Chapter 1464: 1464

Chapter 1464 Recruiting Disciples

To other cultivators, obtaining the Sun Physique was something to be very happy about . However, to Gu Daoyi, obtaining this Mystical Power was essentially the same as obtaining nothing . At most, it could only elevate his power by a miniscule amount .

However, once Ling Han unleashed his Sun Physique, it caused his Dazzle the Heavens Mystical Power to appear dull and muted!

One had to realize that the entire Sun Rock had almost all been refined by Ling Han alone . Thus, he possessed a Sun Physique that had reached the stage of Great Accomplishment . This Sun Physique wasn’t the same as the Sun Physique of the other cultivators .

Once it appeared, it unleashed a dazzling light and even a burst of scorching heat .

In fact, the Sun Stone hadn’t been used to just seal the Nine Heavens Flame . Rather, the Nine Heavens Flame had been born from within this Sun Stone, eventually growing into one of the Nine Great Ancestral Flames .

Indeed, this Sun Stone was a very freakish stone!

Perhaps cultivating the Sun Physique to a stage of Great Accomplishment still wasn’t enough for it to be qualified as a top-notch physique in the Celestial Realm . However, it was still definitely more powerful than “Dazzle the Heavens” . After all, Dazzle the Heavens was a Mystical Power that Gu Daoyi had mastered in his first life . Taking all of his Mystical Powers into account, only his Divine Fetus would be able to suppress Ling Han’s Sun Physique .

Gu Daoyi humphed coldly, and said, “You’ve stolen my fortune and great opportunities… I’m definitely going to kill you!” If he could obtain this physique, his Dazzle the Heavens would definitely elevate to a whole new level . Indeed, its improvement would certainly be far more than what he had received from the blessing of heaven and earth .

Moreover, he had a feeling that Ling Han had received even more benefits than just this . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have felt a sensation of apprehension just then . One had to realize that he possessed a Divine Fetus . What kind of precious treasure did Ling Han possess? It was something that could provoke even his Divine Fetus!

“Dumb c*nt!” Ling Han said with a cold sneer . He raised his Divine Demon Sword, releasing a boundless Sword Qi as he did so . His aura was no weaker than that of Gu Daoyi .

“Humph! You think I’m afraid of you?” Gu Daoyi roared as a brilliant light enveloped his body . Numerous symbols materialized on his body, and it was as if he had put on a suit of scaled armor . Surprisingly, he was able to obstruct the effect that was being released by Ling Han’s heaven’s might .

However, this was only effective on his own body . The nine clones that represented his nine previous lives were still affected by the power of heaven’s might .

This was the power of his Divine Fetus!

Ling Han’s eyes lit up, and he immediately activated the Eye of Truth . He wanted to observe the symbols on Gu Doayi’s body more closely . It was very likely that these symbols contained some of the secrets of his Divine Fetus, and it was very likely that they were celestial patterns . Such patterns had also materialized when he had been refining the Nine Heavens Flame . However, compared to those, the celestial patterns of Gu Daoyi’s Divine Fetus were naturally far inferior .

After all, the Nine Heavens Flame was an ancestral flame of the Celestial Realm . It was an ancestral flame that could rival even Celestial Kings!

However… Ling Han still couldn’t comprehend these patterns!

Ling Han felt that this was a pity . These celestial patterns were far too complicated . Even if he concentrated on just one, it would still take him an incredibly long time to comprehend and grasp . Moreover, there were at least tens of thousands of these celestial patterns .

‘Forget about it… It’s time to battle!’

Ling Han slashed his sword as he advanced toward Gu Daoyi . There was the rumble of thunder, and there was also the brilliance of the sun .

However, Gu Daoyi was no pushover, either . He had a Saint Tool in his hands, and his original body was more so at its full power . He was no weaker than Ling Han . Although the power of his nine clones had all been suppressed by two stars, they could still unleash a devastating might when they released their Mystical Powers in unison .

However, what kind of physique did Ling Han possess?

He didn’t dare to face the attack of Gu Daoyi’s 10th generation body and Saint Tool head-on . However, he couldn’t care less about the nine clones that represented Gu Daoyi’s nine previous lives . So be it if their attacks struck him . At most, he would only receive some very minor injuries . Meanwhile, Gu Daoyi also didn’t dare to be struck by Ling Han’s Divine Demon Sword . This was a devastating sword that possessed immense destructive abilities . In fact, it was so powerful that it could even hack Celestials to death .

The two supreme king tiers became locked in an intense battle . Their power was similar, and they continued to exchange blow after blow .

Ling Han didn’t unleash the Nine Heavens Flame . This was his trump card, and unless he was confident that he could kill Gu Daoyi, he definitely wouldn’t unleash it . Right now, it was clear that… he couldn’t kill Gu Daoyi .

