Naruto: The Strongest KakashiChapter 433 KAKASHI AND GAARA

A soul from modern planet transmigrates into the Naruto globe as well as incorporates with Kakashi's soul after the kyuubi's assault. A brand-new experience starts ...

Playing With Other SupernaturalsChapter 1219 Secret Lab

This is the story where Urahara Kisuke died after Nel failed to save him inside Askin’s Gift Ball Delux and reincarnated in the world of DxD.I am not sure if I can capture Urahara’s character properly so I apologize in advance if you are not satisfied.Also, English is not my native language.I don’t own any of the characters from the canon.

An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG FanficChapter 259: Side Story - Marriage

He died in his first life, as an ordinary human inside an ordinary planet. In his second life, he swore to live a life of supreme power, and so he did. He reached the apex and exterminated his enemies to oblivion. Dying, he was reincarnated in a world which could use Chakra. He became The Overlord Of Every Being, Ruler Of 6 Universe. Unfortunately, he died. Using a mysterious method, he was reincarnated once again inside the world of Tales of Demons and Gods.