Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 1838

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Chapter 1838 “Sinner (1)”

“Monarch!” A sound of joy came from the front then that caused everyone to look over to the source.

Heavenly wrinkled his brow as he did so because he recognized that voice. Sure enough, it’s a familiar face of a woman whom he didn’t like that caused him to make a annoyed face.

Gu Ya did not notice the strange atmosphere around that has gotten very cold and continued to show excitement in those eyes.

Just now…… she was going out to look for Gu Lao but stopped after she got wind of the monarch’s return. Without caring for anything else, she hurried back and thus created this scene.

Tender and graceful in her face: “Monarch, I’m so glad you are safe….”

Heavenly’s sight locked onto Gu Ya, but instead of returning that warmth with his own, he only had cold sharpness.

Going rigid at that intense glare, Gu Ya did not know how to read this: “Monarch…. Why are you looking at me with such eyes?”

She has known the man for many years. Strong, handsome, and at the same time indifferent to those close to himself. However, she’s never been the subject of such glares before. It’s making her heart quiver due to the unknown.

“Gu Ya, you know better than anyone on what you’ve done, why do you need me to remind you?” Heavenly spoke with such indifference that it hurts the recipient like he’s cutting her soul with a blade.

“What do you mean by that Monarch?” Gu Ya’s complexion got ghostly white, her lips a thin line: “Everything I’ve done is for your sake and only for you. I would never think of being a burden for you.”

In her mind, the invaders are of no consequence as long as Heavenly returns, thus removing her of any sin she’s committed.

Heavenly did not comment on that, only examining the woman like a judge: “I will give you one last chance to admit your crimes.”

Gu Ya’s face didn’t simply look white anymore, she’s downright green at the inner panic.

Forcing that swelling emotion down, she attempts to change the subject and away from her crime of leaking the news out. “Are you referring to the matter of Mrs. Di?”

It must be because of Ling Yan. Heavenly loves the child so much, he must be upset I tried to expose the girl’s mother for being a vile and scheming villain. Yes, that must be it!

That idea in mind, Gu Ya’s gaze quickly swept over Bai Yan and Bai Ning’s body and grew sour inside. She’s very jealous of those two for being able to stand beside her absolute love while she could only watch from afar.

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Really…. Like daughter like mother, both of them are vixens who only knows how to trick their way into a man’s bed. Ling Yan needs to get away from such a mother and grandmother less she be taught wrong. I will see to it that she get a proper education when I’m in charge.

“Monarch, I know you are referring to Mrs. Di treating of Ji Song.”

As for what Ji Song said before, Gu Ya did not take it to heart.

First of all, Ji Song has no evidence, only speculation and guesswork that it’s related to herself. With only that, there’s no way that child would bring it to the forefront.

Moreover, the monarch wasn’t stupid in this lady’s mind, why should Heavenly believe a child’s word, right?

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