A man who had lost everything.An almighty power, the [Zero Code] held within his hand."Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?""I want to go back 10 years. To that period when I first came here."


In a world where everyone has the ability to use magic, Kazuki Shikimori -a descendant of the world's greatest magicians is now being sought after by girls -for his genes!! Can he stay alive? Because these girls will seek his help and cause his limit

Macha's Journey

On a rainy night, Macha is transported to another world. This is a dangerous world filled with mythological creatures that terrorize the Outer-Reaches.Tyr, the leader of the Obsidian Dragons guild, finds Macha and hires her as his secretary. He teach

Mad God

A world where humans, beasts, demons, gods, dragons and pixies fight for supremacy; A war wheregreat beast warriors of the Baemon troop, the dragon knights that soar in the sky, and the demonrace that befell into the angel troops battle.A mixed blood

Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

As the leader of bandits, Yan Jinyi has been a bully for twenty years, and she ended up causing her own death.The next thing she knows, she wakes up and finds that she has become the Second Young Mistress of the Huo Family. Wielding her knife, Yan Ji

Madam, Master Said to Eat Meal

Mo Qi Liang replaced her half sister to marry Prince Lie. However, Prince Lie, or Huang Fu Yue Xun, didn't care and prepared their wedding very simple and quiet. In just few days after being married to Prince Lie, Mo Qi Liang was kidnapped by the ene

Madam, Your Sockpuppet is Lost Again!

[Black-belly, lazy, outrageously wealthy male lead vs. unreachable, cold, deeply hidden female lead]Qin Ran grew up in the countryside. She disappeared for one year and lost a year of high school.One year later, she was taken to Yuncheng by her biolo

Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Qiao Nian lived in the Qiao family's house for 18 years before her biological parents found her. Suddenly, all the wealthy families in the city knew that the Qiao family had a fake daughter!A true daughter of an affluent family would be talented, gen

Mages Are Too OP

As one of the first players to gain access to World of Falanthe first immersive game worldwideRoland creates his character as a Mage.However, playing as a Mage is not as fun and easy as he thought. His head even explodes after he casts the very first

Magi Craft Meister

There is only one Magi Craft Meister in the world. After the death of the last Meister over one thousand years ago, Jin Nidou was transported to another world in order to succeed her will.After obtaining the knowledge of the Magi Craft Meister, Jin a

Magi’s Grandson

Thanks to various magic, the human race has been saved from calamity many, many times. Retaining his memories from his previous life, a boy, Shin, was picked up by an old man known to the world as a "Magi." Shin was brought up by the Magi, who had re

Magi’s Grandson

Thanks to various magic, the human race has been saved from calamity many, many times. Retaining his memories from his previous life, a boy, Shin, was picked up by an old man known to the world as a "Magi."Shin was brought up by the Magi, who had ret

Magic Apprentice

Legends had it that the demons and gods once lived together in the same world. Their strengths were the same, their natures were the exact opposite, but they had never came into dispute with one another. But then, for the sake of winning rights to co

Magic Bullet in Magic Land

The Main Character, Watari Karito, is a veteran player of a Military Shooting VRMMORPG.The place which he wandered into was another world of swords, magic and gambling. What awaited him there were a demi-human sister and a battlefield full of malice.

Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

Seven unique divine blades:The Snow Goddess's Sigh Blade of Morning Dew (Chen Lu)The Flame God's Roar Blade of True Sun (Zheng Yang)The Free Wind's Gentle Hymn Blade of Proud Sky (Ao Tian)The Earth's Waking Rhythm Blade of Long Life (Chang Sheng)

Magic Deity: Godly Choices

Fick, who transmigrated over to a world of magic, and was tied to a godly choice system at the very start. Henceforth, he would have to choose from three choices in everything he did, with each choice being rewarded generously.When he was mocked by a

