, and participated in the struggle for hegemony among all ethnic groups.Tinder is the authority of the human lord. You can sign in on Tinder every day to get population, blueprints, food and other materials.Huang Yu signed in on the first day and got a discounted artifact.A batch of discounted products will be refreshed every day for Huang Yu to buy.then……“This legendary weapon is only 10,000 magic crystals after the discount? I bought it!”“0.5% off dragon eggs? Give me 100!”“0.0…01% off the extraordinary arms training camp! There is such a good thing? Come to the bowl!”…Since then, Huang Yu and his territory have become famous in the Chaos Continent! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The World Civilization Million Lords~ Finish this testimonial

The prospective college student Luo Ji, who is enjoying the last summer of the third year of high school, has undergone earth-shaking changes at this moment after accepting the invitation of the game friend and becoming the player of the game of “Civilization Rise”.This is a war game between the world and the world, and it is a fierce collision between civilization and civilization!To annex the five continents, sweeping across the three oceans, and see how Luo Ji led his people, in this powerful enemy look around, the battlefield of the heroes to fight for a battle to the most powerful imperial civilization! - Description from uukanshu translation

Divinity: Against the Godly SystemChapter 665: 661: The End...

Bracelet of Immortality, the mysterious sealed item that needed 26 fragments to completely unseal. Every unsealing giving an incredible power to the user.First Fragment, the power of Time. Second Fragment, the Power of healing. Third Fragment, the power of...What happens when Ryder Flynn finds the item inside the first Fully Immersive VRMMO. Why did the item follow him to the real world? Why is the Virtual World so real?****A human-like System that knows too much? Why does it feel like my family member? Is it related to my strange memories?The System used to annoy me so much with its threatening quests but why is it that now I feel each of his quest saved me and my loved one indirectly?****The memories of the past? Why do I remember being a god that created this bracelet? Why did I want to destroy everything. What did the other gods do?****

Eternal Cultivation of AlchemyChapter 1866 The Court Meeting
GameMartial ArtsAdventureAction

Through an array of coincidences, Alex comes to learn that making pills is one of the best ways to earn money in the game, 'Eternal Cultivation.'So, he decides to join a sect that prioritizes the way of Alchemy. How far will he go with his incredible talents and luck? Read and Find out.Not for people who want a fully developed MC from the very first chapter.

MTL - Lord of the People: My Explosion Rate is 100%Chapter 481 Legendary "Thousand Gold Prescriptions"! Summon Sun Simiao!

The whole people came to the Supreme Continent, became the lord of one party, and participated in the struggle for hegemony among the lords of all races!Some lucky lords will awaken their lord talents!“Haha, my lord’s talent is the Hall of Knights, which can allow the lords to transfer to a special combat profession – fighting spirit knight!”“My lord talent is the king of the abyss, and I can summon the demons of the abyss to become my subjects!”“There are countless scientists among my subjects, and I want to develop black technological civilization!”“My lord’s talent can refine Qi and practice, and it is up to me to become an immortal and an ancestor!Zhou Zhou Awakens Top Lord Talent: 100% Explosion Rate!Not only can you see the loot drop rate of the enemy, but you can also let the enemy drop all the loot after death!Zhou Zhou: See if I don’t expose all your lord talents!…Reminder group: 594039322. Welcome everyone to play~ - Description from MTLNovel

Samsara OnlineChapter 474: Wanting to cry but having no tears to shed

In the year 2030, Samsara Online, a 100% immersive VRMMORPG that allows players to bring their innate real-world skills to the virtual world, is launched and supported by the World Central Bank. With terrifying analytical ability, inhuman reflexes, and monstrous reaction speed, Xie Feng’s travel starts into a world that he will gradually discover is not as normal as it seems. It was also from that moment that Xie Feng’s life started to deviate from the norm, changing his destiny completely. ”As long as I exist in this world, no one else is allowed to be #1!” ”All those who made her cry will pay!” ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Note: In chapter 4 it might seem that something is forced, but trust me when I say that it is not. Everything has a logical reason, I just hope you continue reading to discover it! Note to readers who dislike the harem: The harem in this novel will not be like in 99% of the novels where the protagonist only picks up girls madly. This harem has a logical reason and a specific destiny connecting the protagonist with the girls. Believe me, if it wasn’t a harem, at the end of the story you would just cry.