They were on Wood Figure Planet right now, and thus they were all under the observation of the 10 Saints of this planet . The divine senses of these Saints were always watching over this planet . Cultivators like him, Gu Daoyi, Second in the World, and the others were all the supreme king tiers of their generation . Thus, how could these Saints allow them to be killed?

Apart from heavenly tribulation, which they couldn’t interfere with, these Saints would definitely appear to help if any of them was at risk of dying .

That being the case, Ling Han obviously wouldn’t reveal his trump cards prematurely .

Sure enough, after exchanging several more blows, a Saint suddenly appeared to stop the battle between Ling Han and Gu Daoyi . Under his saintly might, Ling Han and Gu Daoyi were unable to launch any more attacks . This was the case even though they were unafraid of his saintly might .

Of course, this was only because they were incredibly powerful . Most of the other cultivators had already dropped to their knees .

This was the Nine Azure Saint, the ninth disciple of the Star Sand Saint . At 300 million years old, he was also the youngest Saint in the surrounding several hundred galaxies . It could be said that he was in his prime, and his Qi and blood was at its most vigorous .

He looked like a well-read middle-aged man, an indescribably graceful aura radiating from him even though his appearance was only ordinary . His aura was profound enough to move one’s heart .

This was a Saint, someone who had reached the pinnacle of this realm . Thus, he naturally possessed a mighty and profound aura .

When a Saint was born, the heavens would rain a sweet dew to welcome their birth . When a Saint died, the heavens would cry as the world grieved their passing .

“Everyone, immediately head to the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy . The recruitment process is about to begin!” The Nine Azure Saint waved his hand as he said this, enveloping all of the cultivators and flying them to the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy .

How quick was the speed of a Saint? Moreover, this was under the condition that they weren’t tearing apart and teleporting through space . Otherwise, they could arrive on another planet in a single stride .

The Star Sand Martial Arts Academy appeared before their eyes .

In fact, there were actually nine campuses of the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy, each of them guarded by one of the Star Sand Saint’s disciples . These Saints would also be responsible for teaching the disciples in their own campus . Right now, they were at the ninth campus, the campus of the Nine Azure Saint .

“Sit here and wait . The recruitment process will begin in three days,” the Nine Azure Saint announced .

This was the request of a Saint, and even someone as rebellious as Gu Daoyi didn’t dare to go against his words . After all, he was only a measly cultivator at the Heavenly Body Tier at this moment . A Saint could kill him with a single thought .

Everyone was very well behaved as they sat there quietly, waiting for three days to pass .

Empress Luan Xing and the others all ran over to Ling Han . They hadn’t seen each other for 10 years .

Ling Han embraced the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden in his left arm and Empress Luan Xing in his right arm . He then briefly filled them in about his encounters . Of course, he naturally couldn’t go into much detail in such a public area . After all, the existence of the Celestial Realm was a very significant matter .

Three days passed by in a flash, and many more people arrived before the ninth campus of the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy . In addition to the king tiers who had participated in the competition in the Sunken Abyss Valley, there were also many more cultivators at the Mountain River Tier and Sun Moon Tier .

Qualifying to enter the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy wasn’t based on cultivation level alone . Rather, the recruitment was based on one’s talent, comprehension ability, and physique . It didn’t matter if one’s cultivation level was low . After all, this was something that could eventually be raised . However, there were some natural characteristics that couldn’t be changed, regardless of how high one’s cultivation level was .

If one wanted to become a Saint, cultivation level definitely wasn’t the key .

Anyhow, the minimum requirement for entering the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy was reaching the pinnacle level in at least one major tier . Thus, there were only around 3000 or so prospective disciples at this campus . Among them, there were over 2900 rank one king tiers . There were far fewer rank two king tiers, only 300 or so . Meanwhile, there were only a measly 12 rank three king tiers .

Apart from Empress Luan Xing, Gu Daoyi, Long Xiangyue, and the four others, Ling Han was a newly advanced rank three king tier . Regarding the four others, these were king tiers who had arrived not long ago . Because of this matter or that matter, these rank three king tiers hadn’t managed to make it in time to participate in the competition in the Sunken Abyss Valley .

“The nine Saints are about to recruit disciples!” At this moment, an Eternal River Tier elite walked out from the Star Sand Martial Arts Academy and announced the beginning of the recruitment process . “Each person will be called up, and the nine Saints will decide whether or not they want to take you as a disciple . If only one Saint shows interest, then you’ll be taken as a disciple of that Saint . If two or more Saints show interest, then you can decide which Saint you want to become a disciple of .

“Gu Daoyi!”

The elite called out the first name .