Magic Emperor

Zhuo Yifan was the Demon Emperor. He Managed to lay his hands on an ancient Emperor's book, theNine Serenities Secret Records.A book coveted by many, he was targeted by experts and was even betrayed by his student.After his passing, his soul enters a

Magic Gems Gourmet

Thanks to the benevolence of a Goddess, I got reincarnated as a noble! It should have been fine, but the skill I received, [Toxin Decomposition EX], is too plain, and everyday I am fooling around at home.However, at some point of time, I discovered t

Magic Industry Empire

A prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi was sent to a world dominated by magic.In a world with an almost non-existent industrial system, how can Xu Yi display his value?When magic collides with modern technology, when magic me

Magic Robot Aluminare

A boy named Eldo, who is reincarnated with memories from his previous life in Japan, likes to operate Robots.He had been living in a remote village unrelated to any machines. One day, while usually hunting using his magic, he unexpectedly fell and go

Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba

Sis: "WHAT? Why does the magic academy have such a weird major like Mechanical Engineering?" Bro: "Uhhhh.. But there is, and I even got accepted into it." Sis: "But it's still weird!" Bro: "Aiya, lets not care about such details." The two siblings ha

Magic? Muscle Is Much More Important Than Such A Thing!

There was a youth who lives deep inside a Forest, his name was Yuri.After he trained his body for long, he achieved a special trait which made his body could withstand almost every kind of magics.One day, There was a beautiful elf, named Firia, who g

Magical Device Craftsman Dahlia Won’t Hang Her Head Down Anymore

"I'm sorry, Dahlia. I want to break off our engagement."That was what Dahlia's fiance said in front of her.In Dahlia's former life, she endured hard work, and she died from heart attack as she hung her head down.In this new world, when she wanted to

Magical ties

She is descendent of both a Wiccan and a shaman. Unaware of her powers she attracts both good and evil . He is a descendant of strong powerful shaman who can communicate with the spirits. Can he guide and teach her before she gets herself in trouble.

Magician City

The village closest to the sky, Moon Village. The world through the eyes of the nine-year-old Yu-ye was beautiful. His mom had left him as a child and his only family, his grandmother, also left to the stars, but he learns to stand alone. The neighbo

Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou

15 years ago the world discovered magic as well as mythical beings (basically beings from various legends) in another dimension. Humankind learned to summon these dangerous mythical beings and use their power to great effect. Seven countries formed c

Mahou Sensou

In this modern magic action story, Takeshi Nanase is an ordinary high school boy who has a somewhat dark past. Due to certain circumstances, he formed a "fake" couple with his childhood friend Kurumi Isoshima, but otherwise, he lives a normal life. H

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

The highly popular social network game "Magical Girl Raising Project" is a miraculous game that produces real Magical Girls with a chance of 1 in 10000 for each person. Girls who are lucky enough to gain the power of magic spend fulfilling days. But

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: Breakdown

A well-known mage died in an accident during an experiment. People in the Land of Magic mourn for the great person who had lived for a long time and built countless magical spells and items.Several months after his death, his agent sent an invitation

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

She will not know yet if this encounter is a mere coincidence or a necessity. Which would be, an encounter that would change her destiny. Do you remember this girl? This is a story about Kaname Madoka, a story that tells of her undeniable existence.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Magic.It is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people.Supernatural power became a technology systematized through magic, while magic became a technical skill. A "Supern

Mahoutsukai no Konyakusha

I who was reincarnated into a world of sword and magic. The revived Demon King, the Hero chosen by the holy swordin the middle of that unfolding common fantasy trope, the position bestowed upon me was to be the magician's fiance.

Mai Kitsune Waifu

Humanoid beast? Ahem. Humanoid beast.Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox spirit into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal practitioner.The fox spiri

Maid Will Go on Through Thick and Thin!

Even though there was the usual development of being thrown into another world with swords and magic with the whole school, my job was [maid].My weapon is a feather duster! My skill is [cleaning]! This is a story of a maid with zero combat ability tr