Chronicles of Primordial WarsChapter 846 (END) - Epilogue 2
GameAdventureSlice Of LifeFantasy

Shao Xuan joins a friend in his expedition to a recently discovered archaeological cave. After he picks up an ordinary looking stone he is teleported to a different world and wakes up in the body of a small orphan child. The world he is in now is still in its stone age with primitive tools made of stone and the ways of the people are savage. Savage isn’t the only thing special about the people though, because they have superhuman strength, jump higher than trees and punch stones. In short, they are able to cultivate their bodies. Despite all this, it is a real struggle to survive because of the scarcity of food. Together with Caesar, his pet wolf, he tries to survive in this cruel world.

Shura's WrathChapter 850 Perfect Moon

The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In a future Earth where advanced warfare has forced nations to settle issues virtually or else suffer the consequences, Ling Chen bursts into the scene and goes from unknown to legend. Yet all is not as it seems, for Ling Chen has a dark past, and there is a greater mystery at hand behind this virtual world. To save his terminally ill little sister, Ling Chen enters the newly released virtual game world and joins a small gaming studio comprising entirely of women. From now on walking upon his path towards the pinnacle. An ancient, evil item almost forgotten by history, the “Lunar Scourge” helps forge his unsurpassable legend, and causes him to unknowingly step upon a path that is destined to be punished by the heavens, the way of the Shura.

MTL - Global Games: Start with 10 Billion Psionic CoinsChapter 1113 Three days later, the general offensive began

Alien civilization invaded, global psionics recovered, and a game against alien civilization was born…What? All transactions in the game can only use psionic coins?Can’t you quickly increase your strength without burning a lot of money?Su Yu smiled while standing beside the world’s largest psionic spring.I have tens of billions of psionic coins! Are you scared?…Ps: There are already 1.6 million words of the old book, and the credibility is guaranteed. - Description from MTLNovel

MMORPG: Martial GamerChapter 1601 - The Terrifying Quan Zhen Sect
GameMartial ArtsDramaAdventure

Catching arrows, running up walls, crushing boulders and bending metal, these are but petty parlour tricks in the eyes of martial artists. But where can a genuine martial artist stand in an era where martial artists are nothing more than a myth? Wang Yu, the most peerless martial prodigy the world has ever seen, elopes with his wife to escape an arranged marriage that was set for him as a child. Now aimless and living off his wife, Wang Yu explores the world of “Rebirth,” to seek a living. Rebirth is a world where dragons, demons and immortals are more than just legends, and Wang Yu is set to make a legend of his own.

MTL - Online Games: 10,000-fold Increase at the Beginning!Chapter 448 Top of the avenue (end of the book)

Lin Feng was reborn and returned to the day of the “Destiny Continent” public beta!In order to control his own destiny, Lin Feng resolutely entered the game!But after he just logged into the game, he was suddenly bound to the 10,000-fold increase system!“Ding dong~ You triggered the 10,000-fold increase and successfully obtained the SSS-level talent [Unlimited Firepower (Unique)]!!!”“Ding dong~ You have triggered a ten thousand-fold increase and successfully obtained the forbidden spell [The Scroll of Destruction Codex (Mythical Grade)]!!!”“Ding dong~ You triggered the 10,000-fold increase and successfully obtained the buff [Permanent Invincibility]!!!”Hostile player: “Report, this is forcing you to hang up!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Global Job Change: Starting With The Hidden Job, Lord Of The DeathChapter 339 John De's decision!

Global changes, calamities come, and monsters plunder.In order to resist monsters, the global data will be digitized, and everyone will get a combat occupation or auxiliary occupation through awakening and transfer at the age of eighteen, and they will become stronger by killing monsters.Lu Yan awakened the weakest fighting professional undead mage at the beginning, but obtained the professional support system, and the second awakening concealed the professional undead monarch.“The necromancer is crispy, and it’s gone when touched.”“This guy is really unlucky. Although he awakens to a combat profession, he is the weakest. He can also summon a few skeleton soldiers, which is useless.”“And the number of necromancers is very small, basically there is no experience and resources to inherit, and the future is worrying.”“Hahaha, I have awakened the Paladins, your Almighty King is here.”Soon after, Lu Yan was wearing undead ghost armor, holding a ghost scythe, with an army of 100,000 undead behind him, and a scythe split the epic monster in half.You said that the necromancer is weak, what does it have to do with my undead monarch? - Description from MTLNovel

The Return Of The God Level Assassin (WN)Chapter 1099 ’HELPFUL’ BROTHER
YaoiGameDramaGender Bender

As soon as Luo Yan graduated, he immediately got an offer from a prestigious gaming company. He thought all his hard work finally paid off. And he would finally reach the pinnacle of life. But then, on his first day of work, a potted plant fell on his head and he died.Surprisingly, when he thought he would cross the Yellow River, he suddenly woke up and found himself in the body of a 17 year old boy. This body had the same name as him but completely different background. Because the original was the second young master of the Luo family — one of the most powerful family in S City.Luo Yan almost cried. God probably took pity on him and decided to give him a loving family with a wealthy background. He didn’t have to work hard anymore. Studying like his life depended on it and pretending to be a holy father just to cater to people.So Luo Yan decided to be a salted fish and just shamelessly sell meng.A certain male god who always bought Luo Yan’s meng: Yan Yan is so cute! Why is Yan Yan so cute?Cold faced on the outside, a cinammon roll on the inside Gong X Super beautiful, black-belly Shou.

MTL - The World of Gods Rises From the Zerg~ New book, Undead chapter set sail

In the world of the gods, everyone is a god, develop believers, gather faith, and lift the kingdom of God into the starry sky.The young Xu Luo came to this world and started the Zerg dominance system.Ding! Extract the sawgrass gene, and the springtail + sawgrass becomes a mantis insect!Ding! Extract the snail gene, and the beetle + snail becomes a beetle.…Face Huggers + Angels + Dragons + Power of the Ancient Gods become Leviathans!Extract the genes of all creatures, and the Zerg army sweeps the world!(Book Friends Group 682275028,)It can be updated on the shelves, don’t worry about eunuchs - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Online Games: Unlimited Enhancement of SSS Talent at the BeginningChapter 894 crazy reinforcement

[The Golden Snake Sword was successfully strengthened, and the Snake Queen was summoned. ]. ?Snake Queen: Master, please tell me what you want![The skill ‘Evil Light Ghost Slash’ was successfully strengthened, and after summoning the ghost ghost. ]. what! female ghost? Then I’ll put you on maternity leave![The Yao soul suit has been strengthened successfully! ]. Um? Is this the Yao princess? Princess Yaoyao! Don’t get on me!Zhou Han was surprised to find that the only SSS-level talent in the universe that he had awakened: infinite enhancement, was so awesome. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Online Games: Start Unlimited BUFF Talent!Chapter 432 News of world fragments!

Lin Bei re-entered the [Second World] and awakened his SSS-level talent-infinite BUFF![Infinite BUFF: SSS level, all buffs to players, the duration is adjusted to infinite! 】From then on, Lin Bei embarked on the road of conferring gods!Use the recovery potion to permanently restore 100 points of life per second!Use the skill Earth Escape to get permanent Escape effect!Use stealth to get permanent stealth!Use a scroll of speed to permanently increase movement speed by 25%!Use Berserk, crit rate +30%, crit damage +100%, duration is permanent!“Haha, talent is in hand, I have it in the world!” - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Everything Is Too Easy After Maxing My TalentsChapter 280 Open the burial place of the gods!

Journey through a Sim World for All.Every young person is given a chance to simulate reincarnation when they come of age.Only by breaking the limits of life can one have the opportunity to become a permanent reincarnator who controls everything.If it fails.In this life, I can only be an ordinary person praying for blessings.Countless candidates are trembling, not daring to make the slightest mistake at the beginning of the simulation.And after Li Yueming entered the reincarnation world.Discovered that your random talent can be multiplied by a hundred times?[Your blue talent ‘Aura’ has been transformed into a golden talent ‘Infinite Deduction’ after a hundred-fold increase][Unlimited deduction (golden): You can deduce based on known information, the accuracy rate is as high as 100%! 】With the emergence of full-level talents one after another.Li Yueming suddenly discovered that this is the reincarnation world known as the difficulty of hell?Questionnaire or something, next time I will fill it out very simple! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Urban Cultivation Medical Saintv3 Chapter 4760 The strongest in the world! (season finale!)
GameUrban Life

Dao Fa leads to spirits, and medical therapy leads to ghosts.A third-rate university graduate who was supposed to run around in a mess for his livelihood, but because of an inadvertent shot to save people, whether it is extremely peaceful and rewarding for his good people, he has obtained the legendary inheritance of the mysterious arts and medical methods of the experts in the realm of self-cultivation. Another brand new and weird new world! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Heroes of the Invincible UndeadChapter 2882 flight commander

Rod found himself in the invincible world of heroes, bound to the game system.Killing, getting stronger, endless battles, blood and fire…Let’s see if Rhode can seize his own opportunities and become the undead dharma god in the world. - Description from MTL

Guild WarsChapter 1163 The Battle 1

Draco had risen to the top of the world through his exploits in the legendary FIVR game, Boundless.

MTL - My Runes Can Be Upgradedv2 Chapter 446 The strongest demigod, the end of everything

Condition 1: One yellow scarf soldier rune is satisfiedCondition 2: Kill 100 rune monsters independentlyCondition 3: 5,000 times of training to kill a pig with a knife is satisfiedCondition 4: 10 Spirit Talisman Pills are satisfiedRune unlock upgrade.Your source runes have been promoted from ordinary quality [Yellow Turban Soldiers] to premium quality [Yellow Turban Warriors]! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Have a Game Clone~ Concluding remarks

Blue Star youth Ning Shi accidentally downloaded a mobile game called “Zhu Century”.“Di! The clone is created!”Ning Shi has obtained a game clone, the clone will become stronger, and the main body will also become stronger!“The clone has been exercising for 12 hours in the practice room, with +1 physique and +1 mental strength.”“Clone the dragon to kill the dragon and get the blood of the dragon!”“Use the Charm Fruit in one’s body, and the value of the face is +10!”Doppelgänger traverses the game worlds one by one, creating forces and leaving legacy.“The avatar has successfully communicated and conquered Alice, the Duke of Rose. Alice is about to arrive, please pay attention to the main body.”Ning Shi:  … - Description from MTLNovel

Restarting From GenesisChapter 208 Distant Memories

Within the popular VRMMORPG «New Genesis», there was a ranker by the name of Arthur Holmes, commonly known by his in-game alias «Merlin».Arthur was one of the few original beta testers still playing after 30 years, he was originally a ranker, a player whose entire goal was to stay at the top, ahead of everyone else.However after 15 years he sacrificed his player ranking in search of knowledge.Arthur became a lore hunter, a player who indulges himself with the world’s vast lore and unexplored history, preferring to uncover the world’s secrets rather than endlessly fighting monsters.At the age of 48, 30 years after the game came out, Arthur uncovered the greatest secret of all, and yet, ironically, his negligence in levelling up was the one thing holding him back from realising his goal, he knew he would never be able to catch up to the rankers, a gap of 15 years was Impossible to overcome.If only he could restart… ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

Lord of the OasisChapter 820End - The grand finale (VII)

Bags of salt, spices and sugar stacked from inside the shop all the way out into the streets. Merchants loaded with goods going flooded the streets with their carriages. The air was filled with fragrances emanating from all manner of spices. It was a prosperous, lively city at the side of the oasis. Sounds of metals being hammered and threads being woven were heard all over the place, as smiths and craftsmen were busy at work in their respective workshops. The banner of the successor of the Kingdom of Swadia—Baron Kant—was hanging on the city gates. The citizens lived peaceful, happy lives, revering their lord from the bottom of their hearts. Soldiers on the city walls armed with crossbows stood guard over the city, and footmen wearing mail armor patrolled the streets. The place was one of peace and security.

Shoujo Grand SummoningChapter 1663: Stopped? Temporary peace?

A novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of that gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions).

MTL - Game Materialization: My Identity As The Immortal Emperor Is Exposed~ The new book is open, and the quantity is full!

“National Immortal Cultivation World” is an immortal cultivation game that once exploded on Blue Star.But in the past ten years, a large number of players have retreated and abandoned the pit, and the game has been shut down.Qin Mu is the only one left to sign in every day to get experience, do quests and dungeons, and plunder resources…For ten years, Qin Mu has occupied the first place in all the rankings, and his level has also reached the first place in the entire server.“What a great game, it’s a pity it’s closed.”When Qin Mu was depressed, he found that the game world suddenly became reality!There are swordsmen flying with their swords, and their sword qi has broken thousands of miles; there are magic cultivators who violate the law and disobey discipline, and separate one side; there are immortals who set up sects and create their own fire; Qin Mu sees himself, the immortal emperor is complete…But he found that the most troublesome thing was that all the Dao Companions he got married in the game were all realized.Not only that, the dungeon quests he cleared in the game, the bosses he fought, and the female NPCs he stalked all came to life. The most terrible thing is that the system also exposed his identity as an Immortal Emperor! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Emperor of All Games: I Have a Tyrant SimulatorChapter 414 Extra 2

The national emperor game is coming, and all human beings will travel to another world to become emperor.Everyone gets the Emperor attribute bonus.Righteousness, morality, force, strategy…However, at the same time, everyone has to encounter a crisis,Eunuch dictatorship, border chaos, harem curtains…Unfortunately, the attributes that Chen Mu got at the beginning were,The favorability of all the people has been greatly reduced.But fortunately, Fang Ping, a programmer, brought his own plug-in, a tyrant simulator.[Please select three from the next ten talents to start the simulation. 】[In the first month, you are enthroned as emperor! 】【In the second month, you died…】[The simulation is over, you can choose a talent]…After the novice period is over, when other emperors are gearing up and planning to conquer cities and lands, and unite the universe and become a country of all nations,An emperor named “Tyrant” smiled happily. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Global Game: Comes with Portable Storev3 Chapter 242 Double Undead

【Global game starts】[First round, low-level zombie doomsday]【Put all humans in the target world】[Mission: Survive for thirty days and accumulate 1,000 points]・・・・・・Su Changxing’s eyes turned dark and he came to a dilapidated city. Outside the door was a zombie that could break in at any time. He was terminally ill and fell into absolute danger, and accidentally discovered the point discount store in his mobile phone. .The fate of everyone has been reshuffled, and the rules of the world have been disrupted and recast. - Description from MTLNovel

Online Game Evil Dragon Against The HeavenChapter 517: Person of another world Part 3

Defiance of natural order of a single young Dragon soul.

MTL - Extract Skills and Explore Dungeons (Random Skills: Exploring Dungeons)~ New book "Treasure Hunters, Sail the Blue Sea"

This novel is also known as Random Skills: Exploring DungeonsLegend has it that this world has magical qualitiesAttract fragments of the broken world to strengthen yourselfIt could be a building, an area, or a piece of historyThese cages called earth in this world are dungeonsWealth, power, power, everything can be found in endless dungeons to explore.Life, emotion, freedom, everything is the price to pay for exploring the dungeon.Kane looked at the Book of Adventure that was in front of him.Opened it and looked, this is not the game system.He knew he was about to take off. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - The Heavens of Online Games Are ComingChapter 1156 end

The inexplicable existence expands the earth and stars a hundred times, and the whole world is digitized by the game. The ancient existence began to return, and there were alien races in the chaos.This is the struggle for hegemony between the fierce soldiers of the Great Qin Dynasty and the Yulin Army of the prosperous Tang Dynasty, and also the collision between the military soldiers of Wei Dynasty and the trapped camp.When the Spartan Warriors met the Yellow Turban Warriors, when the Holy See’s Crusades met the Mongolian Iron Cavalry… Elephant Soldiers, Iron Buddhas, Viking Pirates… Humans, Beasts, Alien Invasions… …Who is the strongest civilization in the heavens? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Azeroth Shadow Trail~ Finish this testimonial

The ashes-level player traveled through World of Warcraft and became Jaina’s brother. We are also princes now.For the sake of the survival of the family, should I discount my sister’s legs first, lest she become a kinslayer in the future?and many more? How come you have to die first?Let me see the walkthrough.Well, first touch the forehead to open the character panel,Then he picked up his weapon and opened the skull of the orc,If you drop the equipment, you will earn it. If you don’t have it, you don’t have to be sad. Wash your hands, and then go to the next one…Okay, no kidding, let’s get serious and start the story again:Death is a key that opens a new life.Blake Xiao holds the player template, can fight monsters and upgrade, sit on the occupation system, and make great progress all the way.Tighten the cloak of the night, hold the shadow as the blade, sharpen the minions with slaughter, and feed the ambition with fear.From the Kingdom of Storms to Orgrimmar, his wicked deeds are known,His notoriety is known to everyone from Icecrown to Pandaria.When the black-clothed emperor emerged from the shadows, the whole world trembled.This is the story of this man, from Khaz Modan six years in the Dark Portal… - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Matrix Survival: I Get A Random Chest Every Dayv2 Chapter 373 Shocked! 8000 words large

【Matrix Survival Game】All players have the same initial resources.Each person can explore ten rooms per day, and there may be dangers and supplies in the rooms.Do your best to survive.…After reading all the introductions, Li Zheng heard a voice in his ear: The daily treasure chest is being drawn, and the quality is random…Congratulations, you have drawn a silver treasure chest and obtained a silver-quality blueprint “Normal Edition Detector”, along with several supplies.Congratulations, you have drawn a bronze treasure chest and obtained a bronze-quality blueprint “Air Purifier”, with some supplies.Congratulations, you have drawn the white treasure chest and obtained the platinum quality blueprint “Ion Cutting Blade”, “Intermediate Gene Culture Solution Recipe”, “TJP Type Shield Blueprint”, and a lot of materials.…Congratulations, you have drawn the super god-level treasure chest, and the reward……Li Zheng looked at the brilliant treasure chest in front of him and rubbed his hands together excitedly. - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - I Became the King of Villains In the GameChapter 477 exacerbated

Chen Lun traveled to the year before the game’s public beta and became an NPC in the game world.And so, a new version was born…Steampunk, spooky things, churches, shelters, the sequence paths of the seven righteous gods…He put on his black top hat and stood on top of the ruins.Standing behind him are the villain bosses of various versions in the previous life, the dead nun Floyd, the bloody painter Noah, the sword fighter Antonio, the delusional clown Alex…Chen Lun: “Player spawns monsters, I spawn players, this is in the Taihe River…”…Also known as “Rational Use of This Sustainable Resource Named Players”, “These BOSS are really strong but they are all my younger brothers”, “No way! So I can also become a god? ! “ - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Another World Sandbox GamerChapter 605 The Unchanging Sandbox Player (Series Finale)

Exile Ren?The start is hell mode?Fortunately, there are crossing benefits, and it is still a stitched monster sandbox game system!Liver Emperor Ren? Hamster Ryan? Isn’t this basic operation? - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - With the Famous Name of the Three Kingdoms~ Testimonial

When other players are still stalking for how to recruit the Three Kingdoms, Qin Xiaobai already has such super-historical names as Baiqi, Hanxin, Chen Qingzhi, Yue Wumu and Zheng Chenggong.When other players face the heavy internal affairs to help the hand, Qin Xiaobai already has the historical names of Shangfeng, Xiao He, Di Renjie, Wang Anshi, Zhang Juzheng and so on.Trembling players, see how I crush you with the All-Star Deluxe lineup. A little white screamed.“Oh… wait, it looks a bit wrong, for the hair I brushed out some sister paper…”妲 褒姒, 褒姒, Zhao Feiyan, Taiping, 婉儿, Wu Mei Niang…, said where the good names are going.A little white surrounded by sister paper sighed: “I don’t want to bring my sister to the Three Kingdoms.” - Description from Uukanshu translation

MTL - Online Game: You Call Him A Newbie?Chapter 272 [273] Xeon Sword, Return! (season finale)

Tens of thousands of races invaded, [God’s Domain] online game came to reality, and the world became digitized.Everyone can awaken their talents in [Divine Domain], improve their level and strength, and resist alien races!In the divine battle against the invasion of thousands of races, after encountering the backstab of Qianye Yuan, the patron saint of the island nation, Lin Feng, the God of War of the Dragon Kingdom, discovered that he was actually reborn back to the moment before he entered the university and participated in the [God’s Domain] talent test.Unprecedented sss-level talent before awakening at the beginning of the game [all skills]!You can learn any skills of any profession, and use experience points to upgrade skills, and skills are not limited by the level cap![Qingdi Longevity Physique: For each level up, the host’s current basic attributes will increase by 100%! 】[Space Shuttle: Instant shuttle (500+50% magic power) * skill level/meter range! 】[Ice Shards: Throw an ice spear, the ice spear will shatter after hitting an enemy, and deal 200% magic damage of the spell attack to that enemy. The shattered ice spear fragments will pass through the target, splashing the surrounding enemies within 30 meters, causing 80% damage of magic attack to the splashed enemies. Damaged targets are slowed by 50% for one minute. 】【Flame Storm】… - Description from MTLNovel