Absolute Resonance - Chapter 0130

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The scene of Li Luo being surrounded by four violet light columns was shown on the screen at Newcomers' Hall, where the crowd was murmuring excitedly.

Clearly, the potential of Li Luo's dual resonances was enough to move the other four Violet Vibrance mentors.

Far more tempting than any desire to avoid stepping on the toes of a Duke expert like Shen Jinxiao.

Hence, they had all extended talismans to Li Luo.

He only needed to pick one of them, and he would be accepted as a disciple to that Violet Vibrance mentor.

The older students, free of the other considerations the adults had on their minds, simply marveled at the sight.

After all, having Violet Vibrance mentors fighting over him was testament to Li Luo's excellence and potential.

It was a rousing sight indeed.

"Wow, that Li Luo's something special. He flipped the whole game, and now the Violet Vibrance mentors are fighting over him," the little emperor exclaimed.

He had watched Li Luo fight and then win, with eyes shining all along. It had been a close one—who would have thought that he would manage to flip things around?

"Vice Principal," the First Princess asked excitedly, "who do you think he'll choose?"

"I wouldn't know." Su Xin laughed.

"Although, looking at Li Luo's Arboreal Bindings, I guess his second resonance's grade is not very high. His combined strength might be stronger than a lower eighth-grade but weaker than an upper eighth-grade.

"The four mentors must be intrigued because dual resonances are just so uncommon."

The First Princess inclined her head. "Rare indeed. After all, these are dual resonances, the sort of strength that only Duke experts can touch. Even a shallow dabbling in that strength will be a considerable advantage for Li Luo.

"It will definitely be helpful when he shoots for the Duke Stage himself in the future."

She paused and then added, "Still, Li Luo is quite a.... unique person."

When she recalled how he had snuck around and peppered Duze Beixuan with arrows, she fought a smile. Li Luo was the complete opposite of Jiang Qing'e.

Jiang Qing'e was prim and proper, defeating her opponents with a clear advantage of strength that left them with no reprisal. As for Li Luo, he lacked this completely, preferring words and cunning to save himself the trouble.

I don't need you convinced. If you die of anger, that's still a win for me.

Truly an... exception.


While the VIPs in Newcomers' Hall were cooing over Li Luo, the man in question was looking around at the four pillars, a big fat smile slowly spreading on his face.

"Well, Mentor Shen, looks like this Li Luo has some value after all..."

Shen Jinxiao ignored him. He knew that the moment Li Luo revealed his dual resonances, his plans to target him had failed.

If Li Luo were only a passably good student, then none of the Violet Vibrance mentors besides that woman would cross him for Li Luo. They were all colleagues at the Astral Sage College, so they would show some mutual respect.

But Li Luo was not just a passably good student. He was a pass-with-flying-colors student with phenomenal dual resonances.

Shen Jinxiao's reputation had just taken a hit.

Dual resonances were not that far below a ninth-grade resonance. Whoever accepted Li Luo would stand a great chance at producing a Duke Stage expert in the future.

He had lost this round.

From the moment the four violet talismans appeared, he had cut his losses and stood coldly at the side.

Li Luo did not aggravate him further, instead turning to the four violet talismans with some consideration.

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Now overwhelmed with choice, he had no idea how to proceed.

"Esteemed mentors, how am I supposed to choose?" Li Luo asked sheepishly.

He knew that all four were watching from somewhere.

There was a short silence, then a woman's voice came calmly. "My name is Chi Chan. All four here will do well by you, but I have an edge over them. I show Shen Jinxiao no courtesy at all. I was watching you even before you revealed your dual resonances. Although, in truth, if you had lost to Duze Beixuan, I would not have chosen you. Not because of Shen Jinxiao, but because you would be unqualified."

There was no response from the other three offers. Although Li Luo's dual resonances were rare, as mighty Duke experts themselves, they had their own pride. They were not going to squabble like housewives here.

Now that someone had spoken up, they remained silent. Apparently, what Chi Chan had said was true enough.

She and Shen Jinxiao had some bad blood between them.

Li Luo considered the words of this female mentor named Chi Chan. He found no down sides, and so turned to the other three violet talismans. "Many thanks to the three mentors for your favor," he said respectfully.

They understood his choice, and they disappeared without a word, light columns and talismans vanishing as one.

Li Luo looked at the last violet talisman and put his hands together, bowing deeply and respectfully to it. His first greeting and acknowledgment of a new teacher.

"Student Li Luo greets the mentor."

With that, he had chosen his mentor at the Astral Sage College.

Their relationship would continue until Li Luo entered the Three or Four Star Hall.

The violet talisman landed silently and gracefully in Li Luo's hands.

"Shen Jinxiao, you can go now if you've nothing else to do," an unfriendly voice stated.

He gave a thin smile and turned. In a whirl of resonant power, both he and an unconscious Duze Beixuan vanished.

After he left, silence fell again. Chi Chan did not speak again, and Li Luo rose.

He looked at the violet talisman in his hand. In its center was the character "Chi", exquisitely carved.

"Chi Chan, huh..."

Li Luo smiled to himself. With a Violet Vibrance mentor, he had backing now. He would have to treat her well in the future.

He stowed the violet talisman carefully, then he sat down cross-legged to rest. With this talisman in hand, his part in the Choosing of the Mentors was over. Next, he just had to wait to be summoned out.

"I wonder how things are for Qing'er, Yu Lang, Zhao Kuo, and the rest..."